Best Mattress for Sleeping Cool: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

A good night’s sleep is something everyone wants and needs. Solid sleep provides more energy, improved focus, and better coordination. Achieving a good night’s rest seems easy; all that’s needed is a supportive mattress, soft sheets, and comfortable sleepwear, right? While these are all good, there’s more that needs to be taken into consideration, specifically the mattress itself. People tend to wake up throughout the night if they are in pain or are experiencing any level of discomfort. This includes feeling too hot. Have you ever woken up, tossing and turning, and kicking the sheets and blankets off of you? Did you know our body’s core temperature needs to drop in order to reach the deep stages of sleep? Finding a mattress that sleeps cool, or doesn’t add to your body temperature, is important. In this article, we look into what bed companies are doing to fight the risk of sleeping hot. We will also ask: What makes one type of mattress cooler than the other? What are the benefits of a cooling mattress? To begin, we found our top 5 best cooling mattresses that we recommend to potential buyers everywhere.

The 4 Best Cooling Mattresses

Amerisleep's AS3 At a Glance

TypeFirmnessTrialWarrantyPrice (Queen)
Memory FoamMedium100-night20-year$1,199
what's the best cooling mattressWhile memory foam technology is associated with heat traps and restricted airflow, that doesn’t have to be the case. For example, Amerisleep uses Bio-Pur® foam. Bio-Pur® foam is breathable and more responsive (this limits sagging, so you aren’t so deep in the mattress you create excess body warmth). Plus, Amerisleep uses a soft, breathable cover to keep air circulating throughout the mattress. This airy feeling helps you sleep cool and comfortable. This is why Amerisleep’s AS3 was our favorite cool memory foam mattress. Amerisleep offers its customers a 100-night trial to test out any of their mattresses. If unsatisfied within the first 100 nights, Amerisleep will donate or recycle the mattress and issue a full refund.

Zenhaven At a Glance

Naturally resistant to microbes and mold, latex is fast becoming a popular option. Zenhaven mattress was our choice for the best latex mattress. Why? Unlike other brands who use the denser Dunlop latex, Zenhaven instead turned to American Talalay. Talalay latex is aerated, designed to improve air circulation and reduce body temperature. Plus it’s proven to be more durable than Dunlop. Adding a zone comfort layer, this bed can better distribute support through the body. Further, this mattress has a dual option; customers can choose which side offers the best comfort. One side is luxury plus while the other is a gentle firm. Offering a 120-night trial, customers can try out this excellent mattress with the promise of a full refund if not in love with it.

Saatva At a Glance

what's the best cool mattressInnerspring mattresses are the more traditional choice when shopping for a bed. With a variety to choose from, Saatva was our favorite. With its use of cotton and layers of coils to provide better airflow and insulation, this mattress is able to naturally neutralize body temperature. With a core of durable steel coils for support, a layer of individually-wrapped coils provides motion transfer isolation with minimal noise. More polyfoam and memory foam layers are added for comfort and cushioning. Customers have the option of choosing their preferred firmness level (plush soft, luxury firm, or firm). For those who have a taller stature or prefer a thicker mattress, the Saatva offers a 11.5” and 14.5” option. Saatva offers its customers a 120-night trial to test out the bed and see how they like it. If customers are not satisfied, Saatva will issue a full refund within the trial period.

Brooklyn Aurora At a Glance

As a combination of coil and foam, the hybrid mattress aims to offer the best of both worlds. Strong air circulation, great support, and comforting memory foam all comprised to make the perfect bed. Brooklyn incorporates a CopperFlex™ foam top layer to increase overall coolness and improve blood flow, a great feature athletes will love. Plus, the surface is infused with a patented phase change material (PCM) called TitanCool™ that maintains skin temperature at 88 degrees. Customers can choose their level of firmness (soft, medium, or firm). An added benefit is Brooklyn’s 120-night risk-free trial. Customers can try out any of their mattresses, and should they not love it, Brooklyn will exchange the mattress or refund in full. Free shipping is offered in 48 states; for Alaska and Hawaii, an extra $125 will be added.

Inside a Cooling Mattress

Why Choose a Cooling Mattress?

There are many reasons why customers choose a cooling mattress. When we sleep, our bodies naturally give off heat. That heat is what causes our temperature to increase. If enveloped in the wrong material, that temperature can increase significantly causing a heat trap. Sleeping hot can cause restless sleep and tiredness the following day. Other factors play into why people look for a cooling mattress, such as, hotter climate, lack of A/C, heavier body weight, and naturally giving off more heat.

Living in a hotter climate can be a struggle. Dry or humid, the heat can cause huge discomfort and disrupt your sleep. A bed that can keep you cool despite increased temperatures can prove a huge relief. What if you live in an area with no A/C, and need to rely on other methods of cooling? Mattresses that can convert heat into energy with the use of PCM can drastically help in providing a night of better sleep.

Another factor that needs to be addressed is body weight. Bodyweight can make a difference in how much heat is given off. A person at 120lb uses less energy than someone at 200lb. Plus, heavier body weight can sink more into a mattress, further increasing heat. When looking for a cooling mattress, not only do you want to pay attention to the materials used, but you also want to focus on level of firmness while keeping your current weight in mind. Lastly, some tend to give off more heat than others, a natural process. Gender can also play a minor role since men tend to run hotter than women.

Phase Change Material (PCM)

Phase change materials (PCM) are a specific component with a unique process of maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the night. This material is constructed to absorb body heat, and when it reaches a certain temperature, the material melts. What’s unique about this is that heat will not be felt by the sleeper, only absorbed. The opposite is true of cooler temperatures. The material will absorb the cold until it freezes at the trigger point, then it releases stored body heat to keep the sleeper warm. PCMs are an energy-efficient way of staying cool, particularly if you live in a hot climate. Typically, PCMs are infused into mattress covers and top layers of the mattress to be at its most effective: the closer to the body, the better. Many mattress companies are incorporating PCMs to provide cooler beds. This dynamic method of managing a consistent body temperature is a great choice for prospective buyers.


When customers are searching for a cooling mattress, generally they should be on the lookout for the types of materials used. Certain materials will increase body heat, while others will reduce it. The following are a list of materials commonly found in a cooling mattress:

  • Coils & Springs – Support cores made of coils and springs are generally the best cooling method, with excellent air circulation and the ability to absorb small amounts of body heat.
  • Latex – Rather than absorb heat, latex uses its aerated material to expand air circulation, an effective cooling method.
  • Gel-infused Foam – Memory foam can become a heat trap, which is why gel infusion was introduced. This unique foam works to absorb body heat while keeping you cool at night.
  • Plant-Based Foam – Another way of helping memory foam sleep cool, is the use of plant-based materials in the manufacturing process. This makes the foam lighter, more breathable.
  • Specialty infused Foam – Though memory foam causes a rise in temperature, some foams are infused with copper or graphite to create a cooling method and promote better blood circulation.
  • Bamboo – This gentle, breathable material is hypoallergenic and not a conductor of heat.
  • Airbeds – More of a bed and less of a type of material, this type of mattress uses air chambers as a support core, rather than a more solid material such as polyfoam or coils. While this is a great option, make sure to choose a cooling cover to ensure its effectiveness.

Additionally, similar materials need to be considered when looking for accessories, such as mattress pads and sheets. Natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and linen are breathable and softer. Also, watch the thread count – the higher the count, the less airflow. For example, if a customer purchases a firm innerspring mattress, but also adds a memory foam pad with high-thread-count sheets, that’s a perfect setup for a heat trap. But switching for a gel-infused foam pad and lower-thread count sheets will greatly benefit that customer in staying cool.


Purchasing a cooler mattress can open up possible health benefits to consumers. These benefits include; deep, restful sleep, better focus, increased metabolism, and a decrease in inflammation and promotion of muscle recovery. Lowering the thermostat in your room also provides some perks. Medical News Today suggests that to reach optimal sleep, room temperature should be between 60-67 degrees. To some, this may seem on the cold side, but when sleepwear, sheets, and blankets are taken into account, this temperature will appear more comfortable. Further, TIME Magazine states that cooler temperatures at night can help your body increase its production of brown fat. This type of fat helps to burn calories and decrease excess blood sugar. It’s not only important to get a good night’s rest, but doing so with the right temperature could result in a healthier body.


Cooling mattresses are an excellent choice for potential mattress buyers, especially when looking for the best mattress. With their unique construction, they are able to provide a comfortable night’s rest by regulating body heat through airflow, PCM technology, and insulation. When on the lookout for the best cooling mattress, consider the type of materials used. Coils and springs, latex, gel-infused foam, specialty-infused foam, air, and bamboo are all excellent components to neutralize body temperature. Be sure to also keep this in mind when choosing the type of sheets and mattress pad to add to your bed. This could either help or hinder the bed’s cooling process. Further, cooling mattresses offer health benefits to its sleepers, including increased metabolism and reduced inflammation. We encourage potential buyers to consider these factors when shopping for the best cooling mattress.

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