Amerisleep Mattress Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide

The latest edition of our Brand Overview series looks at Amerisleep reviews to see how this growing line of plant-based memory foam mattresses performs. Reviews and ratings from owners highlight other peoples’ opinions and experiences, showing what people like and do not like about a particular product. When it comes to mattresses, reviews can provide information on durability, comfort, support and other factors that can be difficult to gauge from a quick showroom test. In this article, we will assess Amerisleep mattress reviews, highlighting both the good and the bad so you can see if an Amerisleep bed is a good choice for you.

About Amerisleep

Amerisleep has been in business since 2007. They retail their proprietary line of plant-based memory foam mattresses direct to consumer, primarily selling online through their website. The brand has seen increasing popularity over the past few years as consumers seek more affordable options, and as the tides shift towards “greener” products. The company uses a memory foam that incorporates botanical oils to reduce petroleum consumption, which they also tout as having additional benefits like temperature neutrality and greater breathability compared to traditional memory foams. Amerisleep also sells accessories like adjustable beds, pillows and bedding.

The Amerisleep Mattress Lineup

Amerisleep’s mattress line is composed of six different memory foam mattresses, each featuring their plant-based memory foam in varying amounts and designs. All Amerisleep mattresses include a 90-day in home trial and a 20 year warranty and are made in the United States. Below is an outline of brand’s collection.

  • AS1 (formelry Americana) –  This model has a 10” profile with 2” of 4.0lb density memory foam and overall firm feel with low contouring.
  • AS2 (formerly Revere) – This model has a 12” profile with 2” of 4.0lb density memory foam, 3″ of transition foam and overall medium-firm feel with high contouring.
  • AS3 (formerly Liberty) – This model has a 12” profile with 3” of 4.0lb density memory foam, 2″ of transition foam and overall plush feel with medium contouring.
  • AS4 (formerly Colonial) – This model has a 12” profile with 4” of 4.0lb density memory foam, 1″ of transition foam, and overall plush feel with high contouring.
  • AS5 (formerly Indepence) – This model has a 14″ profile with 3″ of 4.0 lb density memory foam, 2″ of 3.0 lb Active-Flex foam, 2″ of transition foam and overall plush feel with moderate contouring.

Overview of Amerisleep Reviews

Amerisleep reviews indicate what makes this mattress a different kind of memory foam bed. Typically, memory foam mattresses are made with chemical-based formulas, but Amerisleep offers a healthier and environmentally conscious choice with its plant-based creation.

Here are what the reviews from the Amerisleep’s website show as of April 14, 2014. Amerisleep uses a third-party review system that crosschecks reviewers’ emails with those of actual customers and/or requires reviewers to verify emails to increase accuracy and legitimacy of product feedback.

  • AS1 (formelry Americana): 4.6/5 (100+ reviewers, recommended by 99%)
  • AS2 (formerly Revere): 4.7/5 (360+ reviewers, recommended by 98%)
  • AS3 (formerly Liberty): 4.6/5 (290+ reviewers, recommended by 98%)
  • AS4 (formerly Colonial): 4.6/5 (100+ reviewers, recommended by 99%)
  • AS5 (formerly Indepence): New Model

Highlights from the reviews:

  • 92% of reviewers say their mattress is comfortable
  • 90% of reviewers say their mattress has good support
  • 2% mention impressions or sagging
  • 3-5% mention odors or off-gassing
  • 2% mention sleeping too hot

Mattress comparison website SleepLikeTheDead assessed 32 Amerisleep reviews, finding better than average performance on reduced pain, motion isolation, and noise, and they also found few reports of Amerisleep beds sleeping hot. They found an average of 75% from their sample and an average mention of odor. also has a large number of Amerisleep reviews (over 360), on which the brand has a 9.4 / 10 overall rating, which is one of the highest for mattress retailers on the website. Of the Reseller Ratings reviews 253 give 5 stars, 53 give 4 stars, 10 give 3 stars, 14 give 2 stars and 36 give one star, or to put it another way, 87% of all reviewers report being satisfied or better. A significant proportion of those that gave low ratings primarily complained about delivery issues, or thought their beds were much firmer or softer than expected .

Pros from Amerisleep Reviews

  • High Owner Satisfaction
  • Heat
  • Odor
  • Durability
  • Price

There are a number of advantages for this brand found in Amerisleep Reviews, and overall the brand has a very high average satisfaction rate compared to other memory foam brands. Ranging from a 9.4/10 on ResellerRatings 360+ reviews to over 95% on their 600+ verified website reviews, Amerisleep beds perform better than average for memory foam in general, which has an average of 81% owner satisfaction. A majority of reviewers also find their beds comfortable and supportive.

The brand also receives fewer complaints than average for heat, odor, and sagging. In the reviews on their website, less than 3% mention sleeping hot (compared to 8% average for all memory foam brands) and less than 5% mention odor or off-gassing (compared to 15% average for all memory foam). While Amerisleep has been in business only 7 years, there are very few reports of sagging or deep impressions.

Price is another factor Amerisleep reviewers praise. Queen size prices range from $899 for an 8” queen mattress to $2299 for a 14” queen mattress, and the website runs frequent sales. The average price paid for all memory foam beds is around $1600.

Cons from Amerisleep Reviews

  • Shipping Time
  • Firmness

Although Amerisleep reviews are largely positive, there are a couple of cons noted by a portion of reviewers. Some people complain about longer than expected delivery times in past years (although recent reviews are more likely to praise quick delivery times). Some people also dislike that the mattresses may arrive separately than accessories. There is also a portion of buyers that express that the mattresses were either firmer or softer than they expected, which is understandable since the company sells online. While this is an issue for less than 10% of buyers, the majority of reviewers reporting this issue also report that Amerisleep helped resolve their complaint, and the company also offers a 90 day return policy.

Verdict from Amerisleep Reviews

Overall, Amerisleep reviews paint a positive picture, with above-average satisfaction compared to other memory foam brands. Owners are likely to express that their beds are comfortable, supportive, and cool to sleep on, but may have difficulty choosing a firmness or experience shipping delays. Compared to their peers, Amerisleep reviews are generally above average in most regards, while the price is typically lower than other major memory foam brands for similar products. The brand also provides detailed information on mattress layers and layer quality, which can make comparison shopping easier for consumers. For those considering a memory foam mattress, it can be helpful to contrast the pros and cons of Amerisleep reviews with other options to see which offers the best value and the best match for personal preferences.

Medical Disclaimer: The information contained on the site should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. The information provided here is for informational purposes only.

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  1. The mattress dimensions are nowhere to be found…
    anyone know the Revere split king size ???
    I’d like to buy a mattress cover(s) and this info is nowhere to be found. Very frustrated.
    Another mention…the mattress arrived in a week and the legget and platt adjustable frame arrived in less than 2weeks, not the 1-2week for mattress and 5-6week for frame estimate when ordering.
    This fact surprised me since I scheduled a vacation and was notified my order was waiting.

  2. Which of your mattresses most closely compares to the Tempurpedic Rhapsody Luxe? If not satisfied, do you provide a pick up? Do you offer a California Split King? Do you make and adjustable base?
    Thank you,

    1. Best Mattress Brand

      Hi Rose, would be able to answer your questions better on the beds, policies and sizes; they do sell adjustable bases.

      Thanks for reading!

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