Do Serta iComfort Mattress Reviews Meet Expectations?

Serta iComfort mattress reviews are a useful resource for consumers seeking insight on the pros and cons of owning this particular bed. Often, the best feedback comes from fellow consumers who can explain how a product helped them or pitfalls to avoid without bias.  Serta iComfort is marketed as being an innovative approach to memory foam with cooling gel, however, has the mattress been able to live up to this reputation? Only reviews can say for sure.

The Run Down of iComfort Mattress Reviews

Here are the primary highlights and trends uncovered during our analysis of the 330 iComfort reviews found on the brand’s website as of August 2013.

The major pros of the iComfort mattress:

  • Good satisfaction rating – average owner rating of 4.2 / 5, and 83% of customers would recommend.
  • Pain Relief – Several reviewers mentioned positive relief in their comments for both back and joint aches.
  • Lack of motion transfer – Couples like the motion reducing perks of the all-foam construction.
  • Odor – The iComfort has lower than average odor complaints.
  • Heat retention – The iComfort has lower than average heat complaints.
  • 25 year warranty – Longer than average warranty, though some reviewers reported issues making claims and complained about the required mattress protectors creating heat buildup.

The major cons of the iComfort mattress:

  • Not pain-free for everyone –  About 12% of all iComfort mattress reviews reported their mattress caused more pain, typically due to issues with firmness or sagging.
  • Sagging/durability – about 9% of reviewers mentioned sagging, and most had used the beds less than one year which is quicker than average for memory foam. Some also reported issues getting the warranty to cover the sagging.
  • Inconsistent firmness – about 6% of reviewers complained that the firmness was different than expected, either firmer or softer then a showroom model or significant softening. SleepLikeTheDead found 14% of owners in their survey complained of inconsistent firmness.
  • Sizing – a handful of reviewers complain of incorrect mattress sizing, with models being 1-3 inches shorter or less wide than expected for their size.
  • Those buying from local dealers reported some issues with returning beds.

Top Consumer Concerns from iComfort Mattress Reviews

There are generally three things that memory foam mattress shoppers are focused on: odor, heat, and price. It is no secret that  traditional memory foam mattresses can produce a distinct odor due to chemical elements used in the manufacturing process. Heat is another important consideration because  foam beds can trap warmth, leading to uncomfortable sleeping conditions. And of course, price is a concern because no one wants to waste hard-earned money or overspend. So, where do iComfort mattress reviews fall within these categories?

Off-gassing and Odor

iComfort mattress reviews for odor tend to better than average for traditional memory foam but still higher than other types like plant-based foams. While some consumers complain of a chemical smell, others claim that iComfort releases much less of an odor than other leading traditional memory foam brands. While Serta discloses little information about the makeup of the foam, most polyurethanes do include odor-causing chemicals,so this is not surprising. Overall, the consensus seems to generally be that iComfort has more of an odor than typical spring mattresses, but far less than similar memory foam beds.

  • Reviews on Serta’s Website: 4% complain of odor (all iComfort models)
  • SleepLikeTheDead survey: 6% complain of odor (all iComfort models)

Sweating/ Heat Retention

Heat is a hot topic on the mattress market these days, even though it affects less than 10% of all memory foam owners in general. The iComfort line differentiates itself as “cooler” option based on the inclusion of gel beads. Reviews indicate that the iComfort mattress sleeps a little warmer than regular mattresses, but tend to be cooler than traditional visco memory foam brands like Tempurpedic.

  • Reviews on Serta’s Website: 3% complain of heat (all iComfort models)
  • SleepLikeTheDead survey: 5% complain of heat (all iComfort models)

Pricing and Value

Memory foam beds have a reputation for being pricey, especially from the national name brands.  Some brands can reach outrageous prices while others tend to be on the more reasonable side. Serta’s iComfort line falls to the middle-high range of the price spectrum when compared to brands with similar specifications. Their lines are cheaper than Tempurpedic but more expensive than some other retailers.   Prices range for a queen size from $1,074-$2774 depending on thickness and mattress size other fees may apply with additional perks.

  • Reviewers on Serta’s Website give an average of 3.7 / 5 stars for price.
  • This translates to a grade of “C” for price/value.

iComfort vs Other Brands

Avg Owner Rating4.2 / 53.6 / 54.6 / 5
Would Recommend83%75%97%
Complain of Heat3%14%2%
Complain of Odor4%20%3%
Complain of Sagging9%11%2%
Warranty15 full / 25 limited10 full / 25 limited10 full / 20 limited
Queen Size Price Range

We compared reviews for three leading brands of mattresses to see how iComfort stacks up. Tempurpedic is the traditional leader in memory foam and has several models of beds, while up-and-comer Amerisleep utilizes plant-based memory foam. As you can see, iComfort mattress reviews showed lower complaint rates and higher owner satisfaction rates than Tempurpedic and memory foam in general, however Amerisleep did show slightly lower complaint rates in addition to lower price points.

Overall, iComfort mattress reviews skew towards positive. The reviews do not include extensive details about durability and lifespan of the mattress because it is fairly new to the market so that aspect remains to be seen. While better than average for satisfaction, heat and odor, the cost and handful of issues in iComfort mattress reviews may leave something to be desired for some shoppers, especially with more affordable options widely available.

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5 thoughts on “Do Serta iComfort Mattress Reviews Meet Expectations?”

  1. Avoid this brand at all costs. I owned the hybrid model in a king and it only lasted six years. The memory foam gave out and started to sag and the edge support got worse with every year.

  2. Have a Serta memory foam mattress. Paid over 2,000 for it at Mattress World. Had it for about two years and the middle is sagging. It is a queen size. Mattress World has been very agreeable with us on our complaint and offered to give us a new one. That I like but I am afraid the next one will do the same. I’m beginning to wonder just what recipe is used to make the foam? Some morning I get u p and hurt all over. After I am up for about 10 minutes I feel O.K. Could be Arthur. came to visit but I don’t know.

  3. Hi Laurie,

    I read your review on the I comfort bed since we are considering it. How did the warranty issue turn out? Thanks


  4. Day 11 on our I series Celebration Firm is not going well. Went from a Q to a King. Never had a foam bed of any kind. Not sure why we bought a firm. This bed is extremely firm, like sleeping on an army cot. Your butt and head slightly sink in, while your arms and legs “ride” on top, making for numb extremities. Turning on your side isn’t an option, as there are pressure points on the body parts that don’t weigh enough (breasts, legs, arms) Sore knees sleeping on your back, because they are hyperextended. Know what I mean? We’ve discovered a foot wide lump in the middle from the foot to the head. It’s hard as a rock and if you smack it, sounds like a drum. Our battle will begin the day after our 30 day trial is over. We’ve scheduled a warranty issue –check up, due to the lump in the middle. I know how that will probably turn out, so our next option is the 30 day.

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