For years, was a resource for Marylanders who had questions about health insurance, businesses in Maryland with a focus on health, and people with sleep apnea or limited mobility seeking product recommendations. However, the website is no longer available for viewing.

Though we aren’t affiliated with Healthy Howard, Best Mattress Brand has acquired the domain independently and will strive to bring its sleep-related content back.

About Healthy Howard

Healthy Howard was a non-profit organization headquartered in Columbia, Maryland. Their mission statement was that HealthyHoward “strives to serve as an innovative leader impacting quality of life in the community through the delivery of effective health programs, services and resources.”

Healthy Howard’s main sections were dedicated to sleep apnea, mobility aids, and guides to health insurance. Their goal was to improve people’s access to the care they needed while also furthering education and understanding of health. The organization kept its focus mostly local, with tabs centering on businesses, schools, and restaurants in Maryland.

Healthy Howard was also the driving force behind programs and resources such as their Community Care Team, which worked to help individuals with a chronic illness improve their help and avoid preventable hospitalizations.

Where Else Can I Read About Sleep Apnea?

Healthy Howard was a helpful resource for anyone looking to live better while coping with sleep apnea. Their website included guides to the best BiPAP and CPAP machines, along with a comparison of these two machines and their pros and cons. 

With Healthy Howard down, some readers may be wondering where else they can turn to for information and product recommendations.

Many top-notch websites such as Medline Plus and the National Library of Medicine discuss sleep apnea, its symptoms, and potential treatments. These are excellent starting points for people who want to better understand the condition. 

Though as always, we recommend speaking with your doctor if you have any concerns or questions about sleep apnea and possible treatments. If you have yet to be diagnosed with sleep apnea, they can refer you to a sleep specialist. This specialist will likely arrange a sleep study to observe your breathing patterns and brainwaves as you rest.

You may need a new mattress to get a full night’s rest with sleep apnea, particularly if you’re transitioning to side sleeping. Many patients with sleep apnea switch from stomach or back sleeping to side sleeping because the condition helps their airways stay unobstructed. Our best mattresses for sleep apnea guide discusses mattresses that are soft and supportive, perfect for side sleepers.

We’ve also written guides on bed accessories that people with sleep apnea find helpful, such as our top recommendations for adjustable beds, how to shop for an adjustable bed, and how to use an adjustable bed once you have one.

We also have numerous guides that can help you fix your sleep schedule and improve your sleep hygiene overall. Our sleep tips section has a wealth of information, such as the best room temperature for sleep to make it easier to drift off. Lastly, we offer a sleep calculator to help you determine your perfect bedtime.