Presidents Day Mattress Sale: 2020 Buyer’s Guide

Over the years, Presidents Day weekend has become synonymous with sales. From cars to mattresses, you will find a host of big-ticket items available at reduced prices during this time. The holiday weekend is a great time to replace worn-out or broken down items around the house.

Have you been sleeping on a saggy or indented mattress? Are you waking up with aches and pains that last all day? If this is the case, it’s likely time for a new bed. With unbeatable Presidents Day mattress sales, there is no better time to find a high-quality mattress.

Many brands are using new mattress technology to bring you a better night’s sleep. Below we introduce some of the best mattresses on the market and let you know what type of savings they will be offering this Presidents Day weekend. Our mattress buying guide will help you locate the perfect bed at the ideal price!

Presidents Day Mattress Deals: 30-Second Summary

  • The Amerisleep AS3 is discounted $250 this Presidents Day! We like this mattress because it’s a good fit for most sleeping positions and body types, as it offers an even balance of comfort and support.
  • The Zoma Mattress is another great bed to save on this Presidents Day weekend. Enjoy $150 off any size Zoma mattress between February 12th and 17th.

Presidents Day Mattress Sales 2020

 MattressHighlightsPrice (Queen)
best memory foam mattressAmerisleep AS3Best mattress of 2019$1199
best memory foamZoma MattressBest cooling memory foam mattress$750
vaya mattressVayaBest budget-friendly mattress suitable for all sleepers$595
as5Amerisleep AS5hBest luxury mattress$2099

1. Amerisleep AS3

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Side Sleepers

Amerisleep offers a line of advanced, eco-friendly mattresses that suit various sleep positions and body types. We choose Amerisleep’s AS3 as our top Presidents Day mattress because the medium firmness of this bed makes it ideal for most sleepers. Back, combination, and side sleepers all praise the comfort and pain relief that they find with the AS3. It was also previously named “one of the best mattresses to buy online” by Allure Magazine.

The layers are all designed to provide the most pressure-relieving support possible. So let’s take a look inside!

The cover of the AS3 features a soft, breathable fabric that works to keep air flowing throughout the mattress. This airy cover helps you sleep cool and comfortable all night. It is also completely washable so it is easy to keep your mattress clean throughout years of use.

Underneath this advanced cover is a layer of Amerisleep’s Bio-Pur® foam. Unlike standard memory foam, Bio-Pur® has an advanced open-cell structure that allows for more breathability and responsiveness. This foam does not trap heat like most foam beds. It is also less toxic and more eco-friendly because Amerisleep replaces a portion of the petroleum-based oils in the bed with plant-based oils. The responsiveness of the foam allows it to quickly shape to your body as you change positions throughout the night, ensuring that you always have weightless support.

The HIVE® transition layer provides a unique combination of firmness and compression to various parts of the body. Where you are more sensitive, such as hips and shoulders, HIVE® offers a deeper cushion. Around areas that need more support, such as back, neck, and knees, HIVE® gives firmer, more stable support.

Both of these layers rest on a base of Bio-Core®. Bio-Core®  gives the bed solid support and more durability.

The AS3 works well with Amerisleep’s Adjustable Bed. This foundation allows you to adjust the head and foot articulation of the bed so that you can reduce snoring, congestion, and other sleep-related issues. The adjustable base also comes with a gentle wave message, so you can drift off to sleep stress-free.

Amerisleep is so confident that you will find relief with their mattresses that they offer a 20-year warranty and a 100-night risk-free sleep trial period. This warranty and trial apply to all of their beds.

For the Presidents Day weekend, Amerisleep is offering $250 off any mattress. You can use the promo code “PRESDAY250” at checkout to take advantage of these savings.

If you prefer to shop at one of their many stores, you can get the same $250 off a mattress or you can opt for $250 off any mattress set.

2. Zoma Mattress

Zoma Mattress

The Zoma Mattress is ideal for those that live an active lifestyle, but anyone who is looking for deeper, more restorative sleep will find relief with the Zoma mattress.

The Zoma is a gel memory foam mattress that features 2 unique technologies. The Zoma comfort layer features a gel-infused memory foam that uses Triangulex™ technology. It delivers zoned comfort and support, so you never experience painful pressure points. The gel-infusion helps to absorb body heat to keep you cool all night.

The next layer features Reactiv™ technology. This transition layer is a responsive foam that quickly reacts to your movements, so you always feel cradled even as you change positions. Reactiv™also helps to reduce motion transfer across the surface of the bed, so you don’t feel your partner’s movements during the night.

The base of the Zoma mattress features Support+, a high-density foam that ensures stability and helps the bed keep its shape even after years of use.

This Presidents Day weekend, Zoma’s website is offering $150 off their mattress. There is no need to use a promo code for this deal; it will apply to all mattress purchases during the holiday weekend.

3. Vaya

vaya mattress

Vaya is a highly-rated bed in a box brand that is now available on Amazon—and this Presidents Day weekend it’s discounted 10% on Amazon’s site. This mattress is a supportive and versatile bed that is available at a great price. You can currently purchase a queen size Vaya mattress for less than $600, while a California King is only $750. Although this bed comes at a great price, it does not compromise on comfort or support.

Beneath a soft, lightweight cover, the top layer provides responsiveness that contours to joints and muscles, but has enough bounce so you won’t feel trapped in the mattress. The open-cell structure of the Vaya foam also helps air move throughout the bed, ensuring that you stay cool through the night. The next layer features a high-density foam that supports the comfort layer and helps to keep the spine in proper alignment. Both foam layers are backed by CertiPUR-US certification, so you can be sure it is free of all harmful VOCs.

The Vaya mattress also fits well into most bed frames, including adjustable bases, solid foundations, and slatted foundations. It comes with a 100-year night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

4. Amerisleep AS5h

as5 best mattres for heavy sleepers

Amerisleep recently released a line of hybrid mattresses to expand upon their collection of memory foam mattresses. The AS5 Hybrid has the same plush comfort as the all-foam AS5, but the innerspring base offers even more bounce.

The AS5 contains three inches of pressure-relieving Bio-Pur® and 2 inches of responsive Active Flex to give the bed added bounce. Like the AS3, it has the same lightweight cover. Instead of a foam core, the Active Flex layer in the hybrid is supported by an innerspring base zoned to offer you pressure-free support and to keep your spine in a healthy position.

Side sleepers lying on a bed that is too soft can experience excessive sinking in the hips and shoulders. When this happens, the spine becomes misaligned. To combat this, the Active Flex and the innerspring base work together to ensure that your sensitive areas stay cushioned without too much sinking. The bottom is also reinforced with additional edge support to preserve the life of the mattress and to make moving around on the bed more comfortable.

Be sure to use Amerisleep’s Presidents Day promo code, “PRESDAY250,” to get $250 off. When in-store, you can get the same discount or you can opt for $250 off any mattress set.

How To Find the Best Presidents Day Mattress Deal

We have introduced some of the top Presidents Day mattress sales. However, it is essential to remember that not all promotions will be worthwhile. In addition to price, you want to make sure you are buying from a mattress company that is honest about their product. A little bit of research on the company and a look at customer reviews will help you feel confident in your choice.

Here are a few other points to keep in mind as you shop for a great mattress deal this Presidents Day.

Know the Company

Before purchasing, you should conduct some research on the company’s claims. Their website should clearly state where their products are manufactured and what materials are used. If this information is not available, it is best to look elsewhere.

You also want to look for certifications such as CertiPUR-US and GreenGuard Gold. These certifications will ensure that the mattress has no toxic VOCs. If the bed is marketed as being organic, be sure to look for a third-party certification that guarantees this, such as GOTS for cotton and wool and GOLS for latex foam.

Another way to find out more about the mattress and the company as a whole is through customer reviews. These mattress reviews can provide valuable information on comfort, support, breathability, and customer service. Be sure to look for companies that offer verified customer reviews that have been vetted by a third party.

Look for customer reviews that address your concerns. For example, if you are looking for a mattress that treats back pain, check for reviews that mention whether or not the customer was able to find relief from their own back pain. Websites are designed to sell you a product, but customer reviews from verified shoppers have nothing to gain by providing feedback. They simply want to help out other shoppers. Be sure to take advantage of this valuable information.

Promotional Items

Select mattress brands will offer free add ons such as mattress protectors, pillow tops, and free pillows during the President’s Day weekend. These additional items are a great way to get more for your money and enhance your overall sleep experience.

However, “buy one, get one free” sales are not always helpful when it comes to mattresses. The free bed is typically poor quality and will not offer you proper support or pressure point relief. Additionally, these free promotional mattresses do not last very long. You will be better off putting your money toward one high-quality bed that is going to comfort you for several years.

Warranties, Return Policies, and Sleep Trials

The mattress industry standard is a 10-year warranty. Most online, bed in a box mattress brands offer this warranty and an easy return policy. Some mattress brands offer warranties that go beyond the standard 10-years. However, it is good to remember that the warranty does not reflect the life of the bed. Most mattresses will last 5 to 8 years. Memory foam beds will last about 10 years, and latex foam will last 12 to 15 years. Warranties will cover any manufacturing defects, but they will not cover normal wear and tear.

A warranty that is anything more than the 10-year standard will typically be prorated. This type of warranty means that in the event the mattress needs to be replaced or repaired after the first 10-years, the customer will be responsible for covering a percentage of the cost.

You also want to be sure that you have the ability to return the mattress if you are not satisfied with the comfort it brings you. Be sure that you have at least 30 days to return the mattress if this happens.

It takes a good 3 to 4 weeks to get accustomed to a new bed. A sleep trial period will let you test the mattress for a period of time and make sure it is right for you. This trial period should be at least 30 days. If it is anything less, you will want to keep looking. Most online brands offer a 100-night sleep trial so this accommodation is not hard to find.

Other Presidents Day Mattress Sales

Many other highly ranked mattress companies and bedding retailers are running Presidents Day deals as well. Below, we list some online and in-store opportunities for you to find the best deal possible.

  • Avocado mattress. Save $200 off all mattresses with code “FLAG200.”
  • Bear Mattress. From February 6th to the 25th, take 20 percent off sitewide with code “PRES20.”
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Take up to 50 percent off bedding now, including pillows, mattress toppers, and sheets.
  • Brentwood Home. Save up to $200 on the Natural Cedar Luxe and the Oceano Mattress with code “PRESI.”
  • Mattress Firm. Save up to $400 on qualifying purchases and get a free adjustable base with code “ELEVATE.”
  • Nolah. Save up to $312 on the Nolah mattress and get 2 free AirFiber pillows.
  • Purple. Limited time only, get a free sheet set and premium eye mask with any mattress purchase of $158 or more.
  • Tuft & Needle. Save $175 on The Mint and all hybrid mattresses
  • Walmart. Between February 1st to April 1st, save up to $100 on select mattress purchases.
  • Wayfair. Take $159 off their Wayfair Sleep Memory Foam mattress.

Happy Shopping!

Remember, the most important thing is to get a mattress that is right for you. Take your time and review all the details before you purchase. The great thing about the internet is that there is no shortage of information available. A high-quality mattress with great holiday savings will offer you a good night’s sleep that won’t hurt your budget.

Medical Disclaimer: The information contained on the site should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. The information provided here is for informational purposes only.

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