How to Set an Adjustable Bed to Zero Gravity

During your shopping process of finding an adjustable bed, you might have heard about zero gravity. This position is said to be soothing and comfortable with plenty of medical benefits.

In this article, we want to talk about the zero gravity position and how to set an adjustable bed to zero gravity. Let’s get to it!

What is Zero Gravity?

Like memory foam mattresses, we have NASA to thank for providing this unique sleep setting on our adjustable bed bases. Zero gravity is a neutral body posture position that puts you in the exact angle that the astronauts are in when they launch their rocket into space.

Zero gravity is considered a position of weightlessness. This feeling is what the astronauts experience when there is no gravity in space.

The goal of zero gravity as it pertains to sleep is to make you feel weightless, so it takes some of the pressure off your muscles and joints. The closest thing we can compare this to is the feeling of floating in a sensory deprivation tank. These tanks mimic the feeling of weightlessness through the use of highly concentrated Epsom saltwater.

What is a Bed with Zero Gravity?

So you understand what zero gravity is, how do they do that with a bed. The zero gravity position alleviates the pressure astronauts feel on their spine when the shuttle flies into space. The amount of force they experience is extreme, and as a result, they need a special kind of surface to prevent pressure and pain when they reach weightlessness.

When you choose the zero-gravity setting on your adjustable bed frame, the adjustable frame raises the legs and head to the right angle to prevent back pressure and help increase circulation.

When you’re in zero gravity mode, your thighs and torso are perfectly aligned, and your head is raised with your knees bent to around the same level as your heart.

This position is said to improve the body’s natural ability to rest because you’re experiencing an equal distribution of gravity across your entire body.

Benefits of Zero Gravity Positions

Why would someone want to sleep in this position? It sounds like a lot of work and thinking, especially if your adjustable base doesn’t come with many bed positions. There are a few medical benefits of this sleeping position.

Reduced Neck and Back Pain

Our bodies are shaped somewhat like an S. When we sleep on a flat mattress that leaves gaps between our body and the bed. What ends up happening is excess pressure on the back and neck because those areas become suspended in the air, even if it’s only a few centimeters, it matters.

Zero gravity helps distribute your weight evenly to keep your spine in proper alignment and for the support of your pressure points. When you have more support and less pressure, you end up with more pain relief and less stiffness when you wake up.

Less Snoring and Acid Reflux

Turning to your head, having it raised helps reduce snoring. It also helps with issues like sleep apnea, heartburn, and acid reflux. When we snore, our tongue slips back down our throats, and that is what causes snoring.

When your head gets raised above the rest of your body, it keeps your tongue in the right position. Less snoring is not only beneficial to the people around you, but it also helps you spend more time in REM sleep.

Acid reflux is another major problem that a lot of people face. When you lie flat down, you no longer have gravity to help you keep food and bile down in your stomach. The result is, the fluid starts creeping up your esophagus, causing acid reflux.

Keeping your head raised above the rest of your body will help keep the stomach acid down, which helps with acid reflux and heartburn.

How to Set Adjustable Bed to Zero Gravity?

How you’ll set your bed to zero gravity depends on the bed you have. Some come with a specific setting on the remote, usually labeled with a “ZG” or something similar.

If you don’t have this setting, don’t worry because you can still achieve zero gravity. The primary thing you want to pay attention to is the position of your legs and head in relation to your torso.

You should raise your feet above your heart, and your thighs should align with your torso. Your head should then also get raised slightly above your heart. Your lower body should be nearly even with your heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zero Gravity a Good Way to Sleep?

A: If you have any health issues such as acid reflux, sleep apnea, inflammation, blood circulation issues, and heart disease, you’ll benefit from zero gravity. This position will help alleviate the symptoms of these health concerns while providing you with a good night’s sleep.

Can You Sleep on Your Side with Zero Gravity?

A: The position is for people who sleep on their backs. The zero gravity sleeping position closely mimics how astronauts sit when they’re taking off into space. While you could sleep on your side, you may not have the feeling of weightlessness, and you won’t reap all the benefits.

Is it Better to Sleep with Your Head Elevated?

A: For a lot of people, they must sleep with their upper body elevated. Those with acid reflux or severe snoring should keep their head raised above their torso. Gravity helps do a lot of things when we sleep, and it helps prevent snoring and many symptoms of acid reflux.

So, How Do You Set An Adjustable Bed to Zero Gravity?

By now, you should understand what the zero-gravity sleep position is on a bed and why someone would want to sleep this way. You should also know how to set your adjustable bed to zero gravity, whether you have the setting or not.

This position is great for people who want to make the most out of their adjustable bed. Rest well, and enjoy the many health benefits!

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