2019 Black Friday Mattress Sales and Cyber Monday Mattress Deals Compared

If you are looking for a mattress this winter, Black Friday mattress sales are one of the best times of the year to buy a new mattress. This year’s deals will likely be at their height on Friday, November 23th, but will be happening on and around that date.

Nearly every mattress store big and small will have Black Friday sales, and we looked over previews and previous year’s deals to bring you a peek at trends. We will also be curating and comparing mattresses on sale to make shopping a little easier. As these sales come in we’ll be adding them here with abbreviated mattress reviews.

2019 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Mattress Sales: 30-Second Summary

The Amerisleep AS3 is one our favorite Black Friday deal

Best Overall Deal: $200 off the Amerisleep AS3

You’re in luck! This year’s best Black Friday memory foam mattress deal is also our recommendation for the best overall mattress of 2019.

The Amerisleep AS3 uses cutting-edge memory foam that is five times more breathable (keeping you cool) and ten times more responsive (so you don’t feel stuck), a cover that the FDA has determined promotes more restful sleep1, and a special transition layer clinically proven to reduce pressure points up to 49%. Talk about the total package! Plus you can save $200 on their already great prices this Black Friday.

Notable Runner-Up: Zoma Sports Mattress

Zoma Sports Mattress is engineered to help athletes sleep deeper, recover faster, and perform better. Equipped with state-of-the-art dynamic support technology and pressure-relieving, gel-infused memory foam, Zoma is made to upgrade your night’s sleep. Even if you don’t lead an active lifestyle, you can reap the sleep-enhancing rewards Zoma offers.

Triangulex™ technology supports a healthy spine, Reactiv™ foams prevent you from ever feeling “stuck” in the mattress, and the Support+ base reinforces the layers above and extends the life of the bed. A Queen Zoma is priced below $1,000 and discounted $100 during most major mattress sales— helping you get the most bang for your buck.

Best Adjustable Base Black Friday Deal: 20% off the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed (with Mattress Purchase)

Amerisleep is offering outstanding sales this Black Friday, which is why we also had to select their deal for 20% off their adjustable bed when you buy a mattress as the top value in the adjustable base category. You could save up to $1,400 depending on the mattress model and size!

As you’ve come to expect from Amerisleep, their adjustable bed has top-of-the-line features that add up to outstanding comfort and deeper sleep. From full-body, dual-wave massage, to remote and mobile app controls, to convenient presets, you can get into the perfect sleeping position with the touch of a button.

Black Friday Mattress Sales & Cyber Monday: 2019 Trends

Malls may not be the best place to find a best black friday mattress sale or cyber monday mattress dealsBlack Friday is a major retail holiday in the U.S. (after Labor Day), always falling on the day after Thanksgiving. These events are a big draw for shopping, and big-ticket items like beds and electronics also see major discounts. Department stores, showrooms, discount stores, and online retailers all participate.

This year, Black Friday takes place on November 23th, with sales extending both the week before and after. Pre Black Friday sales are often seen all through November, while Cyber Monday sales last into the following week online.

When it comes to Black Friday mattress sales, you can expect to see a few consistent trends every year.

Some brands will offer percent or dollar discounts off regular prices. Others that don’t want to discount prices directly offer rebates or free-with-purchase offers, such as free boxsprings or pillows.

Gift cards have been popular in recent years, with several brands offering store or credit gift cards with purchases. Promotional doorbuster mattresses are also common, which are usually mid to low-quality beds offered in limited quantities at low prices. These items are discounted hugely in an attempt to get customers to “bust the door down” in order to get the sale. A retailer may make very little on these items in hopes the customer will purchase something else at the store while they are there.

Shopping online can be easy way to get a dealIn 2019, expect to see a large variety of sales, with a focus on the growing specialty hybrid and foam mattress categories. Online Black Friday deals are also increasing with major brands and department stores – meaning you may not even have to get out of your pajamas to save on better sleep!

Don’t forget to bookmark this page and save the link! We will continue adding more sales and offers as they become available throughout November. Keep checking as the sales roll in!

Black Friday Bed Deals: Memory Foam Mattresses

Here’s a closer look at two of the top memory foam deals this Black Friday:

MattressHighlightsPrice (Queen)
Amerisleep AS3Features pressure-relieving Bio-Pur® and HIVE® technology to nurture a healthy spine. Plus, it's adaptable to the majority of sleepers. $1199
Zoma Sports MattressFeatures gel-infused memory foam and Triangulex™ technology to offer cushioning comfort and even support. $750

Best Memory Foam Mattress Deal

Amerisleep always goes all out for Black Friday


$200 Off Amerisleep AS3

The Amerisleep AS3 is possibly the most advanced mattress for helping people sleep better, thanks to all of the innovative materials used in the design.

Starting at the top, the Amerisleep AS3 uses a fabric called Celliant® in the cover. The FDA has determined Celliant promotes more restful sleep, and clinical studies have shown people sleep on average 15 minutes more per night. That’s nearly two extra hours of sleep per week.

Another clinically tested material that Amerisleep uses in the AS3 is their Affinity transition layer with HIVE® (Harnessing Intelligent Ventilation and Energy). Studies show it reduces pressure points by up to 49%.

HIVE® uses hundreds of six-sided foam supports, grouped into five comfort zones, to provide targeted relief for specific parts of the body, like the shoulders and lower back. This is critical because research says 81%1 of consumers shopping for a new mattress want targeted lower-back support.

Amerisleep’s mattresses also contain their proprietary Bio-Pur® memory foam. It’s five times more breathable than traditional memory foam, so you stay cool and comfortable all night long. Bio-Pur® is also ten times more responsive, so you won’t feel “stuck” no matter how much you move around at night.

amerisleep best mattress cyber monday mattress dealsAn added benefit of Bio-Pur® foam is that it’s also eco-friendly. Amerisleep uses a patented process called (VPF) to make Bio-Pur®, which produces virtually zero emissions — and no memory foam smell!

With such an amazing product, it’s no wonder customers love it. After more than 2,000 verified reviews, 99% of Amerisleep AS3 customers rate it three or more stars!

Amerisleep’s outstanding, friendly customer support is one reason the AS3 gets such great reviews.

They offer a risk-free, 100-night sleep trial on all of their mattresses. That means you can try your new Amerisleep mattress in your home for more than three months before deciding if you want to keep it. If you’re one of the few people not satisfied with your bed, they will give you a full refund and even arrange to donate or recycle the mattress for you.

Between the Amerisleep AS3’s innovative design and generous $200 discount, it’s our recommended Black Friday mattress sale.

And if the medium-firm feel of the Amerisleep AS3 isn’t for you, then you can save $200 any of Amerisleep’s five mattress models, which range from firm to soft. Studies show that, in order to sleep your best, the firmness of your mattress needs to match your sleep style and body type.

All Black Friday Memory Foam Mattress Deals

Here is a breakdown of all the deals we looked at before recommending the Amerisleep AS3 as the best option:

  • Amerisleep.com: Offering $200 off all their mattresses with innovative, clinically tested materials that help you sleep deeper and longer, as well as up to $900 or more off their adjustable bed sets.
  • Macy’s: Free box spring with select mattress purchases.
  • Mattress Firm: Queen for the price of a twin, King for the price of a queen (on select mattresses).
  • Sears: Up to 60% off mattresses plus $300 Sears Gift Card with select mattress purchases.

Black Friday Bed Deals: Innerspring Mattresses

Here is an overview of this year’s innerspring deals:

  • Costco: No offers listed.
  • Macy’s: Doorbusters include free box spring with select mattress purchases. Up to 65% off best brands.
  • Mattress Firm: The Mattress Firm Black Friday sale features a moderate selection of beds mainly focused on lower-level brands. House brand Hampton & Rhodes. Deals online and in stores are usually the same. Advertising four sales on store-brand Hampton and Rhodes beds ($99-$399), doorbusters on two entry-level Beautyrest beds, discounts on the high-end Dream Bed Lux line, and 10% off all mattress sets over $799. Sales are mostly focused on lower-end beds with line-wide promos on big name brands and gifts with purchase.

Black Friday Bed Deals: Adjustable Bases

Our recommended adjustable base deal is offered by Amerisleep:

Adjustable Set Base Highlights Discount Price (Queen)
Amerisleep AS3 + Amerisleep Adjustable Bed The best price on the most features like massage and 8 USB ports & remote $3118

Previous holiday sales in 2019 have seen offers on adjustable beds, which are becoming increasingly popular. These electric bases take the place of foundations and allow users to adjust the angle of the bed’s head and foot. Some also include luxury features like massage or other technologies. They are no longer just for the elderly or infirm!

When buying an adjustable bed, main points to compare include types of motors, range of motion, hand controls and functions, and added comfort/convenience features.

Motors can be AC or DC. AC is generally more powerful, while DC may be quieter. Be sure to pay attention to the base’s weight capacity, which is the maximum weight combined of the mattress and sleepers. Bases will also differ in the range of motion they offer, with those capable of a greater range offering more potential positions.

black friday adjustable bed saleControls can be hardwired to the bed or wireless, using radiofrequency or WiFi. A few higher-end models also may have mobile apps for controls. Wall-Hugger means a base stays close to the nightstand when adjusted, while leg heights can be important for use with furniture.

Convenience features can include different programs of massage, preset positions, memory buttons, safety features like battery backup, snore functions, alarm or speaker functions and more.

Not all mattresses are compatible with adjustable frames. If you are buying a mattress for your frame, make sure it will function properly on your particular base. Most retailers should be able to answer your questions in this regard.

Black Friday sales on adjustable beds this year include:

  • Amerisleep: Package deal on their signature Amerisleep Adjustable Bed with dual-wave massage, eight USB charging ports, and convenient remote and mobile app operation. Pairs perfectly with the innovative design of their Amerisleep AS3 mattress, and deals start from $2538, with discounts of up to $900 depending on size/model.
  • Mattress Firm: Free LP-50 adjustable bed with mattresses over $500 (very simple base with no leg adjustment, limited warranty info).

Looking for even more information about buying a new mattress? Check out our

Guide to 2019’s Best Mattresses or Our Guide to Shopping for Adjustable Beds .

And if you have any specific bed types or topics you want to see compared from other mattress sales, drop us a note in the comments.

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The FDA has determined that Celliant® products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and are general wellness products. Celliant® is determined by the FDA to temporarily promote increased local blood flow at the site of application in healthy individuals. Hologenix, LLC, the maker of Celliant®, states that Celliant® safely converts body heat to infrared energy. This energy penetrates into the muscle and tissue to promote a temporary increase in local blood flow and helps increase comfort and promotes restful sleep.

Medical Disclaimer: The information contained on the site should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. The information provided here is for informational purposes only.

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