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Our Top-Rated Mattresses

Based on reviews, product specifications, and materials used, you can’t go wrong with either of these mattresses.

amerisleep as3

Amerisleep's AS3

Best Mattress Brand’s top-rated mattress of 2019

zoma mattress


Zoma is the best budget mattress of 2019

Amerisleep Mattresses

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Expert info

We’ve worked with certified sleep coaches, insiders in the mattress industry, and other professionals to bring you the most accurate information available.

Helpful tools

Side-by-side comparisons, tables, sales guides, and product reviews help you navigate the otherwise confusing world of mattress shopping.


Tailored insights

Our team goes after the primary sources, looking only to clinical trials and peer-reviewed scientific or medical articles.

Our Review Process

To bring you the most helpful information we can, Best Mattress Brand focuses on technology, design, clinical studies and sleep science, and reviews.



We explore the quality of materials used in making the product.



We look at how the product utilizes their materials to help you sleep better.


Clinical Studies & Sleep Science

When it comes to research, we only want the very best and most accurate.



Customer reviews are a great way to understand how the product works on the day-to-day

About Us

At Best Mattress Brand, our writers and editors are working to help you find your next mattress. That’s the simple way of putting it. But we do more than that. We also write detailed product reviews on bedding and other sleep-promoting technologies. We cover sleep health and sleep science. Our work is verified by a Certified Sleep Science Coach and our work is never done.

  • 100+ Mattress Brands Researched

    Out of those 100, we limit our articles to discussing the top 5 to 10 choices based on our criteria.

  • 10,000+ Hours Spent

    We have been doing this for a while. Our writers and editors have been in the game for years. We’ve tackled a few sleepless nights so you won’t have to.

  • 10M+ Readers Served

    Thanks to our readers for keeping Best Mattress Brand alive. This is why we do what we do.

Sleep Research

We don’t just do product reviews. We also look at the way sleep is impacted by our diets, our jobs, and our nightly routines. Below are just some of the national wide surveys we’ve conducted to better understand how sleep affects our lives.


Graveyard Shift Confessions: How Late Shifts and Overnight Jobs Impact Your Quality of Sleep

Working the graveyard shift isn't always a sustainable lifestyle. Thirty-three percent of evening workers said they were currently looking for a job that offered regular hours, while another 31 percent were planning on looking or hoping to look for one in the future.

The Most Common Reasons People Wake Up Early in the Morning

We wanted to explore the many different things that motivate people, from the desire to help others to pursuing material wealth. We also wanted to understand whether individuals who are intrinsically motivated are more satisfied than others or not.

Exercise and Sleep: How Your Sleep Impacts Your Gym Time

The relationship between sleep and exercise is a tricky one – sacrifices made for one can often affect the quality of the other – but how exactly do sleep and exercise interact?
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