Best Mattresses of 2020

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Curious about who has the best beds this year and which brands are duds? This article outlines the best mattresses in 2020 and our updated guide can help you as you shop.

Every year brings new beds, technologies and trends claiming to be the best. Consumer reviews are a helpful way of gauging satisfaction and a great tool for comparing mattresses. Someone with first-hand knowledge of a product can provide feedback that is indispensable.

Best Mattress Reviews of 2020 Overview

  • The Amerisleep AS3 is our recommendation for the best mattress of 2020—it features extra-cool and responsive proprietary memory foam, zoned support technology, a risk-free 100-night trial, one of the best warranties in the business, and over 6,000 verified customer reviews rate it 4.7 out of 5 stars.
  • The Zoma Mattress is targeted towards those who need the most recovery. It’s an all-foam mattress with an 11-inch profile that uses gel-infused memory foam to provide cool, pressure-relieving comfort. Plus, it comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

In this article, we considered over 100 leading brands, researched dozens of reviews and articles, and spent 30 hours on research, writing, and revision.

Best Mattresses of 2020

BrandModelHighlightsPrice (Queen)
Amerisleep AS3 MattressAmerisleep AS3Three inches of pressure-relieving Bio-Pur® foam and dynamic zoned support.$1199
Zoma Sleep MattressZoma MattressGel-infused memory foam to keep you cool and comfortable$750
Avocado Green MattressAvocadoAn eco-friendly latex mattress with great bounce and support.$1399
Purple HybridMattressPurple.4 Hybrid Premier Four inches of pressure-relieving hyper-elastic polymer $2999
Nolah All Foam MattressNolahFlippable all-foam mattress for customized comfort.$1019
Bear Pro MattressBear ProUses copper-infused and gel-infused foams to help keep you cool. $1090

1. Amerisleep AS3

as3 best mattress for back pain

Some readers have asked us to just boil down this entire article into the highlights and say what we recommend. This mattress is it. Read on for details, or, if you want the quick pick, you can just check out the AS3 by Amerisleep, which is the best memory foam mattress.

The Amerisleep AS3 has the best mattress reviews on the brand’s website earning 4.7 out 5 stars from nearly 6,000 reviews from verified customers and rating high on third-party review sites as well. It is one of the more popular plant-based memory foam models from Amerisleep, in the mid-range of its collection.

So many things stand out about the Amerisleep AS3. So we’ll start at the top, with the soft, breathable cover.

Amerisleep’s covers are designed to keep air flowing throughout the mattress so body heat never builds up. This airy material keeps you cool and comfortable all night. The cover is also removable and completely washable so it is easy to keep your mattress clean.

Amerisleep uses its own Bio-Pur® memory foam in all of their mattresses. This advanced memory foam has an “open-cell structure” that does two important things.

First, it allows more air to flow through the foam to keep you cool and comfortable. Second, it allows the foam to bounce back faster, so you don’t feel stuck as you change sleeping positions during the night.

The Amerisleep AS3 also has a special transition foam layer that provides additional, targeted support and pressure relief for common sore spots like the shoulders and lower back. Using their proprietary Harnessing Intelligent Ventilation & Energy technology (HIVE®) they add precision-cut channels to this layer. HIVE® technology creates targeted areas of support and pressure relief, so it’s soft where you want it and firm where you need it. (81% of consumers say targeted back support is important for them when choosing a mattress). Plus, the channels allow for even more airflow to keep you cool and comfortable through the night.

All of these innovative layers rest on top of Amerisleep’s Bio-Core® foam. This durable support foam stands the test of time so well, Amerisleep offers two decades of total warranty coverage to prove it. No other mattress on our list has a longer warranty.

Another way Amerisleep protects its customers, in addition to their industry-leading warranty, is with their risk-free 100-night sleep trial. As long as you give their mattress a fair chance for 30 nights, they will give you a full refund if you’re not completely happy. They’ll even help you find a place to recycle it!

Speaking of recycling, Amerisleep also has a company mission to protect the environment. Their foam partially replaces the petroleum (crude oil) with plant-based Castor oil, which is more sustainable.

2. Zoma Mattress

Zoma best mattress for athletes

The Zoma Sports Mattress is targeted towards athletes or those who live an active lifestyle. Why? Because the technology Zoma uses to provide optimal comfort and support is meant to lead to better sleep and better recovery.

The first layer of the Zoma is made of Triangulex™. Triangulex™ is a gel-infused memory foam that uses triangular-shaped cutouts to provide a cushion in high-pressure areas, such as your shoulders. These triangular-shaped cutouts also provide air channels on the top layer which is a great feature to help you sleep cool throughout the night.

Beneath the2-inches of  Triangulex™ material, Zoma uses 2-inches of a highly-responsive transition layer of foam called Reactiv™. Reactiv™ can be described as “latex-like”. It’s a bouncy foam that contours to your body but doesn’t give you the “sinking in” feeling associated with memory foam.

By putting the Reactiv™ layer directly beneath the Triangulex™ layer, the Zoma mattress combines pressure relief with a bounce.

The third and final layer of the Zoma Sports Mattress is a 7-inch core called Support+. Support+ is a durable support layer that helps support you and your mattress.

The Zoma Sports Mattress comes with free shipping, a 100-night trial, and a 10-year warranty.

3. Avocado

avocado hybrid mattress

As an all-natural, organic option, the Avocado Green is a great addition to the list. With a rating of 4.8 out of 5, it’s a favorable option for those seeking an eco-friendly hybrid choice. The Avocado is priced below-average compared to other hybrids with all-natural materials.

Standing at either 11-inch or 13-inch (depending on choosing to add a pillow top), the Avocado topper is made with organic cotton and wool and two layers of Dunlop natural latex followed by an 8-inch support core of pocketed innerspring coils. Even with the pillow top addition, there have been reports of the Avocado feeling too firm. This mattress was received well by stomach sleepers and back sleepers.

Side sleepers struggled the most with this mattress, claiming stiff joints and pain during the night and morning. Some customers, while finding the mattress, both comfortable and supportive, still missed the sinking sensation that comes from memory foam.

4. Purple.4 Hybrid Premier

Purple.4 Mattress

Purple is one of the more unique options on our list. They don’t specialize in latex or memory foam, but their own third option: hyper-elastic polymer. Purple started as a one mattress company but since has grown into having four models. And while they used to be an all-foam mattress, their newest models are technically hybrids.

For this guide, we are going to focus on the Purple.4 Hybrid Premier. The “4” in the title designates how this model has 4-inches of hyper-elastic polymer, which is the most of any Purple mattress. Arguably, this makes the Purple.4 Hybrid Premier the softest and most supportive of the lineup. It is also the most expensive.

Beneath the 4-inches of hyper-elastic polymer, Purple places one inch of 2.0lb PCF poly-foam. This layer of poly-foam serves as a transition layer between pocketed coils and the hyper-elastic polymer, providing cushioning that sleepers call “luxury firm.”

The mattress itself is 13-inches tall and weighs 168lbs in a queen size. Like all Purple mattresses, the Purple.4 Hybrid Premier comes with free shipping, a 10-year warranty, and a 100-night sleep trial.

5. Nolah

Nolah Mattress

Nolah makes two mattresses: the Nolah 10 and the Nolah 12. The numbers help distinguish the mattresses by height. We like Nolah 10 because we think it offers a great value for its price point.

As the name suggests, it’s a 10-inch mattress. The first two inches of the Nolah is made up of what the company calls its Cooling AirFoam™. It’s important to note: this foam tries to comfort you like memory foam, but it is not memory foam itself. This could help explain the more affordable price point, as memory foam tends to be one of the more expensive parts of a mattress

Beneath those two inches of cooling foam, Nolah puts 1-inch of “Deep Supportive High-Resilience Foam.” Nolah describes this foam as “stronger and more durable” than latex. Part of what we like about Nolah is how it makes a comfortable mattress without using memory foam or latex. This means if for whatever reason, you are looking for a non-memory foam, non-latex mattress option, then the Nolah may be right for you.

All Nolah mattresses come with a 15-year warranty, a 120-night sleep trial, and free shipping.

6. Bear Pro

Bear Pro Mattress
Bear made their name as a mattress to help you recover, thanks to their use of Celliant® in the cover. Since then, they’ve released two other mattresses: the Bear Hybrid and the Bear Pro.

The Bear Pro is 12-inches thick and features four layers. The first layer is Copper-infused foam. Mattress companies like using copper to promote a cool sleeping surface. We like that Bear addresses heat concerns with the very first layer. Beneath the copper-infused foam is a layer of gel memory foam. Again, gel is used by mattress companies to help reduce the chance of your bed becoming a heat trap. Based on their design, it’s clear Bear is aiming to make a mattress to help you sleep cool. Bear puts their memory foam layer as the second layer, which is a common practice but means you aren’t lying directly on the pressure-relieving foam.

Beneath the two layers of comfort foam, Bear places a layer of transition foam. The transition foam serves a simple purpose: it works as a transition between the soft copper-infused and gel foams and the firmer, high-density support foam. With these layers and its construction, the Bear Pro has a medium-firm feel.

Bear mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial, free shipping, and a 10-year warranty.

Things to Consider When Purchasing A Mattress

We researched several brands, from big names to start-ups. While focusing on the more popular mattress types, innerspring and memory foam, our guide also showcases the best and worst the mattress industry has to offer.

While the most popular mattresses aren’t always the best ones you should buy, our team found that some of the bed’s people are talking about most really do stack up against the competition. In general, memory foam mattresses have an average owner satisfaction of 80% compared to innerspring’s 60%. But don’t think that just because its memory foam your bed will be great. There are huge differences between brands in terms of quality and performance.

To create this guide, we combed through Based on owner reviews, consumer review publications and online review websites for all of the top mattresses. Then we scored each one based on what research says consumers care about the most when buying a mattress. Finally, we curated five of the top-rated memory foam mattresses and five top innerspring mattresses available this year and ranked them accordingly. Read on to compare specifications along with detailed notes on each bed.

In looking for the best mattress, there are a few things that need to be considered. These factors can affect how you sleep and whether or not you have a good experience. While companies may offer their top picks, it will ultimately come down to your personal preferences.

Something to keep in mind before shopping: the ultimate goal should not only be finding a comfortable mattress but finding one that provides proper spinal alignment. One of the reasons why many wake with a sore back is because their mattress is not supporting the spine as it should. Other factors that need to be considered are mattress type, size, sleeping position, and budget. If looking for the best mattress for back pain, choosing your preferred type of mattress is a good place to start.

Determining each of these will help you in finding the right mattress and achieving the best sleep.

Type of Mattresses

Mattresses can come in a variety of different materials. Each material has its own set of pros and cons. The type of mattress you choose can also depend on your sleep position, budget, and personal preference.

Some materials may cost more than others; for instance, latex will come with a higher price tag due to its natural material. If you’re not sure about a specific type, see if a sleep trial is available. We’ve outlined each type of mattress to give you better insight into what to expect.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are a good choice for those looking for a material to conform to the body, wanting that “hug” sensation. Memory foam contours to the body’s shape and sleep position, while relieving pressure points, and providing healthy spine alignment. This type of mattress is constructed of layers of foam.

The top layer will contain memory foam with the base layer consisting of high-density foam for support.

This material has little to no noise or bounce, so there’s less of a chance of waking in the night due to a sleep partner moving throughout the night— making these beds excellent mattresses for couples. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it particularly ideal for those who suffer from allergies. Because memory foam is a denser material, there could be less airflow causing possible heat traps.


Innerspring mattresses are made up of coils that can either stand-alone or interlock with each other. The higher the number of coils, the more support a mattress will have. Most innerspring mattresses will include a comfort layer, most likely made of gel memory foam for cooling, or you may be offered the option to add a pillow top for extra comfort.

It might be a good idea since innersprings lean more towards the firm side. However, if you’re someone who prefers a firm feel, then an extra comfort layer may not be needed. Many people grew up sleeping on coil mattresses and may continue to do so. Innersprings offer excellent breathability with the open airflow from the coils but may lack pressure point relief. This type of mattress will have a definite bounce and may be noisy from any movement due to the coils.


A hybrid is a combination of innerspring and memory foam. This type of mattress uses coils as support with memory foam as comfort layers. The number of layers of memory foam will vary depending on the manufacturer.

Many see hybrid mattresses as the best value because of its 2-in-1 construction: it offers contouring with pressure point relief and has firm support and bounce. However, the risks are still the same, but now combined – there is the possibility of sleeping hot because of the denseness of the memory foam, and less pressure point relief because of the innersprings.

Latex foam

Latex is a natural material that comes from rubber trees. Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, many consumers like latex because it offers body contouring and has a slight bounce. This type of mattress may come at a higher price point due to its natural material and luxury feel.

There are two types of manufacturing; Dunlop or Talalay. The difference is Talalay has an extra step with the placement of rods in the material to create several holes for added softness and airflow. Dunlop latex offers better support to heavy sleepers, while Talalay latex provides better pressure relief. A latex mattress may be ideal for those seeking the conformity of memory foam but with a firmer feel.


Airbeds offer a more customized sleep experience due in large part to its adjustable comfort and support. Air can be removed or added to help customers reach their preferred firmness level. Basic airbeds will contain two air chambers.

Some, more high-end ones will consist of six chambers, offering a zoned support system for the body. They can stand between 10” to 15” high, and may have two layers: air chambers and a comfort layer of memory foam or latex. With a longer lifespan and its ability to absorb movement, many people prefer an airbed over a traditional mattress. Please note there may be some drawbacks to an airbed, including noise from the electric air pumps, possible malfunctions that result in costly repairs, and their high price point.


While popular option in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, waterbeds are still very much present today. Like airbeds, their adjustable firmness all depends on how much water is removed or added. There are three different surface feels of waterbeds: free-flow, semi-waveless, and waveless.

Free-flow contains no restrictions, leaving the motion of the water to move around freely. Semi-waveless slightly restricts movement with foam bolsters and baffles, but still has the small motion of waves. Waveless completely prevents water motion with foam bolsters, baffles, and fiber padding.

A waveless mattress isn’t much different than an innerspring, memory foam, or latex mattress. It might be better to look towards a traditional mattress if you’re seeking a waveless mattress because, unlike a water bed, they require little maintenance and may last longer.


Also known as folding beds, the rollaway is best suited for temporary sleeping arrangements like guest bedrooms and hotels. They usually come with a thin foam mattress between 4” and 6” thick. Rollaways are one of the more less expensive mattress options, many available under $500.

Constructed of lightweight metal frames and wheels, they can be folded and stored easily. As one of the less expensive types of mattresses, the rollaway comes with some disadvantages. Because of its light frame, it may not be as durable or as supportive as a standard mattress.

Rollaways last less than seven years. They’re notorious for being noisy, most of it from the squeak of the frame and wheels. Also, it’s rare to find a rollaway that includes a sleep trial, a warranty, or a refund.

How Long Does a Mattress Last?

It is important to keep in mind that the length of the mattress warranty does not reflect the life expectancy of the mattress. Although most mattress warranties are 10 years, this warranty will cover manufacturing issues but not normal wear and tear. Innerspring mattresses have the shortest lifespan, about 5 to 8 years, while a high-quality memory mattress will last 10 years. The elasticity of latex makes these mattresses more durable, giving them a lifespan of about 15 years.

When Should I Buy a New Mattress?

When sleeping on an old mattress, you will be more likely to wake up with sore muscles and joints. Take time to look over your mattress and make sure that there are no rips, broken coils, indents, or sagging. These defects are a sign that the mattress is no longer supporting you.

Mattress Sizes

When it comes to your bed, size matters. Before shopping, establish what size mattress you want. It can influence your budget since larger mattresses will cost more: a queen size mattress will have a higher price tag than a twin. Another factor that can determine choice in mattress size is body type. Lightweights may lean more towards a softer mattress, while a firmer mattress may be ideal for heavyweights.

Also, measure your bedroom to be sure that the size that you want will fit in the space. You may also want to consider how you sleep, whether you tuck your body in, sprawl outward, or a combination of both. Wider mattresses like Queen or a King size might be better for those who stretch out in their sleep, while a Cal King is great for those who need more length. A Twin, Twin XL, or Full mattress may work well for those who sleep curled up.

Sleeping alone or with a sleep partner can also influence your choice in size. Twin, Twin XL, and Full are better for single sleepers. Queen, King, and Cal King are best for two sleepers. A Split King can also allow you to customize your side of the bed.

Sleeping Positions

Sleep position can determine what type of mattress you buy. Some materials may be better suited to specific sleeping positions. For example, those who sleep on their side may find a medium-firm mattress ideal.

Its contouring abilities help to hug the body but maintain needed support to the spine. In contrast, stomach sleepers may prefer an innerspring because of its firmness needed to alleviate lower back pressure.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is the most common and healthiest sleep position. It provides better breathing and reduces the risk of snoring and sleep apnea symptoms. Additionally, side sleepers can benefit from improved digestion and spinal alignment. Sleeping on the left side is better since it puts less pressure on vital organs and eases acid reflux. Those who suffer from shoulder pain or issues should avoid sleeping on their side – back might be better.

The best mattress for side sleepers cradles your shoulders and hips while still supporting your lower back and keeping your spine properly aligned.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping is the least recommended. Neck pain from twisting the head to the side increases pressure on the lower back, and tossing and turning can result from stomach sleeping. If you do sleep on your stomach, we suggest a firm mattress.

Possible solutions to help alleviate these issues include placing a thin pillow under the hips for better support and pressure relief and switching to the side sleeping position. Some stomach sleepers may not need a pillow for their head, especially if they are sleeping on a firmer mattress.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers face fewer problems than stomach sleepers but are still in danger from possible health risks. These include snoring and developing sleep apnea. This is due to the collapse of soft tissue at the back of the throat and the tongue blocking the airway.

Side sleeping would be a better alternative. A couple of benefits to sleeping on the back is that the spine is better aligned and there is a lower risk of facial wrinkles since the face is not in contact with the pillow during the night.

Combo Sleepers

If you’re a combo sleeper, it usually means that you may fall asleep on your stomach and wake up on your side. Combo sleepers change positions several times during the night. They may benefit from each sleep position, but may also face the increased health risks of each sleep position as well. These include the neck, shoulder, and back pain, blocked airways, and poor spine alignment.

Motion Transfer and Motion Isolation

You may not know the technical name, but almost every sleeper can relate to the struggles of a bed with high motion transfer and low motion isolation.

Simply put: a mattress with high motion transfer is one that doesn’t absorb motion. So if you move through the night, your movement is felt across the bed. If you’re sharing a bed, this can lead to the other person feeling disrupted throughout the night. But even if sleeping alone, no one wants to feel like every small movement leads to a major shift.

Finding a mattress with good motion isolation helps reduce tossing and turning. In our experience, memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses tend to get the best reviews when it comes to combating motion transfer.

A Mattress Budget

It’s important that you have a reasonable budget set in place before shopping for a mattress. Mattresses are available at a wide price range, depending on what you’re looking for. It helps to research available features and to know what to expect from a standard mattress.

Some factors can help influence your budgets, such as mattress size, materials, and extra features like cooling gel. Bigger size, natural materials, and added features will drive the price higher but may include special perks better warranties.

Most mattresses with high-quality materials and extended warranties can be found at $2,000. In contrast, beds at $500 may be limited in available materials and features. Customers can expect a 10-year warranty, no matter the price.

Bed in a Box Mattresses

Ordering your new bed from a bed in a box mattress company is the latest trend.

Unlike traditional mattress shopping, online mattress companies offer several unique perks. First, most online mattress companies provide generous, risk-free sleep trials. A sleep trial allows you to try the mattress in the comfort of your own home and for a significant period of time. Second, bed in a box mattresses are often a fraction of the price of beds sold from more traditional brick-and-mortar stores. There is less overhead, fewer commissions (if there are any commissions at all).

Sleep Trial and Return Policy

Despite what companies may advertise, it’s impossible to find the perfect mattress within a one day trial. In some ways, online retailers offer a better advantage than traditional brick-and-mortar shops. They can cut out the middleman and save customers from the added pressure to buy on the spot.

Most online manufacturers offer a sleep trial of at least 30 days to allow customers to properly break in a mattress. Sleep trials give customers an adequate trial period to test out a mattress to see if it’s the best fit in offering the right amount of comfort and support. If not satisfied, companies will have the used mattress donated to charity at little to no cost to the customer.

Sleep trials offer customers the chance to decide whether or not a mattress is right for them. Choosing a mattress is not as simple as an hour’s visit at a local retailer. It takes serious consideration that may not be helped by added pressure to buy.

When searching for a mattress, take advantage of a sleep trial and give yourself the time to really try one out to make sure it’s the right one for you. A sleep trial is a perfect way to properly test out a mattress.

It may be a good idea, if a mattress doesn’t have a sleep trial, to look at the return policy. Mattress stores have a uniform message of wanting to ensure their customers a good night’s sleep, a message that’s reinforced when they offer reassurances that their mattress purchase is a good one, like a return policy. Return policies offer customers the ability to return or exchange a mattress if unsatisfied.

With how expensive mattresses can be, an available return policy may help to assure customers that their comfort matters. Companies who don’t offer any type of reassurances with their mattresses, especially a return policy, should be avoided since they may not be looking after the customer’s well-being and more their own.

Mattress Warranties

Before buying a new mattress, always look to see if a warranty is available. Customers can expect a 10-year warranty with most mattresses, no matter the price tag. Be sure to read the fine print to know what to expect from the company and what the company expects from you.

It’s important to know what the warranty actually covers, especially when it comes to repairs and possible replacements. For instance, while warranties do cover some damages, water damage may void the warranty if the mattress wasn’t protected by a waterproof mattress protector. On the other hand, should you purchase a memory foam mattress, for instance, and after two weeks, there’s a 3” sag in the middle despite following the proper care and handling instructions, the manufacturer can provide repairs or even a replacement if the damage is verified.

Always read through any warranty before purchasing a mattress. Some warranties may serve to protect the company rather than the customer, leaving them stuck with a poor-quality mattress.

Edge Support and Foam Density

One of the more popular questions we get on this site is whether or not a mattress ought to have edge support. Edge support was more common in mattresses in the 90s, 80s, and even further back. Now you mostly see edge support in traditional innerspring mattresses or in hotel beds. First, edge support is neither good nor bad, but there are trade-offs to having it (or not having it).

Edge support, simply put, is when a mattress is designed to be firmer or more resilient around the edge of the bed. Think of a picture frame. The photo itself is the mattress and the frame is the edge support. Edge support benefits those who want to sit on the corner of their bed and not sink. Also, edge support gives some sleepers a feeling of safety. Because of the firmer edge, it feels like you are less likely to roll off in the night.

The lack of edge support is called “run-off”. When a mattress has “run-off” it means there is a slightly curved design at the edges of the bed. The benefit of run-off is simple. It increases your sleeping surface. With edge support, you are technically getting less of the mattress you chose. With run-off, you are getting more mattress.

Since most mattress companies are embracing all-foam beds, edge support is becoming less and less popular.

Best Mattresses for Specific Needs

Sleep is a fundamental pillar of health. Quality sleep impacts your day-to-day activities, physical and mental well-being, and overall health. While a mattress isn’t usually a one-stop solution for bad sleep, it is a factor worth considering.

Best Mattress for Arthritis

Arthritis is the swelling of joints and can lead to significant pain, at night, and during the day. Depending on the severity and location of your arthritis, a new mattress and foundation can be a huge benefit.

The best mattress for arthritis takes the pressure off your body, reducing aches and pains.

Best Mattress for Snoring

There are several ways to reduce your chances of snoring. First, it is more common for back sleepers to snore than side sleepers. Because of this, finding a mattress is great for side sleeping is a good place to start. Second, snoring can decrease if you elevate your head and chest. Finding an adjustable bed, which allows you to articulate your head and chest up, will open your airways and reduce snoring.

Best Mattress for Hip Pain

Hip pain is a common sleep disruptor. If your bed is too firm, it can lead to increased pressure on your hips, which leads to tossing and turning. If your bed is too soft, your hip sinks into the mattress and puts pressure on your lower back pain.

The best mattress for hip pain helps alleviate that pressure while still supporting your hips and the natural curve of your spine.

Best Mattress for Athletes

Sleep is a key way your body recovers from daily stress. When you are an athlete or someone who lives a very active and busy lifestyle, recovery is essential.

Uninterrupted sleep is the best way to recover. This is why the best mattresses for athletes are those that promote even balance and excellent support and comfort.

Best Mattress for Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds can significantly improve your sleeping experience. An adjustable bed is a bed frame that moves your mattress up and down. Raising the head of your mattress helps open your airways, leading to a reduced risk of snoring and other benefits. Raising the legs of your mattress takes the pressure off your lower back and helps increase blood flow to your heart.

The best mattress for adjustable beds will be able to bend and contour to new shapes without losing its ability to support you.

Temperature Regulation and Air Flow

Generally speaking, a person only wakes up in the middle for two reasons: they are in pain, or they are overheating. If you are in pain, your mind will tell your body to move or shift positions to help alleviate the pain. If this happens enough times, you are bound to wake up. If you are hot, again, your body will move to try and cool itself. Everyone is familiar with the feeling of kicking the covers off to try and cool down.

Because of this, it makes sense that when you’re looking for a new mattress, you want a supportive and cooling mattress. Though cooling isn’t the best word, it is the word used in most marketing. What you really need is a mattress that helps you regulate your temperature and doesn’t add to your body’s natural heat. If you’re a hot sleeper, chances are outside factors (diet, medical conditions, room temperature) will play a bigger part than the bed you are sleeping on. When looking for your next mattress, look for breathable layers put at the top of the mattress. Surprisingly, plenty of companies will put their cooling layers deep down in the mattress, which doesn’t help as much as a cool, breathable layer right at the top.

Ten Worst-Rated Mattress Types to Avoid

Looking over the worst-rated mattress models and brands on Sleep Like The Dead’s website and other consumer mattress review websites, we also noticed a few trends. The following traits frequently have the lowest customer reviews. Watch out for these trends in order to separate the best mattresses from the inferior ones.

1. Promotional Mattresses

Promotional mattresses are those sold for a limited time only, often as doorbuster deals during major holiday sales. Their primary place is to catch eyes during sales. Since the models tend to be limited to a specific store and time, it can be difficult to research reviews or accurately compare them to other offers. These mattresses are typically priced very cheaply, but have significantly lower quality than average and may also have limited or no warranties.

2. Very Cheap Beds

With the exception of temporary use/guest mattresses and children’s beds, very cheap mattresses (under $500 or so for a queen) generally tend to have worse overall ratings compared to mid-priced beds (in the $800-$2000 range). It is important to carefully weigh quality, reviews, and expected lifespan against the price.

Cheaper mattresses can provide good comfort initially, but where satisfaction tends to suffer is in the longer term, as the lower-quality materials tend to break down faster and lose comfort sooner. These types of beds also tend to have less warranty coverage, meaning they will likely need to be replaced sooner.

3. Too-Thin Mattresses

Thinner mattresses tend to have lower comfort ratings in most lines, especially among side sleepers and larger individuals. This is because the comfort layers in the bed need to be able to adequately cushion the sleeper against the coils or support foam to prevent pressure points.

People over 250 lbs prefer beds of at least 10”, while those over 300 pounds tend to prefer mattresses at least 14” thick. If you are a side sleeper, your ideal mattress will likely have at least 3” of cushioning material.

4. Hot or Constrictive Memory Foam

Memory foam can vary considerably by density and formula. As a whole, memory foam mattresses tend to earn the highest ratings, but those that dislike these beds tend to either have an issue with the heat or difficulty moving on the mattress.

Both issues are most closely linked with beds that use thick layers of foam (over 5 lb) that are highly temperature-sensitive.

5. Mattresses with Low-Density Foam

Low-density foams, whether regular polyurethane or memory foam, tend to be associated with lower satisfaction over time when it comes to pain relief and durability. For memory foams, low density would be considered under 3.5 lbs. For poly foams, low density is under 1.4 lbs.

Because low-density foams have a “less dense” structure, they are more prone to compression and provide a less buoyant feel than higher densities. However, these foams are typically cheaper so they can be budget-friendly for infrequently used or temporary mattresses (beds you expect to use less than 3-5 years). Heavier people should consider a foam that is more dense, as it will likely wear less under their weight.

6. Innerspring Beds with Poor Motion Isolation

In innerspring mattresses, one issue that can receive considerable complaints is a lack of motion isolation. This is an issue for couples particularly, as one person’s movements can disturb the other’s sleep. Because of this, when looking for the best mattress for couples, be cautious about choosing an innerspring mattress.

Mattress types most associated with poor motion isolation are those with bonnell and continuous coils. Pocketed coils and beds with memory foam or latex layers tend to have fewer issues with motion disturbances.

7. Beds with Little or No Warranty

The other complaint seen often in the worst-rated mattresses is related to warranty issues. It is hard to judge how a bed will perform over time even if you are diligent in your research, which is where the warranty comes in. A mattress typically is only useful for a fraction of its warranty length, as the table indicates.

For a mid-range and higher bed, a good mattress should have at least 10 years of full coverage during which the retailer will repair or replace defective beds at their expense. Many will also have extended prorated periods during which a portion of costs are covered.

The important thing to look for in a warranty is how deep sagging must be before the warranty kicks in – sagging over 1” can dramatically affect comfort and support. Sagging not covered by warranties is a frequent complaint in many of the worst-rated beds.

8. Too Soft or Firm for Your Needs

Mattress shopping is confusing for many, many people. It can be difficult to know which type of bed to choose or to decode different manufacturers’ terminology. Many mattress complaints stem from beds feeling either too firm or too soft. It’s also important to note that most beds with foams will soften slightly over time, so showroom models may not always feel like the bed you receive. If you are looking for a mattress that is truly soft but still supportive, check out our post on finding the best soft mattress.

There is no 100% accurate formula, but generally back sleepers should opt for medium-firm to medium beds, side sleepers medium to plush, and stomach sleepers medium-firm to firm. Side and stomach sleepers put pressure on the bed in different areas than back sleepers. Softer mattresses allow them to sink into the bed for better spine alignment.

It is important to note that sleeping on the stomach is not medically recommended. This can make finding the best mattress for stomach sleepers a challenge. This is because stomach sleeping goes against the natural curvature of our spine, can put extra pressure on our internal organs, and can lead to a narrowing of the airways, limiting our ability to breathe as we sleep.

Sleep studies find that people with back pain generally feel best on medium to medium-firm beds. Since manufacturer descriptions of firmness may be arbitrary, it can be helpful to look for IFD/ILD ratings or read mattress reviews to see if there are any trends in comments regarding firmness. These measurements are meticulous and accurate and refer to the amount of weight needed to compress the foam a certain distance.

9. Overpriced Mattresses

Another complaint often seen in reviews stems from owners feeling they overpaid for their mattress. Even when they find the bed comfortable, this can be enough to affect satisfaction and ratings.

Several mattress brands price beds high, but use only average materials. Retailers can also use sales tactics to exaggerate prices, such as making comparisons difficult or using high-pressure tactics.

The best way to avoid buyer’s remorse is to carefully compare beds and read reviews. Be sure to get information on all layers and be leery when retailers and manufacturers won’t tell you what is in the mattress they are selling – chances are it’s because the bed is not competitively priced compared to peers. Make sure you stay within your budget constraints, also.

10. Beds with No Return/Exchange Policy

A lack of a return or exchange policy can dramatically affect your satisfaction if the mattress you buy is not quite right. Many dissatisfied reviewers complain about being stuck with a bed they don’t like or having to pay high charges for returns.

Especially when buying online, make sure you can return or at least exchange the bed if you don’t like it with reasonable fees. It can take a few weeks to get used to a bed, so you should have at least 30 days to make up your mind. Some retailers will require you to try the bed for a certain number of days prior to returning, so be mindful.

Ultimately, taking the time to research a little and compare different beds makes it easier to find the perfect mattress for your situation and avoid surprises. Armed with basics and with a little work, you’ll be sure to come away with sweet dreams rather than a nightmare when you buy your next bed.

Always ask about what the mattress is made of, see how prices compare to similar offers and don’t forget to check in to retailer policies. Looking online for reviews can also help provide more information on factors such as comfort, durability, and performance that can be difficult to judge as well. You can do your research without leaving the house. Some brands also sell their mattresses on Amazon, so be sure to price-compare before purchasing. In most cases, price, sleep trial periods, and warranties will be better when purchasing direct.

Don’t get pressured into making a purchase. If a salesperson won’t let up, walk away and come back after doing some careful consideration. Some retailers thrive on customers they can push into a hasty decision. By shopping online you can avoid this for the most part.

It’s Decision Time!

Now that you’ve got all the information about the best beds of the year, plus the ones to avoid, it’s time to decide which one is right for you. Our top recommendation is the Amerisleep AS3, but of course, you have to factor in your own preferences and budget.

Adjustable bases may improve your sleep even more. We provide an in-depth guide on what to look for. And if you want even more information on finding the right bed, take a look at our previous guides for more information on buying an online mattress.

Medical Disclaimer: The information contained on the site should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. The information provided here is for informational purposes only.

611 thoughts on “Best Mattresses of 2020”

  1. Catherine Caron

    I have researching mattresses for about 6 months and am still confused. This site was the best so far , the information was very helpful. I just need some help , I am in bed for at least 20 hours a day is there a bed out there that can hold up (am 170lbs ) to this and not break down ??? I have tried memory foam it lasted maybe 3 years. Any help would be greatly apricated.

    1. Hi Catherine,

      Thanks for reaching out to us! Memory foam mattresses are nice because they’re contouring and comfy, but you need a mattress that’ll be more responsive and less prone to sagging. Latex mattresses and memory foam hybrid mattresses would be the best for you. These beds are cushioning and contouring but offer more support. Latex mattresses keep you lifted on “top” of the mattress rather than cradled within, so they can mold to your body without sacrificing support—and many latex mattresses can last 10 to 15 years. Hybrid mattresses contain foam layers and bouncy innerspring coils, combining the best of both mattress types. These would also work for what you need because they have pressure-relieving foam layers to ease aches and pains and bouncy coils to prevent sagging.

      If you’re interested in a latex mattress we recommend PlushBeds or Avocado (a latex hybrid mattress), but if you’re interested in a memory foam hybrid, we suggest considering an Amerisleep Hybrid mattress.

      We hope this is helpful!

    1. Hi Pho Nem!

      Thanks for reading and leaving a reply.

      Did you order your Zenhaven mattress? If so, we’d love to hear how that process went and if the mattress has helped you get better sleep.

      Thanks again.

  2. The Puffy Mattress is Outstanding!!! I have had Wonderful Nights Sleep, with this Mattress. I was Afraid that it would be Hot, especially in the Summer. But No Not Bad!!! Not Like My Sleep Number Bed, which would Sleep; Sweltering Hot!!! It was Awful!!! And I which Paid a Premium For!!! Very Well Made.

  3. Nice and informative blog.
    I have learned more about Mattress Brand.
    Actually, I learn more from Comments.

    1. Rosie in Arizona

      Needed to replace an 18 year old Stearns and Foster that was a double sided
      pillow top, best Mattress I ever own. However the quality now is not even close to the same to say the least, This is hard to believe had three stearns and foster deliveries in the past 6 months and all three were defected it was determined by the service rep that came out to the house. These were brand new, Plan on getting a full refund and purchasing another brand and different manufacturer, just do not know which one. All the comments posted are very helpful.

    1. Hi Sudas!

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. We are happy to hear the mattress you purchased is working out for you.

      Keep sleeping well!

  4. I plan on purchasing a Nectar mattress that has high ratings . Has CR completed any testing on this mattress . They have pretty good customer ratings and a 365 day return / refund trial period. Any ratings will be appreciated.

    1. Hi Mike!

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Did you end up purchasing a Nectar? Their return trial is indeed impressive.

      If you did buy a Nectar and have been sleeping on it, we (and our readers) would appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

      Thanks again!

  5. What ever bed you choose, DONT BUY SERTA ANYTHING. Biggest ripp off scheme theme there is. Beds fizze out after months of use, dont stand behind thier warrenty!!!!

    1. backman v derrick

      i bought serta bed that lifts..they said they would give me a $100 gift card..i have been trying since x mas.i is hell..try gitting serta on phone???

    1. Hi Dennis, good question!

      We have not done a comprehensive review of Puffy mattresses just yet, there is not a lot of information available on their website in regards to the composition within the mattress. However they do have a high number of positive reviews and offer a 101 night sleep trial, giving you the opportunity to try their mattress out with the option of returning. Sleep trials are a great way to test a mattress out and decide if it’s best for you.

      We hope this helps!

  6. Kudos to the researchers, writers and respondent to the comments for this article! You give very thorough information on these mattresses and keep your cool with the hostile commentators (whom must be getting a horrible night’s sleep). At first I thought this article was only promoting mattresses, but as I read on I saw some critical points made on them all. Thank you for taking the time to do what many of us cannot.

    We are in the market for a new king mattress to replace our old California king that has lived out its best years. That mattress cost my husband 10 grand,10 years ago. This time around, I refuse to spend that much but still want a high quality mattress that will help us sleep through the night without waking up so often to adjust ourselves because of sore hips or shoulders. This is all very helpful!!

    1. Hi Anne!

      Thank you for reading! We’re glad you have found this article helpful in your search to replace your old mattress. We definitely believe you can find a high-quality mattress at an affordable price. Feel free to update us when you made your choice!

    2. I bought a memory foam mattress, very comfortable. However While moving it I read a small tag hidden between 2 larger tags. The warning was very disheartening. They are highly flammable and once they catch fire there’s no putting it out!!! There was a very strong warning that basically humans would not survive if it caught fire while sleeping. An electrical outlet behind the bed can spark and ……

    1. Hi Derek,

      Thanks for the question! We don’t have a lot of experience with that particular model, but we did some research on the Beautyrest Black line. They are offer innerspring mattresses, which vary from 12″ to 18″+ in height. Beautyrest black is known for using a “trip braided” coil. From what we can gather, this is one individual coil with two other coils braided or twisted around the main coil. This makes a very supportive, very firm coil.

      Beauty Rest Black also uses a significant amount of memory foam. They claim their Diamond Dust technology helps offset risks of heat. The idea is, from what we can gather, that diamond is a great conductor of heat so it traps the heat away from your body.

      Beauty Rest Black is definitely a more expensive option, so we do recommend trying them out at a showroom for a significant amount of time before making your decision.

      Good luck!

    1. Hi Bob,

      Good question. Cotton mattresses aren’t as popular as they used to be. We spent some time looking and had a hard time finding just a cotton mattress. First came springs, then foam, then latex and memory foam, then gel memory foam, now plant-based memory foam and other advances. Cotton is found in a lot of mattress covers (a cool, breathable material) but it is no longer as a support and comfort system.

      Thanks for reading!

  7. I am looking for a bed that helps me. I have hot flashes at night, I have bursitis in my hips, it hurts when I lay on my shoulders and I have stenosis in my lower back. I have been sleeping on the couch for almost a yr now. I am one big mess. Could you help me at all?

    1. Hi Toni!

      Thanks for the question. We are sorry to hear you are having a hard time sleeping. You mentioned four specific pain points: 1) hot flashes at night, 2) bursitis in hips, 3) pain if you lay on your shoulder, and 4) stenosis in your lower back.

      1) We don’t know of a mattress that can seriously claim to combat hot flashes. However, since heat is already an issue, focus on finding a mattress that is breathable (this helps it not retain heat so that it won’t add to your existing issue). If you do choose memory foam (which we would ask you to consider, given the other pain points) look at the plant-based memory foam options or memory foam mattresses with a significant amount of cooling material.

      2,3,4) We are grouping these because we think one thing may help with these issues. (Of course, always consult a medical professional when looking for a mattress to satisfy a medical need). An adjustable base is recommended for those with bursitis in the hips and stenosis in the lower back. The ability to lift your legs above your hips takes significant pressure off your lower back and hips. By doing this, you will also begin sleeping on your back, so the shoulder issue becomes a non-issue. Adjustable beds can be expensive. To see if this option is right for you, try putting your legs in a 20-degree angle (pillows underneath the knees for support) and seeing if that helps with the pressure/pain.

      Best of luck!

  8. Your lack of naming a single specific model, much less a manufacturer, in your worst beds portion of the article speaks volumes. If you are only willing to offer praise specifically and critique generally, it appears you are more concerned about future revenue from manufactures than providing consumers with clear warnings to avoid particular mattresses and/or brands.

    1. Hi John!

      Thanks for the feedback, we do appreciate it as we are striving to provide the most value-driven content we can on our blog. It is tricky to say, definitively, that a specific mattress brand/model is bad, but it is possible to say what types of mattresses tend to offer low customer satisfaction. Sealy, Serta, bed-in-the-box companies, and more make a wide variety of mattresses. For example, Tempur-Sealy could, during a Door Buster, have a mattress for as low as $99 for a queen and as a high as $8,999. The customer satisfaction ratings are also on such a broad spectrum. This is why we factor in years in business, and warranties offered, sleep trials offered, return/exchange processes, quality of materials and more, to help us decide which types of mattresses not to recommend. So, we advise avoiding mattresses which have, for example, “Little or No Warranty,” because that could show a lack of quality control on the company’s end. That qualification eliminates more options than listing one poorly-reviewed mattress.

      But again, thank you for the feedback. We will use it to work towards providing more helpful content.

  9. I’d like a comparative specification and results study between the AS3 and the AS4 mattresses. I am large and would feel better with a thicker mattress that isn’t too firm.
    Also, what is the cost of the 2 types in a queen size and can it be delivered to Acapulco Mexico.

    1. Hi Gregory!

      Thanks for the question. According to Amerisleep’s website, the AS3 is a medium firmness while the AS3 is a medium-soft. This change takes place by the AS4 having more memory foam than the AS3. So that’s the main difference: the AS4 has more soft memory foam, the AS3 has more of the firmer transition foam. They are both 12″ in height, and if you are looking for a thicker mattress from Amerisleep consider their AS5 which is 14″ thick and contains an extra layer of a very bouncy, supportive foam called Active Flex.

      We’d recommend you reach out to Amerisleep to see where they can ship. As we did some research and their shipping page tells the customer to call their 1-800-500-4233 number for any orders that need to be shipped out of the contiguous United States.

      Hope this helped!

  10. There were no comments about a Sleep Number Bed, neither good or
    bad. I have a very bad back, but my husband does not sleep well on
    the same type of mattress that helps me (and my bad back) sleep well.
    The Sleep Number Bed is the only one that we know of to solve that
    problem. Why did you decide not to review it ?

    1. Hi Jane!

      Thanks for the question. There is a lot to go over when looking at Sleep Number bed. Because of their air chambers and ability to adjust, it makes them quite different than the majority of mattress choices out there. For couples who need different firmnesses, Sleep Number does seem like a good option. Another option would be to opt for a Split King (you can do this with the majority of brands, Tempur-Sealy, Serta-Simmons, and established Bed-in-a-box companies like Amerisleep), which allows you both to have your preferred firmness. However, Sleep Number, with their individualized settings, could be right for you and your husband.

      Hope this helps!

    2. I have a Sleep Number Split King, and absolutely hate it. My husband and I call it our divorce bed. The separation at the top of the mattress is too wide, and does not allow you to get close without falling in the crack. Unfortunately, my husband was doing a lot of business traveling so we didn’t figure this out until we were outside of the 100 day trial period. If you have a happy marriage, I would not suggest this bed:-)

      1. I agree with Kristen. Stay away from Sleep Number. It is nothing more than an industrial scale air mattress we used on our houseboat years ago. The main issue I have is that the air bladder is about 10″ thick at full inflation (sleep number 100) yet the pocket in the mattress that it resides is 13″. This means you sink 2-3′ before you even start engaging the air bladder. By the time support kicks in you have sunk 4-5″ into the bed. It is difficult to flip from side to side as you keep falling into the middle of the bed. Total regret. it is going back.

    3. I’ve been sleeping on sleep number for 15 years now. It took a few weeks to get used to the adjustable firmness control, but now I have them in all my bedrooms. Best sleep ever.

    4. I agree 100% the sleep number bed company has somehow tricked the world into buying a simple air mattress with a compressor attached to it that allows you to blow it up and deflate it without doing it by mouth, big deal. We spent $3,000 for a blowup mattress and a bed frame that is completely plastic and clip together like some kind of big kids toy. We wanted the adjustable base and upgraded bed and the company told us they wouldn’t ship it to us even though we live right in Maine which last time I checked was still part of the USA. The little woman and I have struggled to find our sleep number in this bed where as it doesn’t actually blow up the same on both sides, the company said that’s normal too some how. The gap in the middle of the bed is obnoxious at the least making us drool towards it or if the mattress isn’t inflated enough it becomes a barrier keeping us away from each other. 5 years of this bed has been way too long but after spending the money we did we are skeptical of all other beds now. I’ve lived a short life so far but a very high impact one and I already have 2 herniated discs in my neck, 2 compressed vertebrae in my thoracic spine and damage to my lumbar spine as well. I also have knee and shoulder issues and though I know a bed won’t solve all of those issues I need something I can actually get rest in for more than an hour before I’m flipping and flopping all night. I work in the medical field so I know what my body needs but its finding that bed you can get the most results from as I know I’ll never get a bed that can help with all. If your like me looking for relief from pain and a good nights sleep, sleep number will never be it. If you think it will be go to your local sports store and by an air mattress and sleep on it for a week first for $30 and you’ll see exactly what you’ll be purchasing for $3,000.

  11. Anyone had experience with Brooklyn Bedding? Wife complains of being to hot all the time so I looked for the coolest option and just purchased the aurora.

    1. Hi Eric,

      Thanks for the comment. Have you had a chance to sleep on Brooklyn Bedding’s Aurora and if so, how have you enjoyed it so far?

  12. Mintas Lanxor

    If you have back problems as a result of poor sleeping surfaces, try this at minimal cost and possible big rewards. I’ve been doing it for almost 20 years.

    Go to Walmart and buy 3 to 4 1.5 in. foam mattress covers for 9.95 each. Unpack and place them on the floor on top of each other. Encase the top one in a fitted mattress sheet. It will take a night or two for the packaged foam covers to stretch to their full size and form. Find a comfortable pillow, and your experiment can start that very night. If your back feels immediate improvement, you’re on the right track. The foam will lose its flexibility with time, becoming less and less supportive, and you’ll have to buy a new set of mattress covers after anywhere from 2-3 to 3-4 months.

    If you feel that this experiment is working, you might consider investing a couple of hundred dollars in a captain’s bed, which has a solid hardwood surface just like the floor. Now you can put your mattress covers on this bed, which will make it much more comfortable to get in and out and make you feel like you’re sleeping on a real bed.

    1. This makes no sense economically. You would be paying (with averages of your figures), about $418.00 per year for a mattress every year. In 5 years, you will have paid over $2000.00. Why not invest in a good mattress to begin with?

  13. One tired momma

    TempurPedic is pure junk. My sister-in-law has one and the first time I laid on it, my back began to spasm. Tried it another time, the same thing happened. My husband and I purchased a memory foam made by another company and became just as disappointed in that mattress because it retained heat and was more firm than I would ever like. Was grateful to get rid of that mattress and get a Sleep-Number. I have not experienced any problems since we bought our bed almost 3 years ago. It’s nice to have the option of changing the firmness. If I could have back my favorite bed though, it would be my free flow waterbed. Never had a problem with that bed.

    1. I have a tempurpedic mattress for 2 years.They said it’s firmest one but it’s not firm as I wanted. I could not used first one year because of the chemical smell.

  14. Has anyone purchased a Serta Goldsmith mattress? Menards has them for sale. Looking at the Serta Goldsmith Best Firm. Thanks

  15. We have found our Nectar to be too hard. We are side sleepers. We need something softer. My arms go numb every night. We also wake up with back lower pain.

  16. I am not happy with my Bed-in-a-Box. I purchased the Silk Elegance with 3″ topper in 2014 for $2100. It’s held up well with no sagging and would be great for a person who likes a firm bed. But my pain has gotten worse and it’s too late to return it. The mattress is so heavy it would take 2-3 strong men to move it and it’s not flippable. I am now only sleeping 4 hours before my lower back aches so much I have to do stretches, heat, ice, etc and sleep on the couch. I wish I had returned it.

      1. We love our TepurPedic. Have had about 5-6 years. No more back problems and we keep warm in the winter.

    1. Do not recommend tempur-pedic, Mine is almost 5 years old with the corrected heat issue. However, our tempu-pedic is too hard and also hard to turn around in bed. Not worth the price we paid for our tempur-pedic! Would not buy another.

    2. My husband and I got the split king as in 2 twin xls of Breeze Lux which is Not cooler. After paying $10,000.00 it lasted just under 2 years but after vacuuming and turning regularly decided to wash the zip off covers. I was blown away to find that both mattresses have multiple cracks covering the top sides of both mattresses which explains why i we feel like we’re sleeping on cement slabs. The salesman swore upside down that we wouldn’t have to worry about the mattresses separating leaving a gap between making cuddling impossible. It is still under warranty. I sent the photos as requested and have heard Nothing in 3 weeks. I’m lucky enough disability is willing to replace the bed but any other person would have a nightmare. I would not recommend this bed but if you do purchase be sure to check mattresses by removing zip off cover as soon as it arrives.

      1. Thanks for sharing this info Tammy! We were debating on a split California king to allow us both to get a great night sleep but we were afraid of not being able to cuddle and that the integrity of the bed would fall apart quickly given all the parts. I am going to steer clear of the split mattresses and the adjustable height beds for this reason and your input helps me make that decision.

        Thanks and best to you!!

  17. My husband and I keep replacing mattresses! help! We bought a Lucid Memory Foam mattress and it really was such a waste of money. No bounce and we had to help each other get out of bed (we are only in our early 40’s). It was like sleeping in quick sand, terrible. Now we bought one from Mattress Firm – coil mattress and firm, too firm! The floor is softer. You would think after two years it would have “broken in” but alas still so very stiff. We both wake up super tired and achy. He is a side sleeper and I am a stomach sleeper. I don’t know what to do anymore. Suggestions anyone?

    1. From reading all these reviews, I have decided to buy a foam topper for my Serta pillow top,(have to sleep in a “canoe-like” depression every night}. Sister gave me a memory foam topper that I will try tonight, but it is hard to move on memory foam, but will see after tonight. and will buy other than memory foam if necessary. I cannot buy a mattress and find out it’s a mistake. For those of you that can or will buy expensive, pull up Hotel mattresses online. I slept at Marriott Fairfield one night and that was the absolute best night’s sleep ever, mattress and pillows were heavenly. I just pulled this up online and the hotels do sell their line to consumers, but I could not afford them. Hope this helps someone get a mattress that’s worth it. Spent about 3 hours online today researching mattresses for side sleeper mattress, could not make a decision, after reading comments here and other sites, I give up, will go with a topper for now.

      1. Thank you for the suggestion. We just stayed there this last weekend and loved the mattress. It is why I am looking at reviews.

    2. we have had the same problem and for years not getting a good night sleep. Then we went on a vacation with grands up in Pigeon Forde area and I couldn’t believe how well we both slept on their beds. Usually vacation homes have crappy beds but not this one. So I contacted the owners to find out where and what kind of bed? At this point I was willing to pay whatever for the price. To my surprise they got them at sams but discovered the same mattress without the bifold box spring wasn’t as good. So I went online and purchased the 13in because if the 10 in was good 13in had to be better and made sure to get the bi-fold boxspring with it. Well it was way to soft/firm so I moved that queen to another bedroom and got the 10in. So happy because can actually sleep thru the night without my hip hurting and waking me up to switch to the other side. It was a night therapy mygel memory foam set and CHEAP!!! FORGET ABOUT paying all that money for something that won’t work. Also found this out that helps in deciding firmness took it from a study but can’t remember where here is the quote from the site -> “There is no 100% accurate formula, but generally back sleepers should opt for medium-firm to medium beds, side sleepers medium to plush, and stomach sleepers medium-firm to firm. Side and stomach sleepers put pressure on the bed in different areas than back sleepers. Softer mattresses allow them to sink into the bed for better spine alignment.”

      1. Hi i would like to know what brand of the mattress you got from Sams, so Shelly could you please email me what brand?

      2. Can you please let me know the brand of mattress? Just to be clear, it was a 10in. night therapy mygel memory foam?

        Thank you!

      3. Hi. We are purchasing a mattress from Sam’s. We are getting beauty rest black. My problem is when mattresses are to warm. What is brand you bought and do you have problem with heat.

      4. Would you be willing to email me more information on this bed that you got from Sam’s? I sleep on my side and so does my husband. I’ve been having issues lately of hip pain and switching sides constantly throughout the night. thank you!

    3. Sharon A. McGill

      I don’t know if I should admit this but my mattress is over 15 years old and I can’t afford a new one…I bought 4 inch memory foam mattress topper from Macy’s…Perfect and so comfortable…had a cousin visit recently and she said she slept so well…when I told her it was bed from my 1st apt. She couldn’t believe it LOL

      1. Hi Sharon!

        15 years is longer than typical when it comes to a mattress’s life expectancy, but we are happy it has worked out for you!

        Keep sleeping well.

  18. Hello, wondering if anyone knows Anything about the bed that Sams sells called the Lullabed, it would be the 10 or 12? with Adjustable Split King & Remote. It’s still a foam, still at least a bit honest to say they are made in China, & foam May have an odor up to 12 to 24 hours. But, If it’s Anything like this one we bought from Amazon, called Zunis?? They Lie. We bought a queen size 12″ Memory Foam, & I Should’ve known when it says Green Tea that this IS China at it’s best trying to Catch us into thinking because it says, Green Tea that means something. It did Not. We purchased it because someone we know bought one & loves it but bought a few months ago, & they said Their Odor went away within that 72 hours. It’s been now over 162 Hours! & I still Cannot get Rid of that Smell! We are fortunate enough to live in Fl & we’ve actually had a Cooler than Usual Winter, so we have opened window in that room, & even resorted to having a huge Turbo fan in there to blow out the Odors,Smells out the OPENED window. Here we are over 7 DAYS & Still Smells. I am a chronic asthmatic, of course NO One has replied to my emails, not the Company, Not Amazon & also I wrote Certipur Since they are the Ones who you know, Certify these Gasses are NOT harmful. Well to an asthmatic, YES they Are. We were thinking of going with the one Sams sell, you can get a split king foam with 2 twins for a King with fully independently Adjustable frames, & a remote, but it’s still Foam from China, & that would be about $3500.00. Thankfully the Zunis was only a waste of little more than $225, But it’s STILL $225 & a Whole Lot of TIME & Aggravation & Opened Windows. Like I said, Thankfully we’ve had some Cool days, but that’s going away as of Friday. Might’ve thrown away $225.00 for a Garbage P/Up & that REALLY Pisses me OFF. Certipur, Zunis, & Amazon. If anyone has knowledge or Experience with the 1’s Sams sells called Lulaabeds, please let me know. DON’T Waste your money on Zunis or most Amazons or Certipurs..Ratings or Certifications. When you look into them, they are ALL Compensated, One way or Another. Must unfortunately Research nine ways to Sunday & then some More. Marketing IS Lying for $. Beware.

    1. My personal recommendation, a mattress, home, and car should never be purchased without testing out or viewing it in person first.
      The car could be a lemon, the house a money pit, and the mattress less than accommodating to a persons sleep needs. On average, the human spends one third of their life in bed, why not make it the most comfortable and restful time?

    2. I am asthmatic with COPD so very sensitive to smells.
      Sams will let you return if you don’t like it so you may take that into consideration.

    1. We purchased the original mattress and had issues with the depth of the mattress, causing it to bottom out, Purple Customer Service said this was a defect. They were willing to replace or refund the mattress. We wanted to upgrade to their new mattress style but were told we would have to pay the difference and forfeit the 100-day trial period. Their new line is much more expensive and includes coils. It seems like they are a new company that is cracking a few eggs to figure out what works best for them and their customers. Their business model seems to be changing. If you’re in SLC, Austin, or Sacramento, I would recommend testing out their mattresses in person first.

    2. I was looking at a purple today, as I am on the back end of a great bed. A McRosky 10,000.00 bed guaranteed for 20 years. I bought it in 1999, and its time. Back to the purple, they have springs, will it last 10 years, I doubt it. But it’s a 1000.00 off for Mother’s Day. So 2750.00 maybe? I just checked McRosky suite, they have dropped their prices to compete with the on line foam. You can try their beds at the store in SF or Pali Alto, Ca.
      I am still looking my self.

    3. We purchased the purple 3 and slept on it for 100 nights. We just returned it for a full refund. The company couldn’t have been better in all aspects of customer service. The 3 was just too hard for both of us. It was extremely cool and the bamboo sheet set is amazing. I was contemplating purchasing the Purple 4 but bought the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze 2.0. to my dismay I have found it sleeps hot, is a little hard to move around and sitting in bed is odd. When we tried the Tempurpedic bed it felt so cool in the store but put sheets on it and sleep on it over night and it is a different story. And yes, I used the cool bamboo sheets on the mattress too. I don’t know what we’re going to do. So frustrating!

  19. After doing alot of research, I decided to buy from costco. Good prices and easy returns. I went with the Sealy Plush. Just ordered today so I’ll leave a message again after I’ve slept on it for a couple weeks. 🙂

    1. Junk, bed lasted 5 years bought A Tempur-pedic bed , 3 years not any ware, to hot for me, my daughter loves the bed.

    1. Have you used your Amerisleep mattress? We’re looking to possibly purchase… just wondering how it is & if satisfied.

  20. I’m considering a mattress for my guest room. I am not concerned about motion transition as much as comfort and durability. I hear that the Bonnell system has been around for a long time and is well proven. I also hear that the Verticoil systems do not last very long. What is your opinion?

    1. Bonnell system has been around a long time. Most innerspring mattresses uses the Bonnell in their lower end beds, such as serta perfect sleeper, beautyrest recharge line.

      Much like the article above reads, if you are looking for longevity, you will typically spend between $800 and $2000 for a queen mattress.

  21. Wow is all I can say… How do I ever decide on a mattress? I saw one today made by Ashley called a MyGel Hybrid 1100. It was at a local furniture store, that now has a mattress store attached to it. Anyone? I also saw where many had asked about the Saatva mattress (online), but nobody has replied to it. Just want a decent mattress for the price!!!

      1. I bought a Saatva almost a year ago. Because we have had two memory foam beds from other companies that got hot and sagged over a couple years, we went with the sat a that has coils and memory foam. So far we love it. The only thing I would do different is to order the thinner version of it. With such a deep mattress comes a lot of weight and to periodically turn it will be a huge effort. Good luck!

      1. What happened? I just bought a mattress there a few days ago, i have my old king box springs under my new queen mattress cause they could not get my queen box spring up the stair case. I’m thinking of returning the whole thing before they re deliver the new split box spring. Gina

      2. I wish I would have seen your comment before! I have had the worst experience ever with Mattress Firm. I just received a credit from them for a 9 month old defective beauty rest. The reason I am on this site is because I need to get a new mattress and was trying to decide which mattress to purchase in it’s place. The only problem is, I still have to use mattress firm! Dealing with their warranty department is a total nightmare and I would never recommend buying a mattress from them…EVER! I still plan on writing to the CEO about their poor customer service policy.

    1. Patricia Braun

      don’t buy anything from Ashley.We got a mattress and box from them and it has a 7 yr warranty and we only have had it 4 yrs and it separated in to 5 pieces . They will not honer the 7 yr warranty.

  22. After reading many of these reviews, I have come to the conclusion that NO mattresses are worth a da-n in the USA. I cannot squander my money and am not rich by any means. It has taken me almost a year to build up about $750. I thought that that would be enough to get some decent but after reading these reviews, I am screwed in finding anything decent I believe. I have checked Sealy, Simmons, and Serta to name a few and now find that they are also all junk. I have never had a brand new mattress in my life and now that I want one? I do not want one after all! I may be better off to keep using my old-old-old Therapeutic mattress that is over 30 years old but still comfortable, even though broken down. Unless someone can let me honestly know a good mattress that will last about 10 years or better for me. I will be lucky to live long enough to see the warranty collected upon.

    1. We atayed at Royal Coach Inn and slept on the BEST (firm) Queen, I’ve ever slept on in my (then) 67years! After 3 nights of wonderful sleep, 7 hrs minimum nightly, I could not stand it.., I TORE OFF the covers to find the lable in BOLD read,
      “Simmonds Commercial Grade.”
      (With 10 year warranty)
      Manager told me it was a $1,000.00 matress.

  23. I am buying a mattress for my son, he claims the ghost is too firm for him and wants something softer. I’m wondering if the Amerisleep AS3 is softer.

    1. Hi Spot,

      Great question! It’s really hard to compare like as it will depend on a few things (including your son’s sleeping position and weight).

      The Amerisleep AS3 rates as a medium but if your son wants a truly soft bad, he might have more look on the AS4.

      Hope this helps!

  24. Whatever you choose, do not buy from Helix! They have terrible customer service and unreliable delivery times. I tried to work with them to resolve a delivery issue but the customer service team was unwilling to help. It’s a shame because they make a great mattress but it’s not worth it if you value the timing of delivery (aka not sleeping on the floor.)

    1. DeAnne Schumacher

      After reading review comments for the past year, my conclusion is to get a good innerspring mattress and buy a separate thick Natural organic latex topper periodically when it losses its shape. I just bought a plush Sterns and Foster at Mattress Now and it is too firm for my side sleeping 79 yr old body. They will only take it back as an exchange. No refund. It’s one of those “Gotcha Now” stores.

      1. So have you considered getting a foam or plus topper? I always liked a firm mattress with a featherbed on top, but now I’m looking at investing in a new mattress and very confused…

          1. Saatva makes a beautiful mattress and has an excellent return policy. We tried one for about 3 months and did end up returning it. It wasn’t for us, but we had a great customer service experience.

          2. We bought a Saavatka and it has worked well for years but it now sags in several places. Ive been ill so the time I spent in bed is much more than average.

      2. I have the same brand and purchased at Ashley’s. It is terrible and was way too expensive even on sale. The mattresses you lay on in the store in no way feels like what you get as mine is hard as a brick . Ashley’s would not do a thing to help me nor would Sterns Foster and both were as rude as it gets.

  25. Has anyone tried the Brentwood homes oceano? Or the saateva? I currently have the beautyrest black ice Clermont and the vedict is still out. Reading everything on here it sure is scary going out for a new mattress and hoping whatever you do purchase holds up!! Any positive suggestions?

      1. Bob’s is junk. OKfor kids or guest. We bought a bob’s and my neighbors bought a sealy, 5 yrs late the bob,’s is broken down and the sealy is fine meanwhile our 20 yr old sealy that is in our guest room and we had used for 15 ys is still good.

      2. Too hot according to a family member..
        we have loom & leaf and happy with it. Has anyone had any experience with Tuff & Neddle? Looking for a 2nd reasonable mattress

        1. Just purchased a turft and needle, if being on this site is any answer, LOL. My back hurt worse than it did on my garage sale mattress. Looking for something!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I have a Sateeva Queen 14″. I ordered the softer one 6 months ago, but its not that soft, and there is no tag on it about which level it is. They use foam around the 5″ outside edge of the bed, so it feels a bit smaller for its size. The price was ok at $999. I weigh 270, and its hard on the bed, a little sagging, I need to move around. I think I’ll look for a 1″ gelpad in a year or so. I got a 3″ ($270) pad for my last bed that was too hard, and it was too difficult to move. I’m not 100% satisfied with Sateeva, but I got a fair price.

      1. I’m not satisfied with mine either, my back hurts every morning, I’m returning it, in placed of a soft one. I hopping it can’t be any worse.

    2. I have a saavta bed, it’s my second one. I paid 2k for a king. In the first year there were already divots in the bed where I sleep, so they replaced it. Super comfy! Have had it about 5 years now.

    3. How is your beauty rest black? We have earth rest black Natasha on order at Sam’s. I need a cool bed, not one that heats up.
      Thank you

    1. I’ve been researching , since I am in the middle of a move and will need a new bed. I was trying to find a non-biased site and this looks as though it is one. Also tried joining Consumer reports but since I was once a member, I cannot use my same old email address. From my research, I came up with Amerisleep 2 , Serta iComfort Hybrid Applause II Firm and Nectar. The Serta, I can buy here, in Alaska, however the other 2 would have to be mailed to Alaska . The Nectar cost for delivery is $150 and the other, I don’t know. still want the best and would like to know if Nectar is all that good, as I have read.

      1. Anyone have any knowledge of the Amore Bed? I too am torn on what to buy.. The Amore is a hybrid and it seems good? Thoughts?

      2. Nectar from my research is really the best but the delivery is a mess! People order and wait for over a month. People have to cancel. Then customer service will not get back with them. Plus, it is made in China! I am not to thrilled about that! I think that is why they always have back orders

      3. We ordered a Nectar and had no issues. We received it in a few weeks. After sleeping on it for 2 weeks we find it to be to firm, so we will be returning it. Called the the number and spoke with someone and they gave us the return instructions via email, seems simple enough. I will let you know if we have issues with the return but so far everything has been great. We are just looking for a softer memory foam.

  26. we bought a beauty rest for 2149 withend two years it broke down , now we bought a double pillow top Hampton Rhodes 1100 it seem like a great bed so far, were hoping it last, its a shame to spend thousands od beds and have the problems we have , mattress firm has been good though

    1. I found a Stearns and Foster Rookwood Luxury Firm that seems comparable to the Beautyrest Black (same price), I would also like to know which is better. I will buy one of these two

      1. Beauty rest broke down in 1.5 years, it was the top of there line, 2300 fillers. Warranty. Well did not replace even though the gentleman that checked said it was bad.. Simmons never again.

        1. We bought a Beautyrest and after 6 months it was unbearable to sleep on. Since then we have fought with the manufacturer (for the past 6 months) trying to get reimbursed. Spending 2 grand on a mattress, it shouldn’t have problems in the first year, let alone after 6 months. We will never, EVER buy a Simmons product ever again. They are horrible to deal with. Even after we explained to them that my wife was pregnant and it was uncomfortable, and getting worse, they didn’t care. They could care less that my pregnant wife had to sleep on a cheap mattress in the guest room since their Beautyrest overpriced garbage was causing here pain. Do yourself a favor… don’t even waste your time considering this garbage. a blowup mattress is better…

          1. Do not buy any Beauty Rest mattresses!!! They don’t work, they last a month!!! We had to get ours replaced 3x and the one we gave starting sagging after 1 month..I only weight 98 lbs! Lol! These beds are overpriced and badly made! I hope that with thus review I can spare you the headaches and backaches we have because of buying beautyrest!!!!

        2. A friend of mine had the same problem with Simmons. It didn’t last a year before is was a saggy mess an despite to proof, they received no help from Simmons! I believe they are the same manufacturer as Serta . Confirm that and buyer beware.

        3. File a complaint with Better Business Bureau. Surprisingly, it helps, unless they just don’t care. Also Yelp and Google comments, because it’s right there for people searching, to see. And unremovable.

      2. We bought a Stearns & Foster almost three years ago, and have slept on it for about 1/2 that time. We are at 19% of the guaranteed warranty. It developed a good size depression, and after making contact through all the right channels, Sealy will not honour our extended warranty. Incedentally, my husband is the heaviest of the two of us at 170 lbs.
        It was measured by their representative and the depression was 1 3/8”, and their replacement point is 1 1/2”. The rep lay on the bed and he acknowledged that there was a considerable depression. In our opinion, do not purchase the Stearns &Foster, which is part of the Sealy corporation.
        We also sent pictures, and have tried to make verbal contact but with no response. We are now looking to replace it, and I agree that it is an expensive lesson!

        1. DeAnne Schumacher

          I wish I had read this review before I bought my Sterns and Foster. I wanted a plush bed because I am a side sleeper. This was a plush mattress NOT. Haven’t had a good nights sleep since I bought it. I cannot get my money back but can only trade up. I have developed pain in my hip so bad that I could not walk for two days.

    2. I bought a Stearns & foster from mattress firm 7 years ago and we just replaced it. It created dips and was not comfortable for us. An expensive lesson.

      1. Had one, over priced and developed sinking within a years time. It was a plush queen . My weight 125lbs. Go figure. Sterns and Foster never returned my calls,. I finally gave it away after 6 years of sleep hell .

    3. I bought a 3000 dollar Stearns and Foster king set and within months there were 2 large impressions where we sleep. It is causing back pain. I sent pics and all info to make a claim and it was denied. Do not recommend.

    4. absolutly NOT. so disappointed in the bed and the money spent at MACY”S .

      a HARD SACK OF POTATO simply put. NO GIVE . do NOT sleep on side you will be sorry.

    5. Do NOT buy a Stern and Foster be bought one at a high cost and after 4 years it was breaking down they sent a man out and he said it should be replaced and the company said the box Spring needed replaced and it was fine. I just contacted them again and sent them all the paper work and pictures they wanted in Sept. and still haven’t heard from them. The sellers of that product have changed 3 times but said they would honor the 10 year warranty. Well still haven’t heard from the manufacturer so I would not recommend them to anyone.

      1. Sterns and Foster mattresses are supposed to be the top of the line-the very best. If their sales fall because of complaints/adverse comments, and slow or reluctance to address consumer’s complaints it is going to affect their profit margin negatively because with enough complaints their sales will plummet. It is in their best interest to resond promptly to a customer’s concerns. After readi g your comment I’ll look elsewhere for a mattress!

    6. Susan Gayle Price

      I have a Stearns and Foster now and I am on here looking for a new one. Yah they are all nice at first, but after a few years… That really expensive S&F mattress started breaking down quickly. I looked at the warranty.. it’s a joke.. the springs are the problem and when you get out of bed the foam fluffs back up.

    7. We splurged on our king size S and F and its sides broke down within 2 year! terrible experience for splurging on a brand we thought to be reputable. No help from manufacturer or sales store! Terrible! wasted a lot of money!

    8. After reading all the replies….it looks like I’m the only one with a good S&F experience. I bought mine almost 10 years ago and am only now looking to buy a new mattress. It’s a king size(just the mattress…no box spring) that I bought from Haverty’s for around $1,300.

      It’s been my every night sleeper. The last five years have included my husband and two pregnancies, currently around pre-k ages. My husband is about 230lbs of muscle and I’m 5’5, 210 at my heaviest. It’s also been through 3 moves. This mattress has held up EXTREMELY well. So well in fact that I bought a S&F crib mattress for my first child and my second is still using it because it also has held up very well.

      I was pretty set on buying another and just wanted to do a little research before committing, seeing how much time has passed since I purchased a mattress. Now I’m second guessing that decision….

    9. Sterns and foster??.
      I cant believe its been 18 years since i purchased this beauty!!!
      My king size mattress cost me $2200.
      Costco has been selling a co branded S and F/Kirkland brand mattress for $999.king.
      I have more than got my moneys worth.
      I was interested about all the hype over Art Vans pure sleep.
      But Costco has never disappointed me.
      And for half of what i paid!.
      Sleeps firm. Very comfortable.
      Was able to flip this mattress.
      The co branded one doesnt flip.
      Thats my story..
      Side thought also bought 3 full sealy and 2 twin sealy all from Costco…all in great shape!!

    10. we bought one…Lets just say they are not what they use to be back in the day…I would recommend another brand. My husband and I are looking to replace ours

    11. We have a Stearns and Foster and it has a hump in the middle. If you do not have your original receipt they will NOT honor the warranty.

      1. Charlotte barkley

        We loved our Novosbed. Slept comfortably for years. The bed never changed, we did and we found we needed more support. Just bought a Casper and it’s been wonderful.

    1. Just an FYI. I was on purple’s site last night and found that the mattress is only expected to last 8 to 10 years. That is why they offer a ten year warranty. You can find this in the FAQ section of their website.

    2. We have the purple mattress for about a year and a half now. Its good my boyfriend really likes it. It’s a little to firm for me. I have sciatic-nerve problems and I find this mattress makes this problem worse. If I didn’t have this problem I would probably really like it.

      1. I used to sell them years ago in NJ where they were then. haven’t heard that name since. then they were truly the only usa handmade bed. they used horse hair and hand tied all the springs, stuff like that. and huge amounts of pure cotton batting. I am happy to hear they are still in business and now that I need a bed i will try to contact them again!

      2. I had the Shifman “Michelangelo” model, from their Master’s series. Even though it is their softest model, I found it too firm for me as a side sleeper, 160 lb female. Put a on a thin foam topper but after 4 years I sold it and am now looking for another bed. They do not have a return or exchange policy but their beds are well-made and will last a lifetime. Woke up feeling refreshed but tossed and turned all night.

      3. I have one , it is beautifully made, but I think I chose the firmest model, which I regret. (The salesperson said it is their best seller. ) I like the fact that it is made of cotton- no foam off-gassing. It seemed comfortable at the store , but I have struggled with various types of pads ever since we bought it. We currently have a 2″ maiden natural latex pad on it, and it’s bearable for me. I have a very difficult back, and recently had major back surgery.
        We have tried Saatva (initially comfortable, but began to loose support in a couple months) and still have Sleep Number in the guest room, which was never right for me either.
        I’m interested in the comment above about staying in a hotel on a basic mattress and being really comfortable. I recently had the same experience. The mattress resembled what I remenber mattresses being like 25+ years ago!

    3. Purple mattress…not a good idea. We ended up opting for a ghost bed. Much better choice. King size is great but the Queen that we bought for our daughter is too firm for my husband

    1. I just bought one. The one in the store was much firmer than what I received. Within a week had a horrible backache. Just returned it for a Kluft (which makes Aireloom). Hope this will be better!

  27. Please help!!! I am 70 years old and due to a neurological condition, I must be able to sleep. I have not had a good night sleep in a very long time and it is affecting my health. I have been sleeping on the couch due to severe pain from a sagging mattress, and researching mattresses for a long time. Every time I think I know what to buy I see bad reviews. I have to do something soon. Please tell me what has turned out to be a good mattress that will not sag. Thank you so much!!!

      1. With as much as I paid for this Jerome’s handmade mattress that is breaking down after one year, I would rather spend less and take my chances. Previous mattress was a cheapie and lasted for 6y.

    1. Jo Ann Schmersahl

      We are in our 60’s. We purchased a Saatva luxury firm a year ago. They are only available online, but there is a trial period. We have been pleased with it.

      1. I was thinking of purchasing an 11 1/2 inch queen Saatva Luxury Firm with the adjustable base. I do not want a firm mattress–how is this mattress for firmness , quality and comfort. I am also in my 60s.

        Thanks for any information you provide.

    2. Amerisleep AS2 I just read as 2017 Best Mattress ( A sale is going on right now, and it is $1099. From how it is described on this rating website it’s just what you need. Have somone do more research if necessary.

    3. Has anyone out there ever heard of a mattress called
      Tiffany? All I know about them is that they are made
      in the USA. I have a chance to buy a double with a
      pillow top for $560.00. I have only spoken to one
      person so far that has even heard of them.

    4. I bought a Tempurpedic mattress at a local furniture business about 15 years ago when the “foam” mattress was a fairly new idea (at least for me), My only complaint through all these years is that it was too hot. In the summers, I put a refrigeratable (not a word) cooling gel pad under me and that works. The mattress is only about 7″ thick and I have it on an old box spring. It is just the Full size, not a queen. I think the mattress was $1200 15 years ago. I have developed pretty bad arthritis, plus I had a lower back spinal fusion in these past years, and this Tempurpedic (sp?) has been just great. One more problem I found was that it is very heavy, so you need help to flip it, or turn it.
      I think the company has even made improvements to the “hot” problems in recent years. No sag, still bounces back–and for real, I could bounce on it and a glass of water wouldn’t topple. –And, no,.. I don’t work for Tempurpedic, and they didn’t pay me anything to give them rave reviews. LOL

    1. Yes, don’t buy it! We had one many years ago and it was great. Well apparently they changed hands and the new one we bought(it wasn’t cheap) is terrible. Definitely not the same quality ?

  28. I just recently purchased a mattress from City Mattress in Florida. The mattress that I purchased Prana Asana 6.3 Super Plush is Latex (which is supposedly better if you have back issues–which I do). When I tried out the mattress in the store it was nice and comfortable. However, the one that they delivered is firmer and I am having a hard time sleeping on it. I understand that mattresses take time to break in (so I spent more money and got a topper) but it is hard to find any reviews on this mattress.

    Is anyone familiar with this mattress? If so, what is your feedback. I am curious and still deciding if I should keep this mattress or return it for a Serta iComfort. I spent a lot of money on this mattress and I something that is going to last.

    1. I’ll reply though it’s been a few months. I have a Serta iComfort and it has an impression now. I’ve had it for almost 4 years. I’m so disappointed because it wasn’t a cheap mattress. I don’t recommend unless you weigh around 100 lbs.

      1. Same here, Serta I Comfort Hybrid is horrible gave upwards of almost 3k. # 1 lasted less than 2 months, # 2 lasted less than a week, side blew out it. 1st. one got body impression in less than 2 months. Not only all this but we have had to wait 2 weeks for an inspection and haven’t slept good for that amount of time, bought these horrible things at a high-end furniture store Havertys, don’t by from them they don’t have in-house warranty people.

      2. I too bought an icomfort and do not like it. We used it for maybe 1 year max but only did so because i spent all that money and really had no choice. Eventually we bought a cheap one and have the icomfort leaning against a wall in my guest room because i feel horrible to get rid of a new mattress. I too am in the market to purchase a new one but very confused since i got burned with the icomfort purchase.

    2. My Stearns and Foster, pillowtop, I purchased from city mattress in Florida. In 1994. I had an 8 hr back surgery from an elevator falling 5 stories. 23 years later, I am just about to replace. Got 23 good years from it.

      1. First off so sorry to hear that.I myself have suffered a major back injury that has lasted 17 years and is getting worse.I haven’t slept one night out of pain since.I believe that the right bed could change my life and help the recovery.I worked at a pet food Warehouse and a girl brought up six bags of dog food bill together the equals 80 lb and she dropped it two stories off the forklift onto my back while I was crouched over I damaged myself from my neck to my tailbone i have siatica and five herniated and now my spinal cord is sitting in between my discs and could sever and I’ll be a quaderpoligic so this is one of the most important decisions I’ll ever make in my life I am on a budget due to being on disability because of my back injury and I also have an autistic grown son that lives with me still so there’s no choice but to get better Prada 5 bag of dog food bailed together the equal 80 lb and he dropped it to story on the forklift on to my back while I was crossover I damage myself from my neck to my tailbone and now my spinal cord is sitting in between my dad and kids better so this is one of the most important this is all ever make my life I am on a budget due to being on disability because of my back injury and I also have a autistic grown son that lives with me still so there’s no choice but I get better but the pain I’m in everyday I would rather die than live through …HELP

    1. I own a Lucid Memory Foam Mattress. If you like valleys, and humps in your mattress after 6 mo. then get it. Worst money ever spent, complete rip off.

  29. Wow, I never knew that people that sleep on their stomachs should opt for firmer mattresses. My sister has been talking to me about how her back has been hurting her, and I’ve been suspecting that it’s her mattress. I’ll have to ask what way she sleeps, though, because I am not sure. If we could find that out, it would be easy to refer to this blog and find the right mattress for her to get. Thanks for helping us out!

    1. I’m a stomach sleeper and have a 15 year old Spring Air mattress that I still love. I moved in with my boyfriend 2 years ago, who bought a king Serta Harmon from Big Lots with a gel top and we both have back and neck pain (in the past year and a half) which I’m beginning to think it has to be that mattress. Spring Air is not everywhere, though.

      1. In not kidding, but how about a cot from Army surplus and put a reasonable type of foam cover on it. It’s narrow but won’t sag and you’re not out a lot of $$$. I’m 62 with a bad back an I’m looking to replace a 12 yr old mattress because it’s killing my left hip now for some reason. Maybe I ought to use the hospital bed I got from the VA, but hate sleeping alone. ?

  30. Wow – I’m looking for a new mattress after almost 20 years with a tubed soft-side waterbed – I was very happy with. I was stunned at the prices and confused at what I’m getting. A hybrid seemed like a good choice.. But After reading these reviews, I think I’m going back to the waterbed – at least there’s no sag – water can’t sag.

  31. At 65 I’ve spent many years on conventional mattress and box springs solutions (and I should mention that I grew up in a motel – my parents built and ran motels for a living – and I test drove many mattresses over the years). I also had several water beds over years with the best being one that utilized water ‘tubes’ (about 12 for a King size) instead of one bladder.
    Recently the wife and I have taken the foam plunge and after having bought and tossed a few memory foam mattresses, the KEY to success in the new foam/air (never buy an air based mattress – you’re not camping, your living) is : LATEX. Latex based foam beds will simply last longer without the immediate sagging so many experience with MF. Read up on diff between using latex vs memory foam (assuming you can find an unbiased web site on the subject). Latex, including latex ‘hybrids’, are always more expensive because the latex costs more.
    Now I’m saying the latex will never sag. After 7 years our latex mattress is finally starting to show some depression where we sleep but that’s partly due to our two 70lb pits dictating that we always hug the edge because the middle belongs to them – we always have to sleep in the same 6″ edges of our king size bed. But based on what the cheap profit-oriented mattress industry is turning out these days, 7 years is pretty good. I can sleep standing up – sleep in the car, on the couch, in a chair, etc.. but my wife is a side sleeper and needs the right amount of give (soft/firm ness) because of shoulder pain and our a medium-firm latex mattress and it’s been awesome.
    So… high density foam, low density foam, gel infused foam, egg-crate foam, memory foam… it’s all foam and, as some reviews have alluded to, the chemicals release from some of these are noxious if not toxic.
    LATEX – look for a mattress that has as much latex as you can afford. Don’t ask me what brand I bought because it doesn’t matter – all these guys take turns being king of the hill based on how many $ the spend on advertising. Just look at how easily advertising has convinced so many to buy an air bed. I have several air beds – for CAMPING.
    There are several companies out there that are proud of the latex beds they put out and they know they have to charge more for them but they also know that they won’t have the 40% return rate that ‘bed in a box’ companies experience. And, there are some ‘hybrid’ latex mattresses and some are offered by those that companies that derive most of their $ from MF but, like I already said, get as much latex as you can for your $.

    Just my opinion from years of sleeping….

      1. Exposure to latex over time can lead to allergy ! Once you develope allergy it’s for life. You should wear a medical alert tag stating that you are allergic to Latex.

    1. What wonderful information. I’ve always enjoyed having an innerspring mattress that I can flip, rotate, thus increasing longevity.. However as ‘the more seasoned’ buyer we know things change rapidly in each industry. I’m going today to purchase (hopefully) a new mattress.. so your info is valuable. Thank you.

    2. Yes! Age 75 woman. Have been sleeping on a latex natural foam mattress for over 10 years. I continue to research mattresses
      as I collect new pains in my aging body.
      I will now buy a new all latex layered ( Dunlop and talay- both kinds with the talalay as top layer for softness) mattress.
      My life would be very different without natural latex! The right company will keep it simple and be very informative. More expensive than synthetic foam but well worth it for me. I am happily giving up other things in my life in order to sleep soundly and have less aches and pains to deal with each day!

      1. Disagree, bought a PlushBeds all latex mattress and lasted two years. They sent a new top layer which lasted another 6 months. Now we are back to a VERY uncomfortable bed with no support (even though it is a firm mattress). Very frustrated at what to do next. And what type to buy since all latex didnt seem to work for us. I’m 120 # and my husband is 190#

        1. I have a PlushBeds latex mattress for 6 years and I love it! Christy, they have amazing customer service – it sounds like you didn’t order the right thickness or firmness. Call them and they will adjust the comfort for you for free. Best mattress I ever had. Very , very comfortable.

    3. I have number bed for thirty years and I am considering changing to mattress with coils. I must admit that you guys are confusing me and frightening me. I will be 77 and I am a side sleeping woman if 142 lbs.

  32. Tempurpedic with adjustable base..lst one developed a fissure….bought a more expensive one..all in all around $3500. for the first one and another $1500.00 to replace the lst one with the second one. Never will I purchase another tempurpedic…sinking in both sides and I really think after the smell went away a bit now I have a lot of congestion and sinus misery believe it triggers allergies. They can keep it…looking to go to Cantwell Mattress company in San Antonio where they make their mattresses..home grown you might say…with a decent guarantee. The first Tempurpedic was purchased at Mattress Firm could only get some satisfaction by calling the Tempurpedic Company made the trade with them…would never shop at Mattress Firm again. Will never purchase a Tempurpedic again either. Hope Cantwell Mattress company turns out to be all that they say they are! God luck to the rest of you! They just don’t make things the way they used to. So disgusting.

    1. I have a King Temperpedic adjustable base also. By far the worse purchase I have made! $5000+ and its a disaster. Sagging on both sides and my wife and I are not heavy people. This thing radiates heat like a furnace….so if you like to sweat all night, this is the one for you. After only 2 years, we can’t take it anymore and are shopping for a new matteres this weekend.

      1. I was one of the first on the tv ad sales when they started 17yrs ago, with the returnable offer. Well I returned it within the time as stated and I swear that I saw the delivery guy toss it in the trash when he left. the bed compressed w/ ONE not small person using it within 4 months. Horrible trash idea furniture

  33. The company that made the Restonic mattresses went out of business about 8 years ago. I loved their mattresses too. 🙁

    1. They were excellent. Does anyone know if that company was bought by another and if there is a comparable current brand?

      1. Hi Rita:
        We are thinking about buying the Restonic Comfort Care Hybrid but I am concerned about some bad reviews too and the store that sales them does not have a return policy. May I ask what bed you ended up buying?


  34. Tabitha Marcum

    I had 3 beauty rest in a year. They ended up talking me into another one and I gave up and kept it. I hate it. It made sink holes where we lay by 2nd month. I will never buy another one.

    1. I bought one the day after Christmas four years ago and in three months you could see where we slept. Called the store, was told to call their headquarters and was told to lay a ruler over the bed, take a picture of it and fax it to them. Told them I had no fax machine. A friend of mine and my brother and his wife had the same trouble and his wife is a very slim person. They were told the same thing as I was told. He gave his away and would never buy another Beauty rest as long as he lives and also us and our friend. I thought they were a reputable company but will never recommend them to anyone. We paid eleven hundred dollars, on sale, ha ha. and that is a lot of money to me.Am looking for another mattress now and am scared to go buy one for fear of any brand doing the same thing. Dread going out to look.


    2. Tamara Debreaux

      I had two beauty rest- recharge. in less than 12 months we paid over $1100 for it and each one was a nightmare rest. It sagged on both sides and my husband and I would both roll into the middle of bed. I ended up sleeping at the foot of the bed while he slept at the head of the bed. I would awake each morning with hip and back pain. Stay away from nightmare rest aka beauty rest.

  35. I have had three Simmons Beautyrests because the first one we got was the best mattress we ever had. So of course when it came time to buy another for my son I wanted the same one. This is when I learned that mattress companies change the names and the cover material of their products from year to year and sell the same mattress to different stores with different names and covers so you CAN’T comparison shop!! There is basically no way to compare “apples to apples”! It should be illegal! Anyway I got another Beautyrest and it sagged terribly! The store replaced it but it had to be another Beautyrest and this one sagged also! I guess it is hit or miss with Beautyrest. So disappointed!

    1. stop buying innerspring mattresses. Coils are metal, and their tensile strength ALWAYS deteriorates. Buy full foam, memory foam, Latex or even Air…depending on your preference of feel, but make sure there are no coils of steel involved. Your welcome.

      1. Bought a full foam king size 2 years ago, had to be replace within the first 4 months, lost all support, the store we bought it from came out and replaced it with no problem eirh a better model and noe sm having tge same proble again, the store is replacing it again, but this time I will not go with full foam, will look at the hybrid.

    2. We felt exactly the same way. First Beauty rest was fantastic, loved our bed. Time for a new bed, didn’t even consider anything but Beautyrest. Ha what a mistake. Our researchers new bed is about a year old. Sags everywhere, uncomfortable for both of us. Whole body aches by morning.

  36. Karen schramek

    Definitely do not want to buy this poorly constructed mattress which apparently has no quality control. After 5 months my husband went to rotate our mattress and the seems tore underneath. Also, mattress firm retailers do not stand behind their product line so whatever you do, don’t purchase from them.

  37. langille, Lois

    bought a Kingsdown Calm @ sleep Country (Port Coquitlam) — problems with sagging–
    reported it (in Person) to store–They passed me a phone number for Richmond location–They passed me (phone #) to an Abbottsford store –(phoned) guy took 2 months to finally arrive (after several cancelations– by him) . measured bed from side to side (not the middle where i slept) he said he was not allowed to measure where their was any stitching (#&@#) the whole top is stiching. Reminds me of the story ” mother & army boots” Amen!

    1. Martha vitale

      Hello my name is martha. I have a kingdown. I’m on the third one because of sagging. I paid nothing. I had to argue with corporate in new York city. They sent me another mattress. I live in waterbury connecticut. Keep on fighting with corporate. They will replace your mattress no charge.

  38. Teresa Deadmond

    I recently found review that rated the anerisleep AS2 priced reasonably and considering buying this model anyone bought this mattress ? It’s rated number one

    1. just bought Amerisleep medium soft mattress. It will arrive in 10 days. Interested in how you like yours. Does it live up to the review above. Really liked the guarantee. Sounds like the Company stands behind their product.

    2. I purchased an Amerisleep 3 months ago after months of research. I had severe shoulder pain and they recommended the AS4 medium soft. extremely nice bed. The pain in my body (Fibro) reduced and shoulder pain went away in about 2 weeks. It still was not soft enough for me so the company had me find a charity to donate it to and immediately refunded my money.
      I see today that the prices have reduced. I paid $1800 and they are listed on the company website for $1499
      I would definitely recommend the bed and the company

      1. I’m thinking about purchasing this mattress too and it has fantastic reviews. I am a side sleeper with back and hip problems and weigh about 280. I need something firm for support but on the soft side. I just dont wamt to feel like I’m sinking. I have a 4 inch latex memory foam topper on my old innerspring Serta and I hate it. I sink and cant turn over easily.

        Any other comments on this bed would be appreciated.

  39. Hello….
    It is time to buy a new mattress and it terrifies me. I am looking at the Sleep Number Mattresses and Bed Frames. Does anyone have any experience with this mattress? They are very expensive; however, if they will last longer than 8 years and are a good mattress that keeps me from waking up with a backache in the morning, I’m willing to spend the money. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated!

    1. I bought a sleep number bed once and it was the worst bed I’ve ever had. Despite what they tell you, the air inside is not soft. I found that as the weight of my torso displaced the air inside of it, the air moved to be under my legs, almost like my legs lifted up, and it just felt feel under my legs. Didn’t like it!!

      1. To me, a Sleep Number bed is just a glorified air mattress. We promised to give my son our Queen mattress and we would get a King and now, after reading all of these reviews, I am terrified. I love my Queen!

    2. Had a sleep number bed quite a few years ago. Hated it and returned it. It’s basically an airbed, and when they say you can each set your own firmness, when we did it created a no-sleep zone in the middle, so cuddling was out. And it was never really comfortable – kind of like camping out. Maybe they’ve improved, but I’m shopping again and won’t even consider one.

    3. We have had our sleep number about 9 years. It has been ok, but we are replacing it (reason I’m looking at mattress reviews). Not sure it is worth the money?? But has been ok. Customer service has been good for us. We have had to replace the electronic control 3 times since it was under warranty we got new ones(no charge). Last year the side ripped out so the air mattress bulged out the side. Spent $600 (still had a partial warranty) and replaced the outside of the mattress. But it still has developed a divide down the middle (split king mattress). I purchased a foam pad to try and fill in the divide. I then purchased a gel pad and then a fluffy $300 mattress topper. I wish I would have put my money towards a new mattress instead. But had spent so much on the sleep number bed I thought I could make it better. But no. Also because it is filled with air it is light weight and shifts towards my husband’s side. We have it on a pedestal bed and I really don’t recommend this. Get a bed with a footboard and maybe sides too. I don’t know if this would have kept it from moving. We purchased it directly from Sleep Number in the mall.

    4. Stay away from the sleepbed. One year and it was very uncomfortable. When we finally got rid of it there was mold all around the components. Waste of hard earned money.

    5. We had a sleep# bed it was awful! Kept losing air in middle of night. My sister also had one and after aboutb5 years you couldn’t sleep on it ant more. Go memory foam!

    6. Hi Robbin, DON’T buy a sleep number mattress. It was one of the most expensive, worst mistakes we ever made. We had a C-5 split king with an adjustable frame. Paid over $7000.00. It had cool features but when it came time for comfort, forget it! It’s nothing more than a glorified air bed. It is very hard to get it adjusted (your number) to where you will find it comfortable.
      I now have a beauty rest hybrid and I’m happy with it. I would highly suggest an adjustable frame. They make all the difference no matter what mattress you choose. Make sure you get leggit and platt brand. Nothing else compares.
      There are some good buys online for mattresses now; you’ll have to do your research.
      I’ve looked in to “Savaat” and “Avacado.” Get one of those with a good adjustable frame and you’ll be happy!

        1. Adjustable frame means one that can raise and lower the head of the bed and (usually) elevate the legs. Kind of like a hospital bed in terms of adjustability vs. “non-adjustable” = just a regular flat bed.

    7. You can buy mine!! I paid nearly $6,000 for it and I just don’t like it! I am very picky and don’t think I will ever find a mattress I love.

    8. Hello, I’ve been sleeping on a Sleep Number queen for 24 years, paid around $1000 new with a cheap base. since before they had a number. I added a 2 in memory foam topper on it somewhere along the line. It’s still holding up, but I m getting tired of having to pump it up with air about every week or so. And I understand their quality has declined over the years. That and not having to pump up the bed, they aren’t offering anything that interests me at this time. I’m looking for a good quality innerspring. The Saavta seems nice? Just started looking.

    9. Stay away from sleep number mattresses!! Ours is only 6 years old and doesn’t hold air pressure any more. I wake up because I have sunk down so far and have to pump up the mattress. The foam top has completely fallen apart. The edges of the air bladders are sharp and because of the leaking, tend to flip up and cut the foam. Don’t believe their “lifetime” warranty. Repairs will cost almost $400, so am buying a different brand. Have also heard of black mold growing inside the mattress.

    10. I bought the original sleep number bed. It was select comfort then. That was twenty years ago. I liked it but my husband didnt. After twenty years it is breaking down on the sides but that’s about it. I take it apart and air it in the sun but there is really no way to clean the cover otherwise. Good luck!

    11. I have had a sleep number for close to 15 years. Started with a twin and now to a full. Have had no problems with the full size (about 5 years now), but the twin had to have a replacement bladder after about 7 years which cost me about $225. Other than that the beds have been great, at least for me. I had a friend who had a queen and he always said that the split in the middle was a problem – he couldn’t move toward his wife because the bed would sink in due to her having a lower sleep number than him. Probably why they only had 2 kids.

    12. Bought a sleep # bed 9 yrs ago. Paid almost $4000. Around 8 yrs started to have issues with sagging n not holding air. Was a great bed in the beginning, but too costly.

    13. My wife and I have had a sleep number bed for the last five years spent over 3,000 for it. Got the one that splits down the middle so we could set our on firmness. We now roll into the middle and wake up hurting worse then when we go in. I have added more foam and built up the padding around the sides, worked for awhile. Would not buy enougher one. At first it was
      Looking into a nectar mattress, they claim a 365 day trial free return if
      not satisfied and a lifetime warranty
      Any one heard of these ?

    14. We bought a Sleep Number Bed….No, is my answer. All talk in their stores, but the sleep quality is horrible. Worse mistake I’ve ever made on a bed mattress. I tried all the numbers, bought extra foam, etc….still horrible. I even called & complained, but they just sent me more thicker foam material. Nearly $2800 air mattress & feels like a kiddy Walmart blow-up style with cloth on it almost. Just say “No” & move on with your search.

    15. I just replaced my 15 year old sleep number for one with the adjustable frame. I needed to put a foam pillow top on it, I have fibro and last year a 6 level spinal fusion, horrible. They don ‘t tell you that you can return the bed but not the $899 frame! When you raise the head you can ‘t reach yourbedside table! They told me I purchased a C2 and my previous one was aC5. This was $3000! Think they could have shown me the others, no. I’ll be fighting this one. I’m a disabled widow and have to watch the budget as well as my back!

    16. I have a Sleep Number. I leaks air. I don’t find that a low number makes it softer. Air is air. I keep mine fully pumped up. One good thing about it is you don’t feel movement from partner or animals. I hate mine because I turn heat way down and bed takes on that temp. It is freezing. I have to sleep on an electric mattress pad and under an electric blanket. Also it is so light weight and my bed frame is longer for some reason that when I sit up in bed to read, the bed slides down to the foot of the bed and my pillow falls between the headboard and the bed. I put a giant neck roll between the bed and the footboard.

    17. I have a sleep number and both my wife and I hate it. You can’t sleep close to each other without feeling like your in a hole. As one of us lays down the other side goes up so you think you need a setting of 35 but after your partner gets in you have to go down to a 30. When we tried the same bed at the store everything was great. This product is definitely not as advertised

  40. Do any of you have a bed cover on your mattress? Doing so will make the bed look like it is sagging. $600.00 for a mattress. Are you kidding? Mattresses go for as much as $13,000.00! You can not be serious to think that buying a $600.00 mattress is getting a good product. That is like say paying $50.00 for a new TV is getting a high end TV. As far as warranties are concerned, they are not always what they sound like. Remember, the sales person is there to sell you a mattress. The warranty is usually through the manufacture. Also, being in retail management for several years, we understood that if you give great service to a person, one or two other people will hear about it and not many will right a review. If you give bad service to someone, 8 to 10 people will hear about it and they will write a review.

      1. I AGREE!! We bought a Beauty Rest for almost $3600 and after only 3 years, it sank. ( and I only weigh 134 lb) We had many visits from the tech who said for sure this would be an exchange but they NEVER stand behind their policy. SO we went to a Sleep No. store and the salesperson was so pushy and cornered us to purchasing the $8300+ and not to mention the sheets and pillows…sad part, she kept adding them without even telling us costs. It was closing and the gal was so anxious to make a sale. She even went as far as telling my husband that he will toss his cpap after getting this bed. We hesitated and she said we will give you 36 mo. free interest so we thought…ok that won’t be bad. We got home and I personally felt empty and robbed. The bed was good but its kind of a scam how they do that phony testing. So i went online and discovered the many negative reviews. I would be angry too if i spent hard earned money for something that was not worth it. I am one who always wants the most expensive but sometimes that doesn’t mean it’s the best.

        In summary, we called in and cancelled the order right when we saw that you cannot return the flex base which was around $3000!!! OMG..that right there raised the flag and I am so glad we cancelled everything!! SOOOO i, too, am searching for another good bed!

        1. Good for you guys‼️
          What u said I believe sbout the rushing thing to make a sale … and how assuming of her to say that about your husband.
          And I would have done the same thing u did by then and took it but then go home and feel bad bout it ! Then to hear the cons about it after – most salespeople do not care but only for their
          commission. I get it but I once was in sales and I never never sold anyone anything I didn’t know about thourouly and I cared. She didn’t even tell u bout the no return flex deal! I’m glad u resolved it no thanks to where u bought it.

      2. Wow ? that’s not necessary ‼️ If you can afford a more expensive mattress you surely don’t need to spend that exorbitant amount …. I’ve never even seen a mattress costing that much ??!!
        I’m in a pickle because I’ve only ever slept on a standard coil mattress and it’s gotton to the point where if I don’t get a new one my aches & pains will only get worse. I’m so hurting.
        I have done my homework on the ones out there now and it’s overwhelming.
        I shopped at 2 stores and it only made things more confusing only because there are so so many , crazy ?
        My friend has a memory foam , one tempur pedic & one a serta I comfort ..we have very diff pain issues but anything is better than what I have now.
        Thought it would be simple to pick another but now I’m so undecided … should I get the tempur pedic MF cost a little more that serta I comfort MF
        OR a combo of memory foam top and individual wrapped coiled for a best of both worlds?? I have a budget but with pmt plan I may be able to get one that’s better for me but costs more.
        If you read all of the comments people like us make , even though mine is not advice it’s just desperate for a suggestion on thru someone else’s experiences on which I should go for. I also want to get the adjustable bed frame !
        If I’m going to do it I may as well not shove 5 pillows under in order to watch tv .. they move , no getting around it and it’s frustrating. ?
        I’m 60 and I want to feel 40 again which I did before I injured myself. I like to sleep cooler than hotter but not on a layer of ‘cool packs ‘. Some do feel that way always. Not a good thing I don’t think , maybe it’s good for back pain to help inflammation I guess … I can always wear socks which I hate to do but I would.

        1. Donna,
          I’m now in he same situation you were…did you ever find a good one?? Please share for I must replace mine asap.
          Many thanks

  41. Help. I don’t know much about mattress. Can some experts here advice me which queen size mattress should I get for a budget of $2000. Tks in advance!

  42. Keep away from the Simmons Beauty Rest range. I bought a Delawarre medium and after 4 weeks harvey Norman were kind enough to swap it with a firm. Once I got the firm, after 8 xweeks, the depressions began to show. Apparently it’s normal to have 2.5cm to 3cm depression as the layers conform to the comfort level. We had a hill in the Centre of our king bed. Simmons suggested we use the Centre of the mattress. What a great idea! One of sleep in the Centre, and the other try and stay on the bed by sleeping with the little amount of room left.
    After a year, the depressions ranged from 4 to 5cm. This was not good enough. Such an expensive mattress andyou couldn’t even roll over as it was too deep. Couldn’t even make the bed and make it look flat as the depressions were so noticeable, I had to put a blanket across the bed diagonally to take the eye away from the dips in the bed. I bought so many cushions to cover the dips too.

    1. We have had a firm Simmons mattress for 5-6 years and the depressions happened to us too. Its so bad that my husband has slept on the couch for the last year because he says it makes his back feel better than the mattress. We are looking for a new mattress now.

    2. We had the same exact situation!! Read my story above!It’s a joke how these companies play with consumers. They never stand behind their policy…always a loop hole to go through :/

  43. I am sitting here relaxing on vacation when I decided to research Tempurpeduc mattresses while I had some free time. My hubby is so sweet and thoughtful and purchases the adjustable bed for me 3 years ago because I was having major surgery and he thought it would help me rest and get in and out of the bed better (the leg raise feature sold him).

    We received the mattress and OH MY GOSH…THE SMELL! We were told, by Mattress Firm, to allow the mattress to air out for approximately 24 hours and all would be fine. I think we just became used to the smell after a while. Moving forward, I had my surgeries directly after purchasing the mattress and things went downhill quickly!!

    I have never woke up with a sore lower back in my life. Although I have MS, I take very good care of myself and do everything in my power to keep myself from becoming paralyzed. My lower back hurt so badly, I could seriously hardly get out of the bed. Mattress Firm replaced the mattress with a firmer one since it was within 30 days. Did not make a difference at all. I live with back pain, hip joint pain, knee pain and shoulde pain (I am currently in PT to help with these issues). After complaining a second time, Mattress Firm stated it was past the 30 day warranty, we had to call Tempurpedic directly (way to stand behind the product you sell, Mattress Firm!). I told Tempurpedic Customer Service (so rude and condescending) there was a definite hump between my husband and I…they said this issue was impossible (uhm, I’m not lying). I explained that I feel like I am sleeping in a sinking hole and I need more support as I wake up with dark eyes, headaches, back pain. I am exhausted! My hubby had to take photos and email them to someone. He said the ‘hump/ridge’ was not showing adequately in the photos, they need to send someone out to look at the mattress in person and feel it for themselves. No go! She said “pics have to reflect 3/4″ sinking”. Ugh! Oh, did I mention this mattress cost $6,700!!!

    Right after surgery I started waking with swollen lips, eyes, throat closed, swollen areas popping up all over my body. Very painful (if you could see the photos of my lips??). I was seeing several doctors who were trying to figure this out and never could. I took test after test, tried multiple medications, had to carry an epi-pen with me at all times. This swelling lasted for over a year, it was a complete nightmare.

    I knew the mattress had not been great for my back and joints, but I had NO idea of the hazardous chemicals on the mattress itself until reading reviews last night. This makes complete sense now with the timing, my immune system being compromised and not being strong enough to fight off the side effects after surgery.

    I saw one of the doctors that treated me for over a year last week and he happened to ask if I still had any episodes of swelling, itchy hives and bumps, etc. I said ‘it is so strange, every once in a while I still wake up with a lump on my forehead, cheek, chin or shoulder, but not nearly as bad as it was for so long’. I realized my husband had purchase the Tempurpedic cool pillows last year because I get so hot on that mattress at night.

    We also live in Louisiana. I just told my husband if we get home and find mold underneath our mattress, I am seriously going to lose my mind!! My immune system had to work hard enough dealing with MS, I do NOT need any outside dangerous chemicals reeking havoc on my body as well. I am sitting here literally shocked that a company is allowed to sell something so dangerous.

    Thank you for bringing these issues to my, and everyone’s attention, it is most appreciated. Wish me luck when I get back home that I don’t have mold. Mattress Firm will be in for a rude awakening if that’s the case. I am already fuming finding out these harmful chemicals are placed on something where my husband and I sleep. And my granddaughter when she spends the night ????????

    Very disappointed,

    1. I bought a stearns an foster bed it had a horrible smell I got very sick. The store levins furniture said I had to sleep on it for 30 days before they would take it back I explained I was getting sick if I would walk into the room where the bed was. That bed is going into the garage for 30 days.

    2. I just read your disturbing experience and I just wanted to tell u how bad I feel that your husband got u the adj bed (, which I’m trying to get one now with a mattress and I have pain ). And you loved it but then the mattress thing happened and I feel for u and your suffering… I have a close cousin with MS and a friend too.
      These companies like u say get away with putting chemicals in the place we sleep on no less and if it passes just by a hair of the qualified requirements then that’s ok But it’s not It should be 200% safe and no in between ‼️ I have sensitivity to new carpet smells that wouldn’t go away for a decade , we can go on and on. I’m a baby boomer era and I know things we used then were not known to hurt us ex: aluminum pots to cook and formaldehyde, hair sprays and ironing starches , asbestos
      But you would think that in these days were we spend so much to improve the fopas from then that there are just as many new things that are overlooked just to sell more to trusting customers.
      Wish you well. ♥️

  44. Has anyone purchased a Mattress by Appointment mattress? I am looking at the Elegance Luxury super pillow top they sell, it has gel in it and a bamboo top skin. I can not find any information on this mattress anywhere on the internet not even their own site. Are they trying to scam me or is this a legit company?

    1. Phyllis Miller

      Anna, i have been wondering about how well there beds do also. If you find any information from someone that has slept on one for a while , please let me know. I need a King size. Thanks Phyllis Miller

    2. I have a Tuft and Needle mattress. I am looking to replace it as it has given me chronic back pain. Too hard for my liking. I would not recommend it.

      1. They are owned by Saatva which has really good reviews but don’t know if I should trust them. Anyone had experience with this company

        1. I would not recommend, there ads are false and misleading, my back hurts and I wake up always exhausted. You can’t comment on there site to give a bad review if you notice that. I’v had mine over a year and half , the only good thing is I’m getting mine replace. Wish me luck.l

    3. Bernadette DeRose

      We have a queen Tuft and Needle, it was great for about 8 months and then started to sag. My husband and I wake up to all sorts of back and shoulder pain. That why I’m on this site to find another that will last over a year ?. I do have 2 more in the guest rooms that are fine because they are used occasionally. As far as the mattresses in a box this probably is not in the top 5.

  45. Thanks for the reviews. I have just started to shop for a new mattress, and the first places I looked were Sears and Mattress Firm just to get an idea on prices. Now I know where NOT to buy. We recently stayed at a Holiday Inn and I got three wonderful nights of sleep. I inquired about the kind of mattress and was told Serta Perfect, but they didn’t know about what firmness.
    I never knew that mattresses​ could come with a warranty. When I do buy, I will read the warranty carefully. Thank you for the customer reviews.

  46. I purchased a sealy mattress. I purchased a ten-year warranty, After five years it started sagging. I bought it at Ashley’s. After two months of trying to get an answer. Montage, the warranty company, said sagging wasn’t included in the warranty. The warranty is useless.

    1. Ashley never honors their warranties on furniture or beds, I will never buy anything from them again. Worst place to buy furniture, if they sell something you like, buy it cheaper on Amazon but never deal with them on financing or warranties

  47. Stay away from matress firm, spent 3200 on icomfort king. W/ adjustable base. Bed is harder than brick, they told us has to break in. Hell to the no, they coming to get it after raising 4 days a hell, and numerous hours on phone. Still lost 200 for delivery, and two wks waiting to refund our money. Bad business, stay away…

  48. Interesting that so many people are having the same problem I am. You buy a ‘firm’ or exfirm mattress and withing 6-8 months it is sagging. What the hell. Ours was not inexpensive ,$1500. The last mattress I had , which I am replacing, was great for 12 years. Products are just not made well anymore, everything is a piece of junk.

    1. I agree!
      I’m looking for a soft mattress.
      Slept on a waterbed for 20+ years and I loved it!!
      When the mattress sprung a leak we couldn’t fix we bought a “pillowtop plush” mattress and it is hard as a rock.

      1. I also slept on a waterbed for years just returned a mattress to Sam’s club because I hated it, did you find anything you like?

      1. Bought hotel series top of the line…$5k… 10 months later returning it and its been discontinued. Stay away from hotel…just looks pretty.

    2. Our family sleeps on ghost bed. We really love their mattresses. I sleep well and wake up rested. My daughter has a queen size bed and that mattress seems to be a bit more firm than our king. Not sure why? Either way, I’ve slept on both and find that I can sleep through the night and wake up feeling good.

  49. We purchased a Beautyrest black Mariela from Carson Pierre Scott in Chicagoland delivered February 4, 1017. We paid almost $3100 for it so it is not a cheap mattress. After the 1st month we noticed the center of the mattress was sagging in areas where your shoulders and upper trunk where you need most of the support. When we wake up up our neck and upper back started hurting, and we noticed a deep sag in areas mentioned above. We called for inspection. Box springs, frames all other things checked out by inspector and he applied less than 10lb. ( at the most , its a guess, there is no way of knowing how much he pressed) of pressure for less than 5 seconds in various parts of mattress and measured a sag.
    Reported from this flawed method a sag of an inch. Everything checked out fine. Where I sleep, has caved in and there is a hump in the middle and sides. Center of bed is still sagging. Hurt all night and sore the next day. Only have had mattress 2 months now, last month awaiting some results from store or Simmons. No reply.
    All I can say, do yourself a biggest favor, buy any other brand, sleep on floor without mattress but DO NOT BUY SIMMONS. Its a piece of crap. You ruin your neck and back. We bought our mattress and box spring and frame despite we had excellent condition frame from our previous bed, as sales person wanted to milk last penny, telling us warranty will not be honored if frame is not correct. We lost about $3700 with Carson’s on this purchase.
    Simmons do not take any stand on their defective mattress either.

  50. Comparing sleep number, aireloom, any help?
    Also what about saave or loom and leaf some of these on line companies that you can’t test?

  51. Stay away from Sears. They misrepresented it all. Got nowhere from customer service. Don’t believe the little old lady with the white hair showing you the quality mattress you are buying, Had a cardboard box instead of the fabulous boxspring sample she showed me.
    When the mattress and supposedly box spring arrived, the platform was disguised in black mesh. How dishonest.

  52. Stay away from Sears. The saleslady misrepresented the box springs underneath. She even showed me what the mattress would have for a platform,
    When it was delivered the Mattress looked pretty similar. The box springs platform was wrapped in a black mesh fabric (to disguise the fact that it was just a cardboard box with no springs in it at all). What a fraud and misrepresentation. Stay away from Sears
    I got nowhere with their customer service. Woud not even respond
    This was in a Salt Lake City Store

  53. Never though it would take a Harvard degree and a Detective to purchase a mattress??????? I guess we will just look, lie on etc and decided then. Sleep number is awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Jeanne Oakley

    I have had to buy 3 mattresses in the past 15 yrs. and am ready for another. Do not have a clue as to where to go or what to look for in modern mattresses. These last 3 were the worst after about a yr. or so.
    I still miss my waterbed!!

    1. I miss my waterbed also!!
      I’m trying to find a soft mattress to recreate the feeling.
      I slept on a waterbed 20+ years and it was divine!
      Only replaced it after it sprung a leak we couldn’t fix.
      I miss my waterbed and no one sells them anymore! I would settle for a waterbed that looks like a regular mattress.

  55. lois langille

    KINGSDOWN CALM — may i say manufacture should sleep in it FOREVER! bought the bed — sagging in the middle (no time flat) complained at Sleep Country where i purchased it. they played pass the buck –referred to office in Richmond B.C.– Richmond sent rep. from Abbottsford store (2 mo. later) measured from side to side –i said ” i do not sleep on the edge of bed– isleep in the middle” he told me he could not measure where their was sewing– WELL ADAM!!! — the whole frigging top has sewing. SO the moral of this story is you sleep in your KINGSDOWN!!!! — never buy KINGSDOWN–

  56. DO NOT PURCHASE A MATTRESS FROM “MATRESS FIRM”. Had bought a defected mattress from ($3200 value Stearns and Foster Cal King pillow-top plush). The company refused to honor the warranty and left me stuck and kept my money on top of that. They want you to pay for the inspection and deliver and pick-up cost too. They will only give you partial store credit for this mess. Even the own inspectors certified the defected mattress they still did nothing. Not a ethically sound company.

  57. Shelley Linde

    I think I am sleeping on the floor after reading all this! Geez! I have a sleep number bed, had it for 15 years. Was fine at first…then I noticed it was deflating and not responding to the motor. I am done with this overrated mattress.

  58. Scary about need to measure for sagging. These reviews are really concerning me. I just had a Serta Hybrid delivered, and the set I had hauled away looked like new. But…When I slept on it, it sagged. I am a petite woman. You cannot ‘measure’ a sag issue like that!! Hope I’ve not made a major mistake.

    1. Yes, bought their most popular Madeline mattress and now have chronic lower back pain. The problem with Chritilli is that they only exchange, you cannot return it for a refund. I’m afraid to repurchase at a higher price and be stuck. They only allow one exchange

  59. These comments are old now..but I have to get this off my chest! I’ve been searching for a new bed for months and just when I read something amazing about one product and start to feel a little excitement I am just as quickly disappointed (after I further my research of course). I’ve read numerous ‘how to buy a good mattress’ ‘guides’ only to be told contradictory information, such that price has very little to do with quality as well as brand name..only to read another that says the opposite. You cannot trust comments on the mattress manufacturers site as the negative complaints are taken down. The ‘heavenly bed’ used by a top hotel and sells it online as a perk to the costumer, is not the bed they actually use in their hotel rooms. Mattresses are re-named and sold to several varying franchises under different names. The most disheartening information I have uncovered is that the Consumer Reports (I paid for out of sheer desperation), once a very trusted and reputable company is being bought out by competitors to report false information to increase product sales of various companies). Of course, I read reviews on even ‘them’ as I do tend to be a little paranoid in today’s market. On that note, want to add that Consumer Reports is becoming notorious for re-upping people’s memberships past their memebership periods.. claiming costumers arnt reading the fine print when they sign up! Consumer Reports is scamming costumers out of money! for the older people here, you know how crazy that’s utterly insane!
    The whole thing is a serious joke. I’m about ready to make a bed of blankets and straw and call it a day..

    1. I bought a mattress from Sleep Country Later Sleep Train in Burlington WA that never made good on a Sealy Posturepedic mattress that sagged and humped immediately after the one year warranty and passed all the jnspection criteria but was still a crummy mattress when you slept on it. The test of a mattress is dynamic and not static. After going through their store manager who later never returned calls I was out $1800. They don’t give a crap. They will make it off the next sucker that walks in the door. They don’t care about pain. They don’t care about taking senior’s money. Don’t shop there. Don’t buy Sealy.

    2. Your response was so helpful. I agree with so much of what you said. I was literally just about to sign up for CR, thankfully, I read your reply first! Did you find a good mattress? Didn’t expect this to be such a difficult task!

  60. Bought a Simmons Beautyrest hotel Diamond Collection 4 but we have found it too firm. Can’t make it through the night in this bed. Have to get up and sleep on the couch. My body is aching from it. We are now taking it back and going to get another mattress. Which bed is better Serta Insatiable or one of the icomfort beds. Looking for a medium-firm bed.

    1. I have had (2) Therapedic Escapade Queen Mattresses. The first one gave in in (2) Month’s. The second one is only (4) Month’s old. I contacted Room’s to Go, and they are going to replace it! I paid 799.99. Now I see it’s on sale for 549.99! Is getting a Good Mattress a Joke?

  61. Does anyone have any knowledge / comments about the Sealy QN iComfort Recognition Extra Firm Mattress & the QN Adusta-Flex base 6000 w/motor?

  62. MATTRESS FIRM, Simmons beautyrest.. Don’t buy anything from them.. Their warranty is crap.. it will cost you more money and they still won’t replace your sagging $2000 less than 2 yr old mattress

  63. My wife and I have recently purchased 2 Beautyrest Black mattresses. Both were about $1699-1799 each and both were different from each other. The seller took 1 back because it collapsed before the 120 day and she upgraded to another BRB but for $2200. It is also sagging some what now after 30 days. The one I had is being returned due to collapse but I am going with an Aireloom. Three collapsed BRB mattresses in 120 was enough for me to try another brand. Cardi’s furniture was the seller and very pleasant to work with.

  64. Does anyone know about the Original Mattress Factory? Consumer Reports rated them highly. It is really hard to compare anything since each store takes on a mattress name of their own. I want a good firm inner coil queen-size mattress, that’s all

    1. I had a Vera Wang by Serta from The Original Mattress FActory. I had it for 9 years, For probably a good 6 1/2 to 7 of those years, I was alone in it when I lived by myself. It had a pillow top. It was amazing. I loved it. However, when I met my husband who is a solid 80 lbs heavier than me, it broke down very quickly.
      I think getting nearly 9 years out of any product this day in age, that is used daily for more than 6 hours at a time is pretty good. They just do not make things like they used to. I wish I had an Original Mattress Factory near me now, but we do not. I am not looking forward to getting a new one from reading all of these comments!

      1. I do not think they don’t make products like they use to. I think they make things to only last a certain amount of time. Have u noticed how many mattress stores there are? There is a reason. Another way to screw the American public.

  65. Memory foam mattress is the only way to go. Will never ever go back to a box spring mattress. Check Sam’s club or Costco. Costco has an excellent return policy FYI

  66. Tinsley Preston

    We bought an Englander Basin Park Resort Edition, Basin is the key word. A basin where we sleep appeared within 3 months. Now it is 1.5 inches deep and we have rotated the mattress as suggested.

    I attempted to add photos, but it would not allow.

    1. I also bought an Engländer Mattress, biggest mistake effer!!
      After two month my husband layed in a hole, I layed in a hole and we had a big hump in the middle. I went back to the store the lady told me Englander told her that the mattresses had bad coils in them. I did ask her how come she did not call her customers to let them know that the mattress had defects, her answer , Englander told her not too. I picked a different Englander mattress. Two month later I am going through the same thing. To make a long story short. I got scruwed!!
      I just went and bought a serta iseries hybrid am hoping for the best!!

  67. After loosing a bunch of money to various mattress retailers I switched how I go about shopping for a new mattress:
    Step 1: I request written copies of all warranty and store return and exchange policies, I take them home and read them thoroughly. If the written store policies don’t match my expectations I don’t go back to shop their mattress. Most important to me is the number of nights for an in-home sleep trial where I can return the mattress for 100% refund and walk away. I’ve found most brick and mortar stores will NOT offer a 100% refund and will only offer an “in store credit” for another purchase. If they couldn’t get you into the correct mattress the first time what are the odds they will do it correctly the second time? The next logical question becomes what is the length of the second in-home sleep trial and 100% refund period? What about the 3rd or 4th, etc. if it comes to that? Remember NOTHING the salesperson tells you verbally matters, what matters is what they state in writing. Even then if you have a warranty problem down the road it will be an uphill battle with just about every brick and mortar store.
    Step2: Never, ever purchase a mattress the same day. Get the salesperson email and exchange several messages discussing your needs and get their product recommendation in writing. Save a copy of the email for “warranty of merchantability” (go ahead and look this term up).
    Step3: If possible pay with a credit card that either extends the warranty for free or which will adequately protect you if any kind of product dispute should arise. Hand write on your sales order that everything purchased must be delivered in factory packaging with no tags removed. This isn’t fool proof for unscrupulous merchants, but a mattress with no tags and no packaging may very well be a return from another customer being sold as new to you.
    Step4: Delivery. Do not accept product that does not appear to be brand new, in original packaging, with all tags in place. Inspect all sides of each piece for damage. After product is in place double-check top surface is smooth, flat, and level across entire surface. There should not be any dips, sagging, lumpy, or unevenness to a brand new product. If not reject it right then and there.
    Step5: Expect that it might take a few nights to adjust to the new mattress. Within about a week or so you should know if this is the mattress for you or not. If not, keep an eye on the calendar because some dealers will require you to sleep a minimum number of nights before requesting a return. However, do not forget that you also have a maximum number of nights under which you can make a return. Don’t forget and let the clock run out on you!

  68. Bought a Westin heavenly bed from Nordstrom and less than a year later it has major sagging and I can’t get anyone from Simmons to even respond to warranty inquiries. Won’t ever buy a Simmons again.

  69. I have had my mattress for five years it took me a while to get used to it every day i awakened with back and side pains for a short while by sleeping On an angle of the mattress now it don’t matter how I sleep on the bed,however I’m looking for a very good whatever firmness of a mattress I should get….Thanks

  70. Help! Memory Foam now gone. Aches and pains! Got a good night’s sleep on a Serta in a hotel/casino! What should I buy?

  71. Great advice to review all mattress options AND use Consumer Reports as the basis for mattress research. My mattress research also unveiled how mattress companies contact retailers to make mattresses for them with different specifications and mattress names…so as to confuse the mattress consumer and make comparison VERY difficult. The mattress industry is quite huge and has lots of profit. That is why there are so many stores offering mattresses. Hmmmm….is this good or bad or is this why America is so successful?

  72. I bought a Bed Boss mattress for my adjustable bed about 3 years ago and it is so uncomfortable, that I must replace it soon. After several months of use, under a year, I contacted the manufacturer about this problem and they were supposed to come out, but never did. I wake up every morning with a sore back and can honestly say I have never had a good night’s sleep since I purchased it.

    1. Yes I have it (Plush) and I really like it! Have had it now for about a year. No sag so far and is holding up great. I use just the mattress on a platform bent slat frame and so far so good. I had an Airloome before (2K) and would wake up daily with back and neck pain but wasn’t sure it was the mattress and it eventually sagged so bad that I had to get a new one. Apparently, it WAS the old fashioned coil mattress.

  73. I live in a rural area so I basically have to either buy online or drive hundreds of miles to buy a mattress. I slept on a friend’s Sleep Number once and it was awesome, but there are so many models to choose from, I have no idea where to start. I need something that is supportive, but soft. I wake up sore every morning from a mattress that is too firm. I have arthritis from head to toe. Any suggestions?

  74. How is Rooms to Go or City Furniture for mattresses? Does Mattress Firm carry inferior mattresses? I can’t figure out how you are to tell what mattresses are going to hold up and particularly not sag in the middle, no matter who you buy a name brand from.

  75. We bought a off name that was built for matterss firm ! Before 60 days there where two shagging plac s on the bed one where my husband sleeps and mine , good thing we are over wheight , stopped I to Mattress Firm and our salesman told us it is normal and you will see a 1to 1 -1/2 inch drop in this bed ,. I have bought lots of matterss in my life no one ever told me about it dropping like this one ???????????! What will this look like in a year, right now , when you make the bed up it shows two places lower than the middle ???. The name is HAMPTON & RHODES fossil FND King Reg Prime . And the box spring is a king Hampton Rhodes Fossilfnd King Reg frame , They said I could come and pick out something else , but there would be a charge , Why when is a warranty problem,,, so I have to pay a fee for there crappy product. !!!!!!!!☹️☹️ Tell me why I should trust this company and get another mattress there ?????????????????? , I am ready just to go someplace else ,, but they will keep 149.00 for returne . It might be more for return to stock and a delivery fee !!!!!
    Do not know what to do ???????

  76. Has anyone ever bought a Aireloom brand mattress? It is very comfortable in the store but very expensive and concerned about long term durability and sagging in the king size.

  77. paid too much for my pain

    I have a New Englander that sags a lot and you feel stuck. It was also hot. I had called the company where I bought it and I was supposed to do the board test. Just like other remarks. its not sagging so much when you’re not in it.
    Anyway I want a new mattress. Does anybody know of a good place to purchase around Farmington, MO?

  78. Mattress Firm stinks….I agree with all who posted comments regarding warranty. My mattress was just a year old and had indents on each side of the mattress. I went through the sending of photos, paid to have the mattress looked at, etc. The corporate office told me that I had purchased the mattress at a franchise so the warranty didn’t have to be honored by corporate…of course the franchisee didn’t want to honor the warranty either.

  79. I hate the orthopedic mattress we bought at Original Mattress Factory and called the company to ask for help after only a few nights. My husband can’t sleep in it and has to move to his recliner after a few hours because of horrible back spasms when he tries to lay down on it. I didn’t have health issues but now suffer with such horrible back pain that I can’t stand up straight for 20 minutes after getting up. The hip, neck and back pain last for hours. The manager explained that the satisfaction guarantee means that I can come back in and spend another $600 to $1500 on top of the $1300 I paid to trade for another mattress. How is that a guarantee of satisfaction? The manager was very cold and uncaring about the suffering their bed is causing. The whole basis for their sales is that their springs are made of heavier gauge wire and won’t sag. What they don’t tell you is that these powerful springs won’t allow the bed to adjust to your body…..which means pressure points like the shoulders and hip are impacted while the neck and small of the back or waist are not supported… awful design. I made a mistake dealing with this company and will have to spend at least $1000 for a new mattress part (will keep the box springs) but I will NOT be spending my money with Original Mattress Factory. I’ve only had this for 1 month and got NOTHING but MISERY for my money. I’m angry and disappointed that there seems to be no recourse for this kind of awful customer experience.

  80. I have a Jamieson Aphrodite. It came from Bacon’s in Florida. the salesperson said it was one of the “BEST”. What a joke. I never heard of this brand. For the second time, I am having the store come to my home to measure it. It has to be 1 1/2 inches in sag. It was only 1 inch the first time. I had them here after 1 year. It started to sag after 2 months. It was not cheap. It is a queen size . I am convinced that when one sleeps on one side and the other sleeps on the other side, there will always be a mound in the center where no one sleeps. The answer is twin beds. LOL….My husband suffers with a bad back and fell off the mattress onto the floor as the side is very rounded. The seam is not even where it should be.

  81. We have just purchased a beautyrest from sleep train for in the neighborhood of $6k it’s a split king and has the “0” gravity option on the adjustable system. It felt like I was on my chiropractor’s table … If we are going to spend that kind of money then it’s nice to get a full education from your sales associate and at sleep train they seemed to know what they are talking about. Everything they say and promise sounds great. I can not find one complaint about their service. To conduct our due diligence I and my wife are going to costco today to price check as we have NEVER had a problem returning anything no matter when we bought it. ANY THOUGHTS anyone?
    BTW: I am a Parkinson’s sufferer and my back is too sensitive to even describe. If this “FIRM” mattress we bought sags I’ll go nuts. A sagging bed means I sleep on the couch because I can at least push myself off the couch but I can not not get myself out of a rut when lying in a collapsed mattress.

  82. WOW! soooo can anyone recomend a mattress they have been happy with for some years? I need to buy one have about $800.00…
    Hear you cant use heated blanket on any kind of foam beds, so there out…
    I just bought a $1500.00 90 days ago, at Mattress Firm, the pillow top is bunched up on the side I sleep…no more Mattress Firm for me ..

  83. annnd don’t buy Eathan Allen mattresses, after 6 months my mattresses started to say, they replaced it, 6 mos later, same thing, it started to sag, EA gets it matteresses from Kingsdown, stay away from eathan allen/kingsdown

    notes and info:

    Eathan Allen customer service 651-773-7060
    Eathan Allen Chairman, President, CEO, FAROOQ KATHWARI HE MAKES 4.5M per year home phone is 518-828-1356 in Hudson New York

    make sure you get the BLACK brochers that tells you the limited warranty provissions, read it before you make any purchase..

  84. I need to purchase a mattress for my 92 year Mother who visits me 6 months out of the year. She does not like firm. With Black Friday deals upon us, what are you recommendations for a mattress under $600.00?
    Thank you

  85. Why hasn’t the consumer affairs gotten involved with tempurpedic? I have been told that they will not supply a store that discounts their products so every store is exactly the same price – call price fixing. All of the stores are in agreement to sell at the same price.

    I would look at, and I am looking at, other products that don’t have that policy. I like the fact that Amerisleep has a local charity pick up a mattress that you do not want rather than returning it within the “satisfaction ” trial time window.

  86. Thank you all for your comments. I hate shopping, and I was feeling pretty frustrated about what to choose and how to make a choice I would be happy with. Now I have a pretty good idea where to shop and where not to shop, and a good idea about researching materials. What’s more there is a manufacturer in the area.
    Thanks for Best Mattress

  87. Im looking to buy a queen size mattress. Does anyone have any recommendations of a satisfactory mattress I could buy? So far I see negative comments for all mattresses. Please help me choose a great mattress! Thank you.

  88. Has anyone tried the Serta Spruce Hollow firm mattress?? In the market for new mattress and was wondering about this one?

  89. We purchased the sleep number air bed and it’s awesome with a 20 year warranty. We’ve had it for 12 and it’s still going strong. Why are these not rated?

    1. Tommye tonneson

      NEVER WOULD I EVER RECOMMEND A CRAFTMATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have cried ever since the first day I slept on mine….my back has ached every morning since January 2016…I called the first morning and said to come pick it up…they said that it would cost me $500 for a pick up…they did not try to discuss another mattress, there was no attempt to fix the problem…I cringe when I see their commericals on TV, I now they are lying…I am so unhappy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so stupid to not pursue it more…I am so sad and I hope that no one else has the experience I had!!!

  90. Never, never buy a mattress from Sears!!! Within 3 months of purchasing a mattress from them, a Serta (never buy a Serta) it began to slump on my side and my husbands side. We are not big people, I weigh 120 and my husband weighs 150. Did all the jumping over backwards to do all that was asked by Sears, pictures, red yard across bed, etc. Sears came back and said the warranty was void because we did not have a leg support under the middle bed frame support. We had a mattress on that same frame for 20 years and it had just started to sink. When we bought the mattress, we were told we needed the box springs with the mattress or they would not warranty the bed. Guess the Serta box springs were not good!!! Sears does not honor their warranty and the local store in Albuquerque would not even talk to us!!!! Will never step foot in another Sears!!!

    1. bought a serta matt. and it also slumped, a pillow top, got another serta hybrid, within a few months it also slumped, could not get comfortable on it, going back to a 30 year old matteress that is perfect yet. will not get a pillow top or serta again.

    2. call the president of sear’s, yes the president, and tell him/her your problem, ASK FOR A REFUND////don’t raise your voice, tell him/her that you are not happy with the product, give the salesman’s name and store number, TELL THE PRESIDENT PROMISES THE SALESMAN MADE TO YOU.

      MAY TAKE A FEW CALLS, always ask for the persons name, employee number, write it down

      if your city has a TV consumers advicate, contact the TV station to give you displeasure on the product…

    3. Same experience same store Sertai. comfort from Sears ,failure started within 3 months same BS from Sears ,first inspection we never got the results .second inspection,no results .third go around Sears said they had changed inspection co. and they would get back,they did by form letter telling me take pictures with string pulled across and send to them.After 1 year I gave up .I am 74 yrs. old and hope to see the day that Sears closes its doors as they don’t even come close to being the fine store they were in the 60 70 80s

      1. The string across the bed and the photos method are a scam. Bad mattresses pass a static test and warranties using this method are a scam. I had an inspector notice puckering across the foot of my mattress and he said it was faulty construction. The company did not agree with him. It doesn’t matter what mattress you purchase they all have the same approach for sags and humps. No shame. They probably all go to church on Sunday then go straight to the store.

      2. I am from Canada and your wish is coming true. Sears just declared bankruptcy and is selling all their stock. What more can you ask for.

    4. So you made a purchase did not do your homework and have a full understanding of the warranty and what it would require to validate that warranty and it is clearly the store and the manufactures fault for your dissatisfaction ??In my opinion this is 65% your fault for not doing your home work first.

      1. Mr. Knowitall, instead of doing the “neener-neener” thing, why don’t you be a good guy and share. You could be kind and share what mattress your research led you to purchase.

    5. Sears is horrible, we are having the same issue with them. The worst, most unaccommodating customer service I’ve ever experienced. I’ll never purchase anything from them again.

    6. Have had the same experience with Sears. Company is inndeep trouble and may not survive. I suggest you file a claim in small claims court. All products are held to a standard of “warranty of fair merchantability” which simply means that a product must be suitable for its intended purpose. Obviously, a mattress that breaks down within a couple of months violates that standard.
      Good luck!

    7. I am having the same issue with a Beautyrest Black with Sleep Train same issue a hole on my side of the bed about 2 ft around where my feet lay. I’m 5’8″ 160 & my husband is 5’11” 190 can’t flip the mattress you can only swivel it around. It ends up behind his shoulders & neck. Our box spring is flat as a pancake no dents or issues but there sayingit was not supported correctly. We have 3 metal bars with a 4×4 post in the middle of the frame with 2 metal railings on each side. They are saying because I don’t have 6 total legs with the post in the middle its not supported correctly so it voids the warranty. But the frame & the box spring are totally flat it supposedly caused a 2 ft dent where my feet are. Never buy a bed from Sleep Train who are now being purchased by Sleep’s.

    8. We bought a Serta from a furniture store and we are having the same problem. My husband and I weight 100lbs and 160lbs and the bed has sags regardless of rotating every 6 months as recommended. The mattress is only 1.5 years old. Did you ever find a mattress you liked; we are scared to make another purchase because this is our second “bad” Serta; the first one was deemed defective. Thanks!

    9. I agree with the above review. Boise Sears is terrible, the sales associate won’t return phone calls and conveniently goes on break or busy when calling. Purchased Sealy posturepedic, tried returning on the fourth day. Told to wait 30 days. Called customer service, online chat, store return….extremely difficult. I purchased two leola cushion firm, both beds feel differently and have different weight to the mattress. You get charged a delivery fee to exchange on both ends. So annoyed with Sears I canceled my fridge and dishwasher order. No commission now!

    10. I had the same problem, except I had the 3rd leg and it still created a huge hole in the bed. Sears was horrible to deal with, so disappointed!!!

    11. You’re kidding me! Sears is KNOWN for their liberal return policy! I would take it to the media for sure if I were you, plus calling the Consumer Protection Agency on them. That’s BS. Good luck.

    12. This is just another example of why Sears will soon just be a footnote of failed once great retailers. From “Satisfaction Guaranteed” to Shopper Beware !

    13. Thank you for sharing. I was going to get an estimate,but I think I will leave sears and Serta out of the purchase decision.

    14. Had the same problem with the sealy from sears. Sagging within 6 months and i weigh a whole 120 and sleep alone.. Total garbage . Sears must get the rejects from companies.

    15. Agreed! I have been sleeping on a couch for a year now since Serta has us jumping through hoops to get us another mattress. I think they are purposely trying to go over the time frame, however I have started this claim over a year ago. I will never buy a mattress from Serta or from Sleepys. Im in NY and crippled from crappy mattresses. Too bad Sterns and Foster sold out. My parents mattress from 40 years ago is still supper firm and comfy!. I bought a sterns and foster and now they are crap too. Also I will never be talked into a non-flip mattress again. One where there is nothing on one side–

    16. I purchased a mattress from sears also but another mainstream brand. Sounds like same scenario. I sued Simmons in small claims. They never even called to negotiate nor show up, thus I won a default judgement. Just happened so haven’t been paid yet.

    17. We had the same experience and the sales person lied about the time frame to return the mattress. What a nightmare!!!! Our Sears is located in Stuart,FL.

    18. I also had a terrible experience with Sears. They replaced the bed I bought but the second one sagged also. No more Sears to worry about!

    19. Bill Courtland

      Sounds like Serra & Sears need to find a better class of customers.

      What are the specifics of why they did not honor their warranty?
      Were the instructions for the installation clear?
      Did they install the mattress? Which model/line of mattress was it. How long was the warranty?

    20. Carol ann Gearey

      I hate Serta as well paid a lot of money changed 1st one paid more for other and still don’t sleep well and looking for another brand cushion also is clumping will have to call insurance again not good don’t waste your money

    21. I’m on my 3rd Serta due to the mattress breaking down!! 3 months. 3 months. And my latest I’ve had for a month and it’s started. Stupid warranty rules. Horrible mattress.

      I agree. DONT BUY A SERTA! They won’t last. I wish I had the $$ to buy a different brand!

    22. I’ve made it a rule years ago, to never buy anything from Sears. But especially now, they will be out of business by the end of the year per business reviews. They’ve closed all their stores ( except outlet stores which I understand it really now Sears owned) in the Tampa bay area.

  91. Looking to buy a new mattress. thanks to all for your input. I will avoid Mattress Firm and Sears and look closely at all warrenties.

    DB fort lauderdale

    1. What did you end up with, and why did you decide to avoid Mattress Firm? I am in the market for a new mattress and find it all very confusing!

    2. Augusto Martinez

      Mattress Firm is the worst for after sales. They state in their web page that once you file a claim (for Vendor inspection), they will call you in 1 to 2 days for an inspectors appointment, they called me after 8 days, once my lawyer called them. The mattress Sealy Sedgebrooke King Size ($1,700) had only 150 nights and a large bump appear in the middle, and after the inspection, Mattress Firm concluded that the mattress does not have any indentation, so I will not receive any credit, because the mattress does not show any defects by the manufacturer´s standards and I can do another warranty claim in 90 days. Now, I have to buy another mattress for another vendor, that does take care of its customers-

    3. Georgette Couch

      You sound just like me. I hate Sears and will never set foot in their damm store again. I bought a Kenmore dish washer and it is a lemon for sure. Same thing customer service is a joke. They would not come out and see why there is a film over my top rack. I have used every type of cleaner, the gel the powder they blocks all brands same thing. I called and cried and cussed and yelled they said they would come and never have. I hope they lose their ass. We are not the only ones who have complained. They car center will cheat you and tell you need some things you don’t. They lost me and I lost $700. 00 on what they say was a great washer. My whirlpool dishwasher cleaned everything beautifully. Never had a problem with it. Had it 18 years before it stopped. Got it from Lowe’s Hardware.

    4. Gwendola Chatman

      I will never buy from Mattress Firm again have spent thousands on mattresses from there and they are not comfortable and sink within a yr.

  92. I had a King Koil for over ten years was the best mattress ever. My husband was in a bad car accident and we went to a sleep number that the head could raise to help him sleep . Worst bed ever bought in my life. I am going back to a King Koil.

  93. Wow, everyone is making me frightened to purchase a mattress. I just looked at at Sterns Foster hybrid mattress. ANYONE have a clue about the integrity of this company OR mattress? Please let me know. Close to $4,000 for the mattress/bed frame is A LOT to spend. I would appreciate any information regarding this manufacturer.

    1. Janet,
      I work in the industry for a Canadian Manufacturer and do not sell to the USA so I have no reason to “sell you”. I can tell you this, it is scary. There is a lot of miss information out there. There is small manufacturers, large ones that self brand, then have singular brands just for large retailers and then the models, on and on and on. Also with the ability to say “Organic Cotton” yet it only had a partial amount in the cover and no where else in the mattress makes things difficult. IT IS very confusing. My suggestion is if you are looking at a $4000.00 spend is to look to a manufacturer that uses natural materials to construct mattress that is not glued together. So, a hand tufted mattress that is made with wool, cotton, silk fibers and either a solid latex (100% natural latex) or individual pocket coil core. For $4000.00 at retail that is attainable and will provide you with moisture and temperature control as well as a high quality product that will last a long time. Good Luck.

    2. We bought the Sterns brand at Macy’s and didn’t have a good experience…the bed on the floor felt a lot different than the one that was delivered. We were told it was because all the shoppers had broken in the show floor model. It took some nagging but we were able to exchange the bed for a softer one. Unfortunately that one hasn’t held up to the extent that we filled a warrant claim. The foam padding compressed a lot in place so we have slumps and hills over the king size bed. Sterns and Macy’s were both great with the warranty claim though.

    3. Stay away from sterns and foster – they are the worst,, Had one that failed in 3 years and we were dumb enough to buy another one that the salesperson told us would be different. This one is less than 4 years old and I have the worst back pain from it and we are out shopping for a new bed again. Forget addressing anything under the warranty – it needs to be sagging an inch and a half without you being on it! The worst!!

    4. Bought a Stearns and Foster latex at Macy’s 3 years ago. After 1 year it started dipping on sides with hump in the center. Needed to be 1 1/4″ dip to get a replacement. It was a little less than that plus,attached post card was removed from maytress end so it voided all warranties. Never again!

      1. DeAnne Schumacher

        Cannot turn mattresses anymore as they are only usable on one side now. Anything made now is lacking the quality of years gone by.

    5. Valencia Dozier

      I bought a Sterns Foster mattress and It didn’t hold up to its name. 8 month after purchasing the mattress it started to creek and make all kinds of noises.

    6. My husband & I are about to replace our beloved S&F mattress. Best mattress I have ever had. Great quality. Do not think you would be disappointed.

    7. S&F has always been an expensive brand but also a High quality brand make sure you have and comfort exchange policy with who ever your buying it from just encase month later it is too firm or too soft , however from a quality stand point S&F should be a great mattress for you

      1. Who are you? I am looking for a mattress and am scared to buy one. Last purchase was a heavenly bed from Nordstrom. There is a crater on one side of it. We have
        had it a while, but mattress’s just used to last longer.

    8. We have a Stern’s and Foster…It has lasted 7 years, but needs to be replaced. It has huge body impressions and both my husband and I are having severe back and neck pain. Also the box spring totally failed…It actually broke. It’s not like we bounced on our bed we only slept in it. It was comfortable while it lasted, but I don’t think it was worth the price.

    9. Sealy is their parent company, if that means anything to you. Personally, I have not had good experiences with Sealy anything.
      Fear is a factor for me also because I am looking around. They don’t make mattresses with the same longevity anymore. Any mattress any brand seems to have just as many bad reviews as good. I’m begining to look at if it lasts me 7 yrs, that’ll be average. Price wise, if it lasts 7 yrs, can I live with that? Also, mattresses with pillowtops. The pillowtop compresses and you are uncomfortable, blaming the mattress. I’m considering buying a firmer one and adding my own topper. When the topper condenses or wears out, change IT and not the whole mattress. It’s a shame you need to think that way to get your money’s worth out of an expensive item.

    10. I remember researching them about a year and a half ago, and if I recall correctly, they are a total rip off, and have the same problems (sagging, not honoring warranties, etc.) that others have complained about. Do a google search on them for consumer complaints and see what others say about them.

    11. I have just bought my self a Sterns and Foster Estate. I had to have them pick it up as the manufacturer rep. determined the pillow top did not flatten out once delivered. I was rolling to the middle. They brought another out and the same thing is occuring. I paid $1,349.99 and that was just the mattress not the box spring or frame.
      They are once again sending out a rep. and this time I’m scared to ask for another one.
      I’m referring to consumer report this time.

    12. Hi Janet,
      I bought a Sterns & Foster bed two years ago. The first few months was good, then it slowly got worse. After a year I started having back pain and was sleeping in a rut. It sunk in really bad where we slept. We are currently still having problems trying to get a settlement from the mattress store. We paid over $2500 for the bed and we feel like we wasted our money. I will not buy a Sterns & Foster again. I am looking for a new bed, but don’t have a clue what to buy? I hope you did’t buy it?

    13. Both myself and my parents bought Sterns and Foster. Both mattresses had to be replaced twice within 2 years due to severe sagging. I don’t recommend. Not worth the price or the headache.

    14. Sterns and Foster is one of the original companies to make mattresses ! They are know for the quality . We have had our Sterns and Foster pillow type mattress for 20 years and is just now dipping- definitely time for a new one!!

    15. Do not pay over 2,000 for a high quality queen sized set. It is unnecessary, since bedding can only be of a high quality and there isn’t any other system that can support any better than high density foam and good springs under it. If you are looking for a visco-elastic (Temperpedic) mattress – this can run in to even more but that name brand is way overpriced. Try the Eco-sense for visco-elastic and a good off name brand for spring based.

    16. S&F used to make dynamite beds but no longer. My wife and I had a queen for 20+ years and sired 5 kids on that one! 🙂 But the ratings nowadays are not very good. Keep doing research. I’m favoring memory foam beds now as I’ve owned 5″ memory foam toppers on my spring mattresses for years now and really like the feel and support.

    17. I was going to get one, but it had wool in the material of the bed. I’m allergic to it so I moved on. No idea how the bed would had held up, since I could not buy it due to the wool issue.

    18. I don’t know if you have bought a mattress yet but I am having so many problems with a Stearns and foster mattress and Mattress Firm and Stearns and Foster just keep pointing the finger at each other for who is responsible to replace it because it is still under warranty. Stay away, on the stearns and foster website there a million bad reviews

    19. Do not do it. Worst mistake we ever made. Started to fail after 6 months. Didn’t honor warranty even though the mattress folds in half.

    20. Leave, don’t buy it. We did and are now stuck with a bed we can’t use……. The store hides behind it’s “policy” and is no help and the Sterns and Foster people say there is nothing wrong with it, but are not willing to look at it. So as a consumer we are stuck with a $2,000 mattress we can’t use !!! Great deal…..

    21. We just threw out or Sterns & Foster hybrid. It had been wallowed out in the middle for over a year. Had it for not quite 7 years. We’re looking a Talalay latex for the new mattress.

    22. I bought a Stearns and Foster twin mattress from Sleepy’s years ago. The damn thing sagged in the middle after 3 mos. I went through mattresses and had to pay each time they brought a new one. I hate it. Now looking for a new mattress. Have a platform bed with a mattress on it now. Husband bought me a 6″ foam topper. In the beginning it was real firm. Now not so much. Have had 3 back surgeries and need a mattress that will stay firm especially under the hip area. I wish you luck in your quest.

    23. We purchased one years ago from sleep country and loved t for years now we are getting pains and looking for a replacement. Sleep Country stopped selling these bed as the quality as dropped with many complaints so be very careful with this brand. They are also not inexpensive to purchase

    24. The mattress from sterns and foster that I bought ($2000) is a piece of junk. Sags under any weight (even my cat). I pulled off the tags because they are so annoying. Was told by the inspection guy that the warranty was void since the tags were gone.

      1. Do not buy Sterns and Foster! I upgraded (add’l $500.00) after a sagging Serta to a sterns and foster and it sagged faster than the Serta. (within 6 months of purchase) These mattresses cost us in the range of 2200-2400 hundred dollars. What ever happened to the long term mattresses I had while growing up. Very Sad. NO ONE should have to pay that when they say the mattresses only have a life span of 5-8 years. Who can afford to keep replacing mattresses in their lifetime. My husband and I purchased an IComfort two years ago with no sagging yet… Note: Always ask around for good customer service.

    25. My luxury stearns & foster makes me feel like I’m stuck in a mattress taco. It kills my back and is extremely lumpy. Not worth the $$$ ESP after having it for 4-5 years

    26. I hate my sterns and foster. Started sinking before I had it 1 yr. company never showed up to look at it after several attempts. Having to go shopping today for a new mattress. 2000.00 down the drain!

    27. My Sterns & Foster is top of the line ($4500 new) and only two years old. It’s sagging already! I’m small & sleep alone. My prior mattress (Sealy) lasted around 10 years & cost probably half the money. Oh I miss that mattress!!
      My experience is that S&F is all hype & a terrible purchase. ☹️

    28. I had one for 10 years and loved it. I regret giving it away and buying another bed that I don’t like. UGHHHH…

    29. DO NOT BUY S&F mattress. Within first 30-60 days had sagging. Rep came out, found excessive sagging. Replaced with another mattress that was not the same model, but supposedly better. That mattress within 4 months started to have the same issues. Store closed down and S&F would not honor my warranty since I didn’t buy the 2nd mattress. My receipt did not match the new mattress the store bought to me. Overpriced and under delivered.

    30. Pass on them. Ours cratered really quickly and the reason why I’m looking at this site. It’s about 6 years old.

    31. After a year it is sinking and hurting my back and hips also my husbands. Same thing is happening to my daughters, she bought hers about a month before us. We are not heavy people below average.

    32. We purchased a sterns and foster and within 2 years it slumped, called the manufacturer and was told the slump had to be 7″ or more for them to do anything, 7″ is like a ditch in your matress, our slump measured 3″, awful bed, paid a lot of money for this bed, never again will I buy a sterns and foster.

    33. Bought a full-sized Sterns & Foster 5 years ago – pd over $1500 at that time; bed sagged in the center within 6 months, but S&F refused to cover under warranty. They said up to 1.5″ depression was normal wear and not covered under warranty.

      Avoid this company; over-priced mattresses that are no better than a decent Serta or Sealy.

    34. We bought a Sterns Foster Hybrid mattress and my husband liked it, but I am a small person and the pompoms used to secure the layers woke me up feeling as if I was being poked. We did return the mattress.

    35. Purchased Sterns Foster from JCPenney and it was expensive. I wake in the morning with every muscle in my body hurting as it is so hard. I have taken to sleeping on the couch. Plan to seek another mattress. It was rated 4.5 stars.

    36. I bought sterns foster the dudes collapse within 1 year the manufacture came out since I had their warranty but states side defect were not covered ;I will never buy anything sealy ever again since they are the maker

    37. Hi…
      I have a Stearns & Foster from bought out Sleepy’s mattress. After 3 months I had to put a foam cover on top of mattress … Which already had a pillow top. Mattress is still very uncomfortable … It’s only maybe 3 years old.
      Did have Sleepy’s Rep come to house & inspect the bed …
      A week or so later I was informed by mail .. No phone call.. That nothing wrong with the mattress.
      I told Sleepy’s to sleep on my mattress .. They declined.
      Am currently looking for a new mattress … Being very careful & doing LOTS of research before buying a new mattress.
      Good luck !

    38. I bought a sterns and foster. It is worst mattress ever. All lumpy but the dents are not deep enough for a replacement. It does have a beautiful cover!

  94. I noticed you did not rate a Saatva innerspring mattress. Is there a reason? I am shopping for a mattress to replace my antique relic, found Saatva, and have been looking to see what independent reviewers are saying. Tough when it appears you didn’t rate them.

  95. Why would anyone EVER consider buying a mattress from a retailer who offers in home trials and accepts returns? Has it not occurred to anyone where these returned mattresses go? They are repackaged and resold to another customer. So essentially you may in fact be purchasing a mattress set that has already been in another customers home for a period of up to 120 days. NASTY! As a mattress retailer for almost 15 years I would never do that to one of my customers.

    1. Best Mattress Brand

      Actually, it’s illegal to do that. Any used mattress or mattress containing used materials must be labelled as such, according to Federal law.

      The mattresses that get returned to any reputable company are taken as a loss. Some of the online brands (like Amerisleep) request that beds get donated to non-profits locally in the event a person is unsatisfied, and do not actually even receive them back.

      However, it is wise for shoppers to check with the store they are considering about their return policy, and what happens in the event they do need to return of course.

      1. It is against the law but manufacturers can take the mattress back and recover it. Reusing the product is not out of the question and if the product is $2000 plus retail mattress, they have to consider it. Donating is great but it does not pay the bills. Really consider this when you are purchasing a natural material mattress as the costs are very high to donate.

      2. Margaret Whitmore

        Yes , I don’t want a returned bed, and how can we tell, also all these reviews make it so complicated, afraid of buy ing two beds because of the cons in all of them

      3. Actually the mattress are returned to the manufacture where one of two things happen sold over seas where restrictions are different or resold here in the US from Discount sellers who advertise name brand beds for large savings generally 50-80% off typical retail pricing . When you go to see these retailers they will ell you the mattress get a dirt mark or blemish during shipping some mattress are just like that others are comfort exchange mattresses these discounters have no idea they buy generally blind loads from manufactures they pay a flat price per piece no matter the quality . Now if you look carefully the beds are generally stamped factory second or in some cases used .. some discounters may in fact clean these stamp marks for using bleach or another cleaning that removes ink, or in other cases may cover it up with a patch that says firm plush pillow top or maybe cover it up with a path that just has the new companies name. It is not illegal to sell these beds but in some states the beds do need to be treated before sold,and some state require a relabeling of the mattress to state the fact the mattress may not be new.

      4. May be a law but they don’t follow it. I had a bad mattes picked up ( it came with one side already indented) the guy picking it up told his trainee to make sure plastic covered it because it needed to go to be,restocked! So yet another person will get a try at it. Yuk!

      5. HI, I have been researching different brands of mattresses, and actually it is not illegal for them to sell used mattresses, or returned ones. Many of the places that have the clearance ones, they are used, returned ones. Also the Sears outlet has many used, refurbished etc, mattresses as well as many other places also offer the returned mattress sets for sale. I also was amazed. This is probably why many people say they could not use their mattress because the chemical odor was so intense and strong, because of them treating them to get rid of bugs, bacteria etc. They should however be upfront and always let customers know that these are in fact used mattress sets..

      6. If a mattress is resold, it must go through a sterilization process to legally be resold. Generally cost-prohibitive for smaller companies,

    2. That is against the law (to re-sale a mattress). Gigantic fines, loss of business license, and additional fines from health dept. Only sleepy mom and pop shops would try to re-sale.

    3. I worked for a furniture company and the beds returned went to a local store owned bye the company that sold them at a discount so they do not put them back for sale although on expensive dressers and nightstands they use cheap wood and put concrete block under them so they are heavy and feel real rip off huh so you local cheap store has just as good quality exposed Havertys!!!!!!

      1. I returned to mattresses 1 to Leesa n 1 to Brooklyn bedding salivation army truck picked them up from my house. I got a refund after you send a picture of your receipt from Salvation Army.

    4. So you’re basically telling everyone that as a retailer you do not accept returns from dissatisfied customers. Thanks for the heads up, Brian!

    5. It would not surprise me if a local dealer did that. A larger company would more likely violating federal law: I bet that would be a lucrative whistleblower suit! Our local shelter receives such used mattresses from time to time.

    6. Hi Brian. I agree with you “Yuck” the idea of sleeping on a mattress which had been previously used by strangers is a scary thought. However, I’m almost 100% sure that it is illegal for a returned mattress to be resold to another customer as “new” without some type of disclosre the product was used. However, I’m pretty sure there are Safety health regulations that prohibit the resale of mattresses at the commercial level. But hey I don’t know everything. So I would encourage anyone buying a mattress to ask and make sure they were getting a never before used product.

    7. I have been researching mattresses and I don’t know about every company return policy, but I spoke with one that told me that they prefer to have an unwanted mattress donated to a local charity. The donation receipt is the start to the refund process.

    8. The retailer does not resell these mattresses. They are returned to the factory. I don’t know what they do with them. I work in a retail furniture store is the reason I know.

    9. I asked a salesperson that exact same question this past weekend. They do not resell these mattresses. They go to the outlet stores, but first have them professionally cleaned and sanitized before being able to sell them in the outlet stores. They must sell only new mattresses in the retail stores.

    10. Nice try with the scare tactic. I’m on my 3rd mattress from the bed in a box companies, after sending 2 back. One of them was picked up by a local charity, the other by a recycling company. They never go back to the factory. My advice for you, mattress retailer: adapt or die. One of the main reasons this industry is taking off is because nobody likes shopping for mattresses in stores, and you can thank your fellow retailers with their high pressure sales techniques for that.

    11. Elizabeth Sutton

      ughh, agreed— excellent point. I might be victim of this actually. I bought a Sterns & Foster & it sank in middle, then started smelling gross– pretty sure it was previously used. No bueno.

    12. That is not true and is very illegal to do so if you know of a store doing that you should report them. Also, at Tuft and Needle it is a 100 day return policy. They don’t have you return the mattress to them but to donate it!!!!! So as a business owner of mattresses and you don’t know whats going on I would not buy from you!!!! Stop lying to get customers!!!!! You must the retailer that is doing the illegal by reselling them!!!

    13. As the other person stated, it is illegal to resell. You are just posting this on here because obviously your store does not offer refunds. As the article stated, “These store should be avoided”. This is probably your sales tactic as to why you don’t give refunds…which I think is crazy! You can’t know for sure if a mattress is going to be right for you by a 2 minute test run…you have to actually sleep on it for a while to be sure.

    14. I requested a return on my king size Purple mattress. They did not take it back, they had me contact a charitable organization and donate it. Perfect condition, 30 days old, always used their mattress protector. The man that picked it up told me he picks up many mattresses during the trial period from numerous mattress companies.

      1. Scared and Confused!

        I just purchased a bed from a company that is mentioned on this thread a lot, not always in a good way. When choosing my bed I was torn between an iComfort and a Beauty Rest. The iComfort was on clearance and when asked why the salesman told me it was probably a return and that most people that return mattresses usually do so within 30 days. That made the choice easier, got the Beauty Rest but not liking it too much. Hasn’t quite been 30 days yet. Purchased a Purple mattress, waiting on it while holding onto the Beauty Rest. Scared I won’t get a refund on the Beauty Rest if I wind up liking Purple. Seems no one likes the bed they are buying. Signed, Scared and Confused!

  96. what do you think of Saatva Mattress company. i’m looking at a Luxury Firm king on a sleigh storage bed. no box spring, just mattress f/$1398.00 total.American made,15 year warranty. advertised on internet . please give me your input, thanks

  97. Linda Y. Chan, Esq.

    What about an expensive custom-made mattress like “McKrosky” sold in San Francisco for about $5,000 – $10,000? My husband and other friends have them and say this is the way to go. I have a 16 year old Serta mattress that cost $1600.00 and I am fine with it. Does it matter how big you are? I am a 5’5” 125″ woman who sleeps in a Queen bed alone and I am very comfortable even though I suffer from arthritis in the shoulders and they sometimes hurt in the morning but goes away once I get up. I feel it is time to buy another mattress, but I have no complaints. I want to buy a “McKrosky” mattress, but I don’t want to be a sucker. Thanks a lot! I enjoyed reading your website.
    Sincerely, Linda

    1. If you are not a large person say under 170 lb. and sleep alone in a queen size bed you are less likely to encounter many of the issues posted here even with a mid-priced mattress. Edge support and lumping I have found are more prevalent with two in a bed. If you are a senior or a person that sits on the edge of the bed a lot then the edge may start to break down if not a quality product. We just returned a Cariloha Queen no questions asked after 80 days. Because of personal issues the bed just did not work out with two persons and a slight high spot building up in the middle over time. Overall quality of materials are great and the memory foam should work out for one person. Eco-friendly Bamboo based sheets, cases comforter etc. are first class.

  98. We bought a Beautyrest Recharge Marisol. After 4 months we noticed a large dip. We called RC Willy and they sent out an inspector It failed their inspection. Beside the fact it had a 2 1/2 inch dip, it is also has a 1 1/12 inch buckle.
    RC Willy has issued us a full refund. The next day.
    Stay away from these types of beds.
    Though I would definitely recommend buying from RCWillys. Just ensure to follow all guidelines in the warranty

  99. Carolyn Curtis

    Thinking of buying a SAAVTA mattress – King Luxury Firm. Can only buy direct from manufacture. Anyone have experience with the quality of their mattress?

  100. Help. Sleepy’s was just bought out bt Mattressfirm. I just stopped today to return on mattress under Sleepy’s warranty.

    1. Sleepy was selling new mattresses with filling from returned product. Some were filled with bed bugs
      As a pest control person I can attest to this

  101. We went with the Layla mattress from and after trying an returning almost 5 or 6 mattresses before, we are now happy campers.

  102. My spouse and I bought a Kunf Size platform mattress by Vera Wang Serta in 08′. It was $1600.00 with platform frame bed. We were told about the 1/2″ sag. We didn’t complain bc he’s too heavy at 265 and I’m bottom heavy at 189. We had a hump in the middle after a year. Then now is 2016 and we have turned it sideways each year and his side is dipped and sagged into a hug hole. My side is fine except for the hump in the middle. Getting out of his side of the bed is like climbing out of a water bed. So here’s my facts
    1. Vera Wang -HA – we just paid for her name
    2. My husband’s snoring became insanely loud
    3. Gel pillows are way too hot and firm.
    4. Platform beds aren’t supportive enough
    5. Don’t trust holiday sales
    6. If you sweat or are hot natured when you sleep, the mattress become more sagging much faster!!!
    7. Now we have this King bed and a high blow up air mattress size Queen in the same room bc his back hurts so bad.

    We are gonna go to find another mattress and bed next week. I’m gonna check out the Amerisleep Revere bed.
    Wendy from Georgia

  103. Phyllis Thomas

    What is your opinion on the Saatva and the IntelliBed? We have purchased 3 tempurpedics and they get soft over time and tired of the sleeping hot. Hate the motion and sagging with coil beds.

  104. what bed would you recommend to buy for back and neck pain? would you recommend buying one from rooms to go?

  105. I will never buy a mattress or other furniture products at Sears again. Yes!!! What
    happened to the ” “Satisfaction Guaranteed” from Sears. They can go out of business
    just like Montgomerty Ward for all I care. You are foolish to buy from them.

  106. We did our research and still got taken in. We bought a serta bellagio mattress in Peterborough at Heritage Furniture on hwy 7. We were told it was the best mattress in the store and the top seller. We were told we could exchange it within 60 days if we were not happy.

    Lo and behold we use it for 3 weeks and it starts to have permanent indents and bunches up. We called the store and sent photos which show the obvious defect. You expect to exchange it right away, right ? Wrong, they pawn the problem off to Serta and the store won’t let us exchange it for another model as promised. Hopefully Serta will stand behind their product.

    Customer service is right out the window here.

    Stay away from this store at all costs they do not stand behind what they say.

    Heritage Furniture 971 Hwy #7 East, Peterborough, ON K9J 6X8

    The owners name is Keith Hughes

  107. I bought Beautyrest Recharge from The Bay on Queen & Yonge, the mattress is not even, uncomfortable and 3 inches short from each side. For return they deducted 20% restocking fee and $75 for pick up. They denied that mattress is 3 inches shorter than standard size. I lost $300 and would never buy mattress from The Bay. I am going to file a complaint against them with Consumer Protection Ontario.

    1. Beautyrest used to be the Cadillac of mattresses – not so anymore. Look at Consumer Reports for 2016 and you will see Novafoam sold at Best Buy or Costco, far better.

    2. I bought a BeautyRest Recharge from Sleep Train. Within 6 months we started seeing sagging and a ditch formed where my husband (6’4″ 220lbs) was laying. We were told that the indentation had to be 1″ when not in use before the warranty would validate a claim (NOTE – make sure you read very carefully the details on your warranty, a lot of them have very strict requirements!). Fast forward a year and a half with some procrastination on our part. Filed an online complaint through SleepTrain and received a call back the next day with an appointment for an in home evaluation. Mattress was evaluated and had results back within 2 days saying they would validate the claim. They gave us a new invoice number and told us to go into any store and pick up a new mattress at no additional cost (unless the value of the new mattress exceeded the price we paid for the old one). We are going to look tonight but so far SleepTrain has been great with their customer service!

      1. I have had same issues with a Beautyrest black. Queen they didn’t honor the warranty. Very nice salesmen but the manager never returned my phone call. I will never do business again with Sleep Train or Sleepezys who is buying them out. Crooks they do not honor there warranty.

    3. Christina Swistak

      I too received poor customer service from Beauty Rest. A very uncomfortable poor quality mattress that was over priced. I bought mine at Mattress Firm & the warranty wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.

    1. Not helpful and hardly the point. If the mattress was defective, they should take it back without a restocking or pick up fee. Further, people usually buy what they can afford. Don’t judge.

      1. He is just stating it is not worth wasting your $500.00 you will just have to turn around 6 months later. Purchase something of better quality, just keep saving your money and you will be happier and your mattress will last for years!

      2. i bought a tempur for 3,300 and it only lasted 2 years before it sagged. im 6’2 and 160lb. so not a big person. so much for you get what you pay for.

      3. I understand, but I bought 3 $1,500 mattresses, they all 3 were horrible. Sinks and saggs, all over. I never want to buy another simmons or beautyrest.

      4. I don’t think that’s “judging”. You get what you pay for. If your budget limits your decision don’t disperage the company. Cheap is cheap!