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Sleep is the fundamental pillar of health – quality sleep leads to better physical and mental well-being. We are committed to helping you sleep better and leading the life you previously only dreamed possible.

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About The Best Mattress Brand

Before the mattress in a box revolution, most shoppers went to brick-and-mortar retail stores (either mom-and-pop locations or well-known, national franchises) to buy their next bed.

Because there aren’t any standard ratings for mattresses, customers had to go off of things as comfort preference, brand name, and whatever information the salesperson was able to pass on to them.

It wasn’t uncommon for models to come in different firmnesses. For example, Mattress Model A would be available as a firm, medium-firm (sometimes called luxury firm), plush, and so on. You would try these mattresses out in person and were recommended to spend fifteen minutes on them, ask a few questions, and make a decision. But your decision was mostly influenced by how the mattress felt when you were laying on it.

Enter: the bed in a box concept.

High-quality products backed by generous sleep trials and warranties were now readily available, but the catch was you had to buy them online. To make the process easier, these new dot com companies leveraged free shipping and generous hassle-free, risk-free trials. To help their customers make a choice, they also were very transparent about the materials and design of their mattresses.

This created a need: people still wanted to know how the mattresses felt, to help reduce the chance of having to return their new mattress and start the process all over again. Some companies started opening brick and mortar locations, but affiliate marketing also became popular.

There are over 100 new bed-in-a-box brands, most of which started in the past five years alone. To the casual viewer, these brands will start to look the same. One will have “cool gel foam” while the other has “breathable open-celled foam”. One has a “strong core for support” and the other a “durable core for longevity”. Some coils are titanium, some are steel but twice-pressed. Some coils are a thinner gauge but there are more of them– do more thinner coils equal less thick coils?

These are the questions we try to answer at Best Mattress Brand.

But there is more to sleep than just the mattress you sleep on. So, we also focus on beds (adjustable and flat foundations), blankets (weighted, cooling, and more), sheets, mattress protectors, pillows. We also focus on sleep health, dedicating posts to questions, such as: If I want to sleep better, do I need to get drinking coffee? What are the best foods to eat before bed? Is it possible to treat Restless Legs Syndrome with home remedies?

We have also taken a deep dive into complicated subjects, such as: the relationship between sleep and obesity, the impact of lack of sleep on your mental health.

Plus, we’ve run national surveys to help explore the relationship between long commutes and quality of sleep, what your first meal of the day does for your sleep, and how watching TV before bed affects your sleep.

Here is a brief list of some of the media outlets which have covered or shared our work:

Our Team

Best Mattress Brand is run by a team of writers and editors who care deeply about sleep. We recognize it is a fundamental pillar of living a healthy and happy life. 

Lauren Monroy


Lauren Monroy, Best Mattress Brand’s chief editor, has dedicated years to understanding what it takes to get the best night’s sleep. In her efforts to get the most refreshing and rejuvenating sleep, Lauren’s tested the latest-and-greatest gadgets, practiced many “fall asleep fast” techniques, and tried dozens of mattresses. She lends her experiences and knowledge to our blog to help readers in their search for a better night’s rest.

Amy Murphy

Lead Tester

Amy Murphy has spent the last 7 years (and more money than she cares to admit) experimenting with different apps, exercises, products, and routines to optimize her sleep. From sleep tracking gadgets to polyphasic sleep schedules, she’s tried some of the most unusual recommendations for better shut-eye. As Best Mattress Brand’s lead tester, she’s reviewed dozens of different mattresses and bedding accessories to help surface her top recommendations.

Bennett Carrington

Mattress Expert

If you’re looking for a mattress recommendation, Bennett Carrington can help. Bennett is Best Mattress Brand’s in-house mattress expert. He’s curated dozens of “best mattress” articles with buying tips for sleepers with a wide range of needs. Whether you’re plagued with back pain or suffer from night sweats, Bennett’s guides can steer you toward the most comfortable mattress for your unique needs. In addition to writing for Best Mattress Brand, Bennett is also a grad student pursuing a degree in English Literature.

Sara Butler

Contributing Writer

Sara Butler is a professional writer and researcher with over five years of experience.

Butler earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Indiana University Bloomington and her work has been featured on a variety of websites including HomeLight, The Joint Chiropractic, and more.

Ray Soberano

Sleep Contributor

Ray Soberano freelances for Best Mattress Brand, motivated by his interest to better understand the science of sleep. Curious about different sleep disorders, Ray’s done the research and written countless sleep health articles for our blog. Struggling from the occasional bout of insomnia himself, Ray is committed to helping readers find the answers to their sleep problems.

Our Process and Policies

Our Editorial Process

Content quality comes first at Best Mattress Brand. Using a dedicated team of writers, editors, and sleep experts, we strive to keep our quality impeccable and our information value-driven.

Each post we publish goes through a vetting editorial process to ensure accuracy and relevancy. 

Read more about our editorial process to learn how we create authoritative content.

Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. Best Mattress Brand works to ensure the privacy of its readers. We take several methods to protect your privacy.

Read more about our privacy policy.

Our Advertising Policy

We are committed to keeping the content on Best Mattress Brand free and readily available. To do that, we’ve partnered into affiliate relationships with select companies and e-commerce platforms. 

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