Best Mattress Under $500: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Did you know that we spend over a third of our lives in bed? That’s a huge amount of time! This is why it’s so important to research what options are available before shopping. Taking the time to read up on what a mattress has to offer can make all the difference in achieving a great night’s sleep. For those with a tight budget, many don’t believe that they can get a good, high-quality mattress. While we encourage potential shoppers to invest in a mattress, we understand when some can’t due to financial constraints. That’s why we created this guide to help you get the most for your money. Finding the best mattress under $500 may be easier after reading this article. By compiling this buying guide of the top 5 best mattresses, including information on what to look for, we hope this will help you in finding the right one.

To write this article, we considered over 12 leading brands, read dozens of reviews and articles, and spent 15 hours on research, writing, and revision.

Top 5 Mattresses Under $500

NameTypeFirmnessSleep TrialWarrantyPrice (Queen Mattress)
Brentwood Home SierraComboMedium Firm120-night25-year$499
Lucid Mattress Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe VeraSide, BackPlush to Medium30-night10-year$329
Zinus Memory Foam Green TeaComboMediumNone10-year$289
Signature Sleep CoilComboMedium FirmNone1-year$289
LinenSpa HybridBackPlushNone10-year$162.81

1. Brentwood Home Sierra: Best Mattress Under $500

best mattress under $500
We like the Sierra because of the comfort and support it provides as a gel memory foam mattress. The mattress is made up of 11” of foam lined with a layer of New Zealand wool. Brentwood owns their own factory, so they can use better quality materials at a lower cost. This is why the Sierra mattress made our list, however, a few concerns: Brentwood Home Sierra mattress is only available in Queen size. Brentwood offers a one-year sleep trial (including the 120-night sleep trial) that only qualifies if you try their mattress for at least 30 days. If purchased directly from the company, the listed price is $774.38. If purchased through Amazon, the price is listed at $499, but no sleep trial will be offered. it won’t apply if purchased through a third-party like Amazon.

Sleeping Position

The Brentwood Home Sierra mattress is a good choice for combination sleepers. The supportive foam base, followed by layers of body-contouring foam offer pressure relief and support for those who tend to sleep on their stomachs, back, and side.

Mattress Type and Thickness

This memory foam mattress has a total of five layers:

  • New Zealand Wool – top layer which wicks away moisture, natural fire barrier, fresh scent
  • 1″ QuiltFlex Foam – comfort layer
  • 3″ Gel Memory Foam – cooling layer
  • 2″ Airlux Foam – ventilated layer
  • 5″ Therapeutic Base Foam – support layer

Comfort & Firmness

The wool topper, QuiltFlex foam, and gel memory foam will be your comfort layers. They provide softness and body contouring. The Airlux and therapeutic foams will be your supportive layers. Mattresses with a higher cost will include more layers, but at $500, five layers is a good deal.


  • Limited 25-year warranty covers visible sagging greater than 2” that was not caused by improper foundation. Brentwood will repair or replace a mattress if valid, with purchaser covering the shipping and handling fees. With any repair or replacement, the warranty will not renew its time frame. The law tag must be attached to the mattress at all times. No replacement or repair will be given if law tag is missing.
    • Between 11-25 years Brentwood will replace the mattress at a prorated charge. This includes transportation and/or shipping fees. The prorated charge will depend on the year of replacement.
    • At the 11th year, the charge will be 50% of the original purchase, then every year after that 5% will be added (i.e., 12th year 55%, 13th year 60%, etc.).
    • At year 21-25, the prorated charge will be 95%. While the 25-year warranty is impressive, 2” of sagging can be problematic when wanting a supportive mattress.
    • Only applies to the original purchaser. The warranty does not transfer if the mattress is resold or given to another individual. The warranty will also not renew.

2. Lucid Bamboo Charcoal & Aloe Vera: Best Cooling Mattress Under $500

best hybrid mattress
With a supportive core packed with individually-wrapped steel coils followed by memory foam layers infused with bamboo charcoal and aloe vera, the Lucid Bamboo Charcoal & Aloe Vera is a good choice for those seeking a hybrid mattress. Bamboo charcoal neutralizes odors, absorbs moisture, regulates body heat, and is naturally hypoallergenic, while the aloe vera helps improve blood circulation. Infusing these materials into body contouring memory foam results in a great night’s sleep. The Tencel® Lyocell cover wicks away moisture and provides further cooling by absorbing body heat. At $329, the Lucid Bamboo Charcoal and Aloe Vera mattress is a great find for looking for a hypoallergenic hybrid.

Sleeping Position

Side and back sleepers benefit the most from the Lucid Bamboo Charcoal & Aloe Vera mattress because of easy spinal alignment. It might be too firm for stomach sleepers.

Mattress Type and Thickness

This hybrid mattress contains five layers:

  • 2″ Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam – eliminates odor
  • 1.5″ Aloe Vera Transition Foam – creates calm
  • 1″ Support Foam – support layer
  • 6.5″ Encased Coils – breathability and support layer
  • 1″ Support Foam – support layer

Comfort & Firmness

Comfort layers include bamboo charcoal memory foam and aloe vera transition foam. Support layers are encased coils sandwiched between two layers of support foam. At $500, you may not receive the desired comfort to support ratio.


  • Limited 10-year warranty covers sagging greater than 1.5” not caused by an unsupportive foundation, and will repair, replace, or refund valid claims.
  • Only applies to the original purchaser. The warranty does not transfer if the mattress is resold or given to another individual. The warranty will also not renew.

3. Zinus Green Tea: Best Memory Foam Mattress Under $500

best mattress under $500
We like the Zinus Green Tea mattress because of its infusion of green tea in the memory foam. At this price range, unfavorable features like off-gassing are often a given. The Zinus Green Tea uses actual green tea extract to help mask the odor. This component keeps the mattress smelling fresh for years. All available sizes (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King) are under $500 each, making the Zinus Green Tea mattress a steal.

Sleeping Position

The Zinus Green Tea mattress is an ideal choice for combination sleepers. The layers of memory foam can properly align the spine, while providing comfort throughout the night.

Mattress Type and Thickness

This memory foam mattress contains four layers:

  • 3″ Green Tea-Infused Memory Foam – gives off a fresh scent, provide pressure relief
  • 2″ Comfort Foam™ – provides pressure relief and extra cushioning
  • 3.5″ High-Density Foam – support layer
  • 3.5″ High-Density Foam Base – support layer with a convoluted shape to improve airflow

Comfort & Firmness

Green tea-infused memory foam and a layer of Comfort Foam™ will be your comfort layers with high-density foam and a foam base will act as support layers. This is what you can expect from a mattress under $500.


  • Limited 10-year warranty covering valid defects in workmanship and materials. Zinus will repair or replace with the purchaser covering the handling cost.
  • Covers damage and sagging greater than 1.5”. Only applies if damage was not caused by an improper foundation or from misuse. Defects must be validated by Zinus before a mattress will be repaired or replaced. Does not apply to sagging less than 1.5”.
  • Only applies to the original purchaser. The warranty does not transfer if the mattress is resold or given to another individual. The warranty will also not renew.

4. Signature Sleep Coil: Best Innerspring Coil Mattress Under $500

best innerspring mattress
The Signature Sleep Coil is our favorite innerspring mattress. Made of individually-wrapped pocket coils as a base followed by four layers of high-density support foam, this mattress includes a memory foam pillow top for added comfort. Also, the mattress is covered in a bamboo material to help wick away moisture. The Signature Sleep Coil is a great choice for those on a budget but looking for a quality innerspring mattress.

Sleeping Position

Combination sleepers would appreciate this mattress the most. At a medium-firm level, it will provide adequate support for healthy spinal alignment.

Mattress Type and Thickness

This innerspring mattress includes three layers:

  • Memory Foam Pillow Top – comfort layer with small amount of body contouring
  • Four Layers of High-Density Foam – support layer
  • Encased Coils – support layer, reduces motion transfer and increases airflow

Comfort & Firmness

at $500, you may not find the layers you want when looking for an innerspring mattress. There may be more support layers than comfort layers. This mattress has a memory foam pillow top as the one comfort layer, followed by four layers of high-density foam and encased coils for support layers.


  • Limited 1-year warranty covers sagging greater than 1.5” not caused by an improper foundation and defects despite following handling instructions. Any sagging less than 1.5” is not warranted as needing a repair or replacement. Repairs or replacements will only take place after Signature validates a defect(s).
  • The purchaser is responsible for the flat $75 fee for shipping and handling.
  • Only applies to the original purchaser. The warranty does not transfer if the mattress is resold or given to another individual. The warranty will also not renew.

5. LinenSpa Hybrid: Best Hybrid Mattress Under $500

best mattress under $500
If you’re looking for a hybrid mattress under $500, the LinenSpa Hybrid is the one for you. With a base of interlocking steel coils layered with memory foam, this durable mattress is perfect for any bedroom or guest room. This combination of materials makes the LinenSpa Hybrid comfortable and supportive. A eurotop made of quilted memory foam provides a uniform appearance. Any of the available sizes can be purchased under $500 each and is sure to last.

Sleeping Position

The LinenSpa Hybrid is best for back sleepers. Its firm plush firmness level will keep the spine aligned while offering sufficient comfort.

Mattress Type and Thickness

This hybrid mattress contains four layers:

  • Quilted Memory Foam – thin comfort layer
  • Comfort Foam – cushioned surface
  • Felt Pad – thin comfort layer, provides insulation
  • Tempered Steel Coils – support layer, improve airflow

Comfort & Firmness

While this mattress does contain three comfort layers, they lack height which can be typical of a $500 mattress. Comfort layers include a thin quilted memory foam layer, a comfort foam layer, and a thin felt pad. Tempered steel coils make up the support layer.


  • 10-year limited warranty covers sagging greater than .75” and valid defects in workmanship and materials despite following care instructions.
  • Lucid will repair, refund, or replace any proven defects within the warranty. Lucid must first validate any defects before a repair or replacement will be given. Defects do not include damages caused by misuse or improper foundation.
  • Only applies to the original purchaser. The warranty does not transfer if the mattress is resold or given to another individual. The warranty will also not renew.

What to Expect When Spending only $500 on a Mattress

With a budget of $500, many feel that options are limited. However, they soon find that there are many mattresses to choose from. For $500, you can expect a selection of memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses. These beds, whether purchased in-store or online, should come with some type of warranty. Before committing to a bed, make sure to read up on the warranty and take advantage of a sleep trial if one is offered. Mattresses can last almost a decade depending on use and quality.

Here are some of the things which can be hard to find in a budget mattress:

  • CertiPUR-US® Certified foam
  • A fair trial period to test the product
  • High-density Foam, which is important in a support layer
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Memory foam that promotes breathability

Mattress Types to Consider

While there are several types of mattresses, a budget of $500 will most likely result in a memory foam, innerspring, or hybrid mattress. Other mattresses like latex will most likely cost more due to its all-natural material. The type of mattress you choose is based on personal preference. Some prefer memory foam with its body contouring and pressure relief. Some like innersprings with their bounce and air flow. Others prefer the best of both worlds in a hybrid. Be sure to read up on the pros and cons of each type before making a decision.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Offers body contouring that helps to realign the spine and evenly distribute body weight. It also offers pressure point relief. With a slight sinking sensation, memory foam gives the impression of a hug. Its material is also hypoallergenic. The material itself is silent with no bounce, so that you won’t be awakened during the night if your sleep partner moves in their sleep. A drawback to memory foam is that it may not breathe as well as an innerspring. Its dense material prevents airflow, increasing the risk of a heat trap during the night.

Innerspring Mattresses

Are made of wire coils that can be interlocked with each other or individually covered. The higher number of coils an innerspring contains, the more support you’ll receive. Innersprings match more with the traditional mattress that many have grown up with. While innersprings offer better airflow, the coils may increase the number of pressure points during the night. Also, innersprings will have a definite bounce to them, in addition to possible squeaking sounds from the coils, which leads to less motion isolation and more motion transfer.

Hybrid Mattresses

Offers the benefits of both innerspring and memory foam: a supportive base made of individually-covered coils with layers of pressure relieving foam. This type of mattress also offers a slight bounce from the coils and body contouring from the memory foam. However, with memory foam comes a risk of trapped body heat with less relief of pressure points because of the coils. Also, a hybrid may not sleep as quietly as a memory foam mattress.

Air Mattresses

There are both advantages and disadvantages to owning an air mattress. Air mattresses may not be up to par when compared to more solid mattresses, but in today’s market, many manufacturers have come out with decent air beds that can provide adequate comfort and support. These types of mattresses can be ideal for camping trips, guests, and road trips. They can also be an excellent option for those moving into their first apartment and may be low on funds, or for those who just prefer an airbed. If you’re looking to purchasing an air mattress, we recommend that you read up on customer reviews, and weigh the pros and cons to potential options. Some may include an automatic air pump of some kind, while you may have to inflate the bed with a manual pump or the old-fashioned way by pushing air into the mattress yourself. Also, as a nice bonus, see if any warranties are available before making a purchase.

Roll Out Mattresses

Roll out mattresses have similar properties to air beds, though they may not be as easily transportable. Roll outs provide more solid support without having to add air. They can be great for sleepovers, camping, and road trips. They can also be ideal for first-time apartment renters/owners who are on a tight budget. Roll out beds are budget friendly, lightweight, and portable. Common types of roll out mattresses include Futons, the Japanese tatami, and Thai rolling mattresses. A nice perk to these types of beds is that they can be easily rolled and stored anywhere.

Comfort & Support at $500 or Less

In searching for the best mattress under $500, comfort and support are huge selling points. Comfort is how a mattress will feel, while support is how the mattress holds up against your body weight. A mattress that offers both is easy to find. The tricky part is finding the right level of both that works for you. It’s not just how you feel about it, but other factors come into play. Body weight and how you sleep can also help to narrow your results. For example, you may not receive that much comfort if you’re a lightweight and a side sleeper on a firm mattress. Likewise, a heavyweight won’t receive much support as a stomach sleeper on a soft mattress. Establishing these factors before shopping can help in finding a great mattress within a $500 budget.

Durability & Warranty in Budget Mattresses

Paying less for a mattress doesn’t mean you’re receiving poor quality. Many are under the misconception that a less expensive mattress won’t last; this isn’t necessarily true! Quality materials can be found in a mattress under $500. It’s all about making sure you do your research on the different materials used in the process. This will not only determine what you want but narrow down to a quality bed that will last you a good while. Most mattresses last between 5-7 years and come with some form of warranty. While most warranties go for 10 years, some manufacturers offer 25-year warranties. Before purchasing, be sure to read over the warranty and make sure that it will cover the timeframe you plan on using the mattress.

In-Store vs. Online: Where to Find a Budget Mattress?

In today’s modern world, mattress shopping has evolved. It’s no longer walking into a brick and mortar shop on the corner, taking a few minutes to try out each mattress of a small collection, before choosing the perfect one. With advancing technology, the whole concept of the mattress has changed. Now, we realize that a perfect mattress for one, may not be perfect for another. Everyone differs in body weight, sleeper type, temperature, and personal preference.

With this knowledge comes changes in structure, design, and material. Then there’s the evolution of shopping. Today, more people are turning to online shopping rather than in-store trips. In light of this, mattress manufacturers offer sleep trials so that customers have a way of trying out a new mattress before committing to buy. Sleep trials are a great way of determining the best mattress under $500. Check to see if a sleep trial is available. If not, be sure to read customer reviews to determine the pros and cons of a mattress before purchasing.

Start Sleeping Better Without Going Broke

The right mattress results in better sleep. According to HuffPost, the mattress you choose can affect your sleep and health. Finding the best mattress is possible and it may improve your sleep. In fact, a wide range of mattresses are available from several mattress manufacturers at this budget.

What’s nice is that several of these manufacturers offer higher-quality beds at a lower cost, whether because they own their own factories or because they save by cutting out the middleman. Before searching, establish what you want and take the time to do your research on mattresses and materials. Keep in mind that personal preference will be a huge factor in your search. Choose the best mattress under $500 that will offer comfort and support, so that you can have a good night’s rest for years to come.

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