Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you’re waking up at night because you’re hot, and it’s not due to the weather outside or a medical condition, then there’s a good chance your mattress is to blame. The human body needs a cool environment to fall asleep. Experts agree that between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature for optimal sleep.

Your mattress absorbs the heat of your body when you snuggle in for the night. If a mattress is made to effectively disperse the heat, then you won’t notice any issues. If it’s not, then you’ll wake up hot and sweaty as your body heat builds up in the mattress beneath you.

Luckily, mattress manufacturers have heard the call of hot sleepers everywhere. They are making mattresses that utilize a variety of materials and technology to tackle the issue of sleeping hot. Here are some of the best mattresses on the market for hot sleepers and what you need to look for to sleep cool.

Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers: 30-Second Summary

  • The Amerisleep AS3 is our recommended mattress for hot sleepers. To combat heat retention, Amerisleep uses plant-based, breathable foams in their bed. Plus, the cover features a soft, breathable material that helps to keep air flowing throughout the mattress.
  • The Zoma Mattress is equipped with gel memory foams and a support technology with air channels to dissipate body heat out of the mattress and offer a cool and comfortable sleeping experience.

Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

BrandModelHighlightsPrice (Queen)
best memory foamAmerisleep AS3Features a soft, breathable cover and plant-based memory foam to keep you sleeping cool.$1199
best memory foamZoma Sports MattressGel-infused memory foam keeps you cool and comfortable.$750
muse mattressMuseFeatures Cool Wire fabric technology to wick away body heat and prevent night sweats. $950
katy memory foam MattressKaty Memory Foam MattressFeatures O-Cell memory foam, which is designed for breathability. $899
eight sleep mattressEight Sleep Contains an Active Grid layer that changes temperature to ensure you stay cool and comfortable. $2495
nest latex mattressNest Hybrid LatexContains 3 inches of temperature-neutral latex. $1499

1. Amerisleep AS3

as3 mattressSome foam mattresses are known for sleeping hot, but if you’re a hot sleeper who prefers the feel of a memory foam bed, you can’t go wrong with the Amerisleep AS3. We recommend Amerisleep’s AS3 mattress because it’s made with plant-based memory foams designed to be more breathable than traditional memory foams. Plus, they use a soft, breathable cover that helps eliminate body heat and keep you cool.

The AS3 is 12 inches tall and medium in firmness; it’s a comfortable option for side and back sleepers but may feel too soft for some stomach sleepers. Apart from the cover, the AS3 contains 3 inches of plant-based memory foam, a 2-inch transition layer with HIVE® technology, and a sturdy 7-inch base layer.

The first layer of the AS3 is Amerisleep’s proprietary Bio-Pur®, a plant-based memory foam. On top of being made partially from plants, Bio-Pur® is designed with an advanced open-cell structure, which just means that the foam is more porous and breathable. A more breathable foam allows for hot air to escape out of the bed rather than be stuck within. When you lay on this mattress, this layer contours to your body for instant comfort and pressure relief.

Next is the Affinity layer featuring HIVE® technology. Amerisleep includes HIVE® in their mattresses to facilitate proper sleeping positions and maintain healthy spinal alignment. While the top layer of the mattress contours to your body, this layer keeps your spine in neutral alignment. HIVE® is made with hundreds of hexagonal cutouts; these cutouts are firmer under your midsection to offer extra support and softer under your shoulders and hips to allow for deeper compression. Between these cutouts are air channels. These channels promote airflow through the mattress and work to dissipate body heat out of the bed.

Last but not least is this bed’s lightweight cover. This soft, breathable material keeps air flowing throughout the bed so that body heat does not build up in the mattress. It is also removable and washable so it is easy to keep your bed clean throughout many years of use.

If you’re a side sleeper or looking for the best mattress for back pain, consider the AS3. Amerisleep has a few showrooms across the country but primarily sells its mattresses online. Every bed comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty.

At a Glance:

  • Eco-friendly memory foam mattress with cooling technologies
  • Comfortable for side and back sleepers
  • Comes with a 100-night sleep trial and free returns
  • Protected by a lengthy 20-year warranty

2. Zoma Mattress

Zoma MattressAnother memory foam mattress worth mentioning is the Zoma. Zoma is marketed as a mattress for athletes, designed to help you sleep deeper, recover faster, and wake up feeling more rested. That said, anybody can benefit from a good night’s sleep on this bed. If you’re a hot sleeper, the Zoma may be equipped with exactly what you need to stay cool.

The Zoma is 11 inches tall and contains three layers. It’s designed to be medium in firmness, but some customer reviews of the bed mention it feeling softer rather than firmer. While this bed is a comfy choice for side and back sleepers, it likely isn’t suited to support stomach sleeping— as stomach sleepers require a relatively firm mattress.

Zoma covers their bed with breathable, stretchy polyester fabric to prevent heat from being trapped in the mattress.

The top layer of the mattress is 2 inches of gel memory foam; this layer molds to your body for pressure relief while the gel within combats body heat and offers a cool-to-the-touch sleeping surface. While gel memory foams don’t stay cool-to-the-touch all night long, they’re still actively dissipating body heat out of the bed.

Within this first layer of foam, Zoma includes Triangulex™ technology, a zoned support technology. Triangulex™ contains triangle-shaped cutouts that are fashioned to provide dynamic support under your midsection, hips, and shoulders. These cutouts contain air channels to keep hot air flowing out of the mattress and prevent heat retention. Both the gel and Triangulex™ within this layer function to combat hot nights and promote comfortable, deep sleep.

Zoma is an online-only mattress brand, so they offer a 100-night sleep trial and free returns with every mattress purchase. Plus, every bed comes with a 10-year warranty.

At a Glance:

  • Gel memory foams combat body heat
  • One of the best mattresses for side and back sleepers
  • Comes with a 100-night sleep trial
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty

3. Muse Mattress

muse mattressNext on our list is the Muse mattress, a memory foam bed with an ultra-cool cover featuring Cool Wire Fabric technology. This fabric is made from a combination of polyethylene and polyester that wicks moisture away from the body. The cover can be machine washed and dried, too.

The mattress is constructed in three layers. The first layer is a two-inch gel memory foam layer that helps control temperature as it contours your body. Next, a two-inch responsive comfort foam layer customized to fit your desired level of firmness keeps you comfy. Finally, there’s a base layer made from eight inches of support foam for support and durability.

Many people love the Muse because of its feel and its medium level of firmness. Because it’s a memory foam mattress, you’ll have the feeling of being hugged by the bed. But you won’t feel as if you’re trapped in a sauna while laying on it because of its use of Cool Wire Technology and gel memory foam. Plus, it offers great support for a variety of sleeping positions and scores high in its ability to isolate motion.

Muse offers a sleep trial of 120 days as well as a 10-year warranty. During the sleep trial, you can return your mattress for a full refund if you’re not satisfied. They’ll give you the option of arranging a pickup for the mattress or you can donate it to charity. As for the 10-year warranty, it covers replacement or repair due to a manufacturer’s defect.

At a Glance:

  • A memory foam bed with a cooling cover and gel memory foam layer to help disperse heat
  • Supports a variety of sleep positions
  • Offers a 120-night sleep trial
  • Include a 10-year limited warranty for manufacturer’s defects

4. Katy Memory Foam Mattress

katy memory foam mattressThis mattress is another memory foam choice, but it has a unique design that helps to keep you cool when sleeping. It’s constructed in three layers. It starts with a one-inch natural cotton cover infused with Aloe Vera to help increase cooling and comfort. Then, a layer of O-Cell memory foam, a high-density memory foam with larger cell pores to promote breathability, adds more comfort. Finally, a base layer supports different body types.

The Katy mattress excels in helping to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips. If you’re a side sleeper, then this will help you to sleep better at night. Where this mattress shines is in its ability to keep you cool as you sleep. The combination of the Aloe Vera cover and open cell memory foam reduces the heat that builds up in the mattress. And if you’re a hot sleeper, you know that’s a common issue with other memory foam beds. If you share a bed, then motion transfer won’t be an issue with this mattress either.

The Katy mattress provides a 100-night sleep trial. At any time during that trial period, you can return the mattress for a full refund. They also offer a lifetime warranty as long as the bed is still owned by the original purchaser. This warranty protects against body impressions deeper than 1.5 inches, ensuring a replacement if this happens.

At a Glance:

  • Exception at relieving pressure points on shoulders and hips
  • Uses open-cell memory foam and an Aloe Vera-infused cover to keep you cool as you sleep
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Lifetime limited warranty

5. Eight Sleep Pod

Eight Sleep PodYou probably have a smartphone, maybe even a smart appliance or two. But now you can have a smart bed with the Eight Sleep Pod. This all-foam mattress is constructed with layers of polyfoam and memory foam over a high-density support core. It uses something called an Active Grid layer to control temperature settings through the connected Hub. You can program each side of the bed to a different temperature setting between 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 115 degrees.

The smart technology is what really separates this mattress from others on the market. The built-in sensors help you to optimize your temperature throughout the night. It even tracks metrics as you sleep to help improve your sleep duration and quality.

Aside from the fancy bells and technological whistles of this mattress, it is a quality memory foam mattress. It conforms to your body to help relieve pressure points. It’s also great at isolating motion transfer.

Eight offers a 100-night sleep trial for their mattresses, the Sleep Pod included. If you decide you want to keep it, then you transition to the 10-year warranty that covers the mattress itself. Separate two-year warranties cover the Active Grid and the Hub.

At a Glance:

  • One-of-a-kind smart technology that helps optimize your body temperature as you sleep
  • Tracks your sleep metrics to help improve your sleep
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty on the mattress with a separate 2-year warranty for the smart technology

6. Nest Hybrid Latex

nest latex hybridThis mattress combines the benefits of latex with the support of an innerspring mattress. For hot sleepers, latex is a temperature neutral material. That means it doesn’t absorb and trap heat to keep you hot at night.

The Nest Hybrid Latex mattress is comprised of several layers. There is a quilted organic cotton cover on top. Then, three inches of Dunlop latex foam, seven-inch pocketed coils, and a supportive high-density latex foam base.

This hybrid latex mattress is available in two versions: a certified organic model and an all-natural model. The difference is the components used in the construction of the mattress. Each component carries certifications of either all-natural or organic. Both versions allow you to choose between firm, medium, and plush levels of firmness.

This mattress provides great pressure relief, making it comfortable for side sleepers everywhere. Latex is also naturally temperature neutral, so this bed provides a lot of breathability, so you won’t wake up drenched in your own sweat. It does a good job of regulating temperature for most people.

Nest offers a 100-night sleep trial for their mattresses that allows you to return the mattress for a full refund. They also offer a limited lifetime warranty that protects against manufacturers defects for the life of the mattress. One interesting option is that Nest allows you to exchange your old Nest mattress for a new one at 50 percent of the purchase price of a new bed.

At a Glance:

  • Latex keeps you cool naturally as you sleep
  • A great bed to relieve pressure points for side sleepers
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Limited lifetime warranty that allows you to exchange your old bed for a new one at a discount

Mattress Types to Consider

When you’re shopping for a mattress to help keep you cool as you sleep, it’s important to understand the differences between mattress types. Here’s a breakdown to help you find a mattress that offers the support and cooling power you need.

Memory Foam Mattress

When memory foam mattresses were first introduced, they weren’t exactly known for their ability to sleep cool. But times have changed, and new memory foams are transforming that notion. You can find memory foam infused with gel and other cooling products that help to keep you at a more comfortable temperature as you sleep. They’ve also incorporated air channels and open-cell foams that help to improve overall air circulation and flow.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses are made from either synthetic or natural rubber latex. The material is naturally temperature neutral. It doesn’t hold heat, making for a very comfortable sleeping experience for hot sleepers.

There are two main types of latex used to manufacture mattresses: Talalay and Dunlop. Dunlop is a firmer material while Talalay is a much softer material, but neither holds in heat, so they’re a great option for those that sleep hot.

Latex also has a lot of resilience. It conforms to your body when you change positions in bed quickly, helping you to avoid feeling like you’re sinking down and stuck in your mattress.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are the most well-known mattresses on the market. They use a variety of coils to provide support inside the mattress. These coils are often topped by a comfort layer to help provide a bit of plushness. You can find many different configurations of coils and comfort layers to discover a mattress that suits your sleeping needs.

How an innerspring mattress is constructed impacts how much heat it keeps. Weak coils will cause you to sink into the mattress and cause issues with airflow akin to that with memory foam. If the plush comfort layer is too plush or made from a material that isn’t breathable, then you may have difficulties with heat retention as well.

If you’re considering an innerspring mattress, pay close attention to its design. That can help you understand how it can impact your sleeping temperature.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses combine different elements of latex, memory foam, and/or innerspring coils. These types of mattresses normally have a layer of latex or memory foam with a core of supportive innerspring coils.

Hybrid mattresses can vary in their ability to regulate temperature as you sleep. Many hybrids have comfort layers made of materials that can trap heat and keep you hot at night. When you’re looking at a hybrid mattress, pay close attention to the internal components. That will help you evaluate whether heat retention is a potential issue.

Mattress Budget

Purchasing a new mattress is a big decision, almost like choosing a new car or a new entertainment system. It’s an investment of your money, sure, but also an investment in comfort! Think about how much time you’ll spend in that bed over the course of the decade you own it. That makes choosing the right bed at the right price point even more pressing.

The real secret to your mattress budget is to find a mattress that meets your sleep needs as well as your budget. You can find mattresses for as little as $100 online or for as much as $5000. The truth is that any mattress over $2000 may have more bells and whistles than you really need. Most people find top-rated mattresses in the $1200 price range quite easily.

In the end, it’s totally up to you how much you spend and what you buy, but as long as you’re happy with the results and sleeping soundly (and coolly!) at night, then you’ve come out a winner.

Sleeping Position

Most people have a favorite sleeping position. How you prefer to sleep can have a real impact on the type of mattress you choose. Here’s what you need to know about different sleeping positions and the best type of mattress for each.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is a very popular position and one of the best for you. But that’s not to say its without its drawbacks. One of the biggest complaints of side sleepers is shoulder and hip pain. That’s usually the result of a mattress not evenly distributing weight and putting pressure on the places that take the most stress. Uneven pressure distribution is also the culprit behind waking up with a numb arm – and who hasn’t been there?

The best mattress for side sleepers can be anywhere from medium-soft to medium-firm on the firmness scale. Of course, if you are a hot sleeper, you’ll want to pay close attention to what the plush comfort layer that tops the mattress is made of. Be on the lookout for breathable materials that will help encourage air circulation and cooling.

Back Sleepers

Back sleeping is the classic position, but only about 14 percent of people stick to this position at night. If you’re among them, then a hybrid or memory foam mattress is going to cradle you just right. Those two types of mattresses hug your body’s natural curves, helping to support your spine as you sleep and distributing weight evenly.

Back sleepers should swear off extra-firm mattresses. They don’t provide the type of support that works best when laying on your back. Start with ultra-plush to medium and see what you think. Remember to look at the type of material used to construct the mattress in order to help you gauge how cool you’ll stay at night.

Stomach Sleepers

If you’re a stomach sleeper, you’ve probably been reminded several times that it’s not an ideal sleeping position. Still, bad habits are difficult to break. If you’re a dedicated stomach sleeper, you may as well work with what you’ve got and choose a mattress that supports your body properly.

Firm mattresses are best for stomach sleepers since they provide the support your spine needs at night. Firm mattresses do tend to sleeper cooler than softer ones. This is because your body doesn’t sink in as much, so you’re in luck if you’re a stomach sleeper that sleeps hot.

Sleeping Cool and Airflow

Airflow is essential if you want to stay cool as you sleep. That’s why it’s important to look at the way a mattress is constructed and what materials are used to ensure breathability. Don’t be shy to ask about it when shopping for a new mattress either. It’s important for your comfort and your health.

Remember, too, that even if you find a mattress that helps you sleep cool, you still sweat as you sleep. In fact, you can sweat as much as one cup in a single night! If you don’t have a mattress that’s breathable, then the moisture can get trapped in the mattress where it becomes a breeding ground for dust mites and mold. Proper airflow is about more than simply keeping you cool, so don’t skip over that information when deciding on a mattress that’s right for you.

Common Questions

What causes body heat at night?

If you’re a hot sleeper, then you probably want to know why! Many factors can influence how hot your sleep at night such as medications, allergies, and other medical issues. But for many hot sleepers, it’s as simple as the surface you’re sleeping on and how it conducts heat. If the materials used in your mattress trap heat and don’t effectively disperse it, then the heat builds up. That’s the simple recipe for most hot sleepers.

Why am I so hot when I wake up in the morning?

Your body has an internal clock, called your circadian rhythm. This clock manages your sleep and wake cycles and uses the change in your body’s temperature to prepare you to fall asleep and stay that way. You naturally cool off during the night, but your body temperature slowly raises as you prepare to wake in the morning. That’s what can make you feel hot when you first wake up in the morning – a process that can be exacerbated by a bed that traps heat as you sleep.

How do you keep your bed cool at night?

Choosing a mattress made of the right materials can be one step towards sleeping cooler, but there are other things you can do in your bedroom to help. If you sleep during the day, block out any light that gets in. If you have a fan in your bedroom, then put it to use. Also, choose bedding made of cotton or linen since they will help to wick heat and moisture away. Bamboo sheets work great to keep you cool, too!


There are many factors that go into finding a good mattress. For hot sleepers, the materials are the star of the show, followed by how far you sink into the mattress and sturdiness of the bed. At the end of the day, you must find a mattress that does everything you need in your price range. But as you can see, that’s not as tall of an order as you might imagine. Staying cool at night is something technology has answered. And that’s made a huge difference in a better night’s sleep for everyone.

Medical Disclaimer: The information contained on the site should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. The information provided here is for informational purposes only.

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