GhostBed Mattresses: A Comprehensive Review

In your journey to find the best mattress for you, you’ve probably come across Ghostbed.

GhostBed’s parent company, Nature’s Sleep, opened two decades ago, and so they understand the importance of high-quality mattress materials, excellent customer service, and speedy delivery with every mattress.

In 2015, as online mattress companies became prominent, Nature’s Sleep founded GhostBed to reach this new market with their proven expertise. In this article, we walk you through our GhostBed mattress review so you can determine if they make the right mattress for your sleep needs.

GhostBed Company Background

GhostBed’s founder used to be afraid of finding ghosts under his bed as a child. As an adult, when he injured his neck and could no longer find a mattress to provide him with enough support, he started Nature’s Sleep to create the supportive, comfortable mattresses available today. Years later, when online mattress sales began to outpace in-store purchases, GhostBed became the online branch of Nature’s Sleep.

Not only does GhostBed possess their parent company’s commitment to United States-based manufacturing, high-quality materials, and customer service, GhostBed also strives to redistribute your body’s heat better than any other foam mattress available. If you do not want a “classic memory foam-feel” but want the convenience of a small-box mattress, GhostBed may be a suitable option for you.

Benefits of GhostBed Mattresses

Thanks to decades of manufacturing and mattress design experience that GhostBed inherits from their parent company, this brand offers a luxury experience at an affordable price. There are many benefits to buying with this new online company.

    • Manufacturing: Each GhostBed mattress is made entirely in the United States, supporting the creation of local jobs. Local production and warehousing mean your GhostBed order ships quickly, enabling you to try your new mattress within a week.
    • Height: The industry standard mattress height is about 10 inches. The original GhostBed mattress is 11 inches tall. Because the GhostBed Luxe is 13 layers of support and comfort, you can still fit your sheets around the bed while also enjoying additional coziness.
    • Weight: GhostBed ships tightly. Contained in a small box, the mattress can easily fit through your doorway and into your home. The GhostBed mattress weighs about 78 pounds, and so you may need help moving it. However, the different foams used in the mattress mean it is lighter than many other foam options.
    • Body support: Some mattresses are not recommended for larger adults because they may contribute to joint or spinal misalignment. However, because a GhostBed mattress can support up to 750 pounds, anyone with a larger body mass index can feel comfortable on these mattresses.
    • Motion transfer: People who are active sleepers need a mattress that can support their body while allowing them to change positions during the night. GhostBed ranks well for people who become uncomfortable when their bodies are cocooned in memory foam. The mattress sinks a little to provide full-body support, but it does not stop you from changing positions.Memory foam was designed to reduce motion transfer and is a worthwhile option for sleepers who are sharing their mattress. To help narrow down your search, we wrote a guide on finding the best memory foam mattress.
    • Price: GhostBed is comparable in price to its competitors, but with advanced cooling technology in both the Original and Luxe models, along with high-quality support foam, you’re paying for a luxury bed at standard retail price. Combined with free shipping, a generous warranty, and no-hassle return policy, many feel GhostBed is a bargain.
  • No weird smell: As memory foam mattresses are unboxed and expand, they release some chemical smell from the manufacturing process. After numerous complaints, memory foam companies worked to address this issue. GhostBed mattresses are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, reducing harsh chemical smells. Customers report little to no odor when they unbox their GhostBed.

Mattress Models

GhostBed sells three different mattresses; below, we’ll break down the layers in each one to help you decide which one of their beds is best for you.

The GhostBed

The cover of the GhostBed mattress is a unique combination of two materials, starting with a thin, smooth, and stretchy blend of polyester and viscose. Viscose comes from the same plant as latex, so this cover also wicks away moisture and is antiallergenic.

The first layer is 1.5 inches of aerated latex foam. Small holes in this foam layer allow for better air circulation, which prevents you from overheating in the night. It also offers a light but soft feeling just below the plush top.

Below the first layer is 2 inches of gel memory foam, which has larger cells than traditional memory foam— this layer continues to transfer heat away from your body, so you do not sweat or become uncomfortable and wake up at night.

Finally, a 7.5-inch, high-density foam base supports the other structures along with your joints, alleviating pain and encouraging healthy spinal alignment.

GhostBed ranks about 6.5 on the mattress firmness scale, which is typically measured from 1 to 10 points.

GhostBed Luxe

GhostBed Luxe
The composition of the GhostBed Luxe branches upon the design of their original model to offer a more luxurious sleeping experience.

The cover of the mattress is similar to the original Ghostbed but uses an extra layer of gel foam and “ghost ice fabric” the first bed does not. In addition to the polyester and viscose blend used in the cover, one inch of gel memory foam and “ghost ice fabric” are woven together to make a quilt-like top, just below the cover, to keep you sweat-free throughout your sleep cycle.

The first layer of this bed is their phase-changing foam that works to dissipate heat away from you and out of the bed while you sleep. Next, is a layer of gel-infused memory foam that works with the phase changing foam above to move heat away from you while you sleep. The viscoelasticity of this layer should allow this foam to contour to your body’s curves and relieve tension.

Next, is a layer of “Ghost Bounce,” a latex-like memory foam layer. GhostBed engineers this “Ghost Bounce” foam to be more responsive than memory foam while still having the ability to contour to the body and ease pressure points. Because this layer is more responsive than memory foam, it should offer a more “lifting” feeling than “cradling” feeling.

The last layer of the Luxe mattress is 7.5 inches of high-density poly-foam, just like the original GhostBed. This layer offers structural and edge support and gives this bed shape.

GhostBed Flex

GhostBed Flex
The design of the GhostBed Flex is the same as the design of their Luxe; however, they replace the layer of “Ghost Bounce” foam with a pocketed coil system to make this bed a hybrid alternative. By replacing the “Ghost Bounce” foam with a pocketed coil system, it enhances the beds responsiveness and bouncy feeling.

What’s the Best GhostBed for You?

While the original model of GhostBed was intended to move heat away from the body and support the joints, the GhostBed Luxe is designed to be the most cooling mattress in the world. Additional layers of gel and foam prevent body heat from becoming trapped around you when you sleep, transferring the heat with improved airflow. The GhostBed Luxe should immediately feel cool to the touch because the layers of gel in the top work hard to redistribute your body’s warmth, so you are comfortable.

GhostBed also offers a great range of standard bed sizes — Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. When you receive your GhostBed, you unfurl it from its protective packaging, and it expands to its full size over a few hours to about one day.

Some mattresses need to be flipped or rotated after about one year. GhostBed beds should not be flipped since the layers are in a specific configuration for proper physical support. However, you can turn your GhostBed 180 degrees every six months to one year to increase the mattress’s longevity.

GhostBed’s Customer Service

Many of the best online mattress brands are only a few years old, making it hard for shoppers to know if they can count on a company’s quality, industry expertise, and customer service. Since GhostBed was born from Nature’s Sleep, however, you can trust that the company works with industry-leading designers and manufacturers already. Listed below are a few highlights of GhostBed’s customer service.

    • Sleep trial: Most online mattress retailers offer a 100-night sleep trial. GhostBed offers 101 nights, keeping it just ahead of its competitors.
    • Warranty: Most mattress companies, either online or storefront, offer a 10-year warranty for their products. In contrast, GhostBed provides an exceptional 25-year warranty to cover damage or faults in their products.
    • Shipping and returns: Each GhostBed ships within 24 hours after you purchase it. Since the mattresses are shipped from warehouses within the U.S., you will receive your bed in as little as three to five days. Shipping right to your door is also free anywhere in the United States.The mattress will be rolled and vacuum-sealed in an eco-friendly box, compressing it down to a size that you can easily fit through your door. If you choose to return the GhostBed for any reason, the company offers a hassle-free return policy with no additional shipping costs. You can either choose a new GhostBed or get a refund.
  • Industry certification: GhostBed beds are certified by CertiPUR-US, meaning the manufacturing process meets specific industry standards for safety and health. The beds are made without ozone-depleting chemicals, toxic flame retardants, formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead, or other heavy metals. Because the mattresses have a low volatile organic compound (VOC) emission rating, they off-gas less than previous memory foam mattresses, improving your indoor air quality.

Have You Found Your Next Bed?

We hope this article has helped you decide whether or not a GhostBed is the best mattress for you. If you’re still unsure, check out other bed in a box reviews to learn about other brands and mattress types to choose.

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